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    working with A.M Mechanical Modeling
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    Motherboard-EVGA SLIx3 ClassifiedProcessor-Intel i7 950@3.07GHz Low overclock@3.20Liquid CPU Cooler-Corsair H100Memory-Corsair Vengence DDR 3 1600MHz 24 GIGHard drives-Kingston SSD 120MB Storage External 1.5TB Western DigitalVideo card-2xEVGA 480 GTX in SLISoundcard-Creative SB X-FiPower-Corsair 1000 wattsPower Backup-CyberPower 1000VA/600 Watts with Surge ProtectionMonitors Triple Screens AOC 1080pOS Windows 7 64 bit
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    Be Good at realistic mechanical Modeling

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  1. Thank you Robert for advice will do that been real busy the past month when I get time That is first thing I am working on
  2. Here is Wall-E in Sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/wall-e-active-charging-station0-bd6c203970e549ebbcab2d9f84e177dc?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-model-uploaded
  3. If interested to see display case and figures Here is a short video I made https://www.facebook.com/terry.hilliard.169/videos/729953531532927
  4. I made this up for back drop picture for High end Transformer Figures display case. I have to send out to be printed very large Display Case. Then i got A brain fart. Hey this emblem look Better 3D printed to put on back wall.one big problem for me is I do not have a clue about 3D printing.do I save as file and send it out to someone.is it that simple to get done
  5. I have Be working on Stepping off Charge Station Action have to work on it still .This is my start Trail and error part
  6. I have leaning back it just looked like a nicer walk cycle .I try it the proper way the walk cycle look a bit off. For A robot Walk. It just seem to Look better, The way I did his back like that lean/Trail and error. works for me
  7. I have worked I bit more on Walk cycle
  8. Is it Possible to get the 2 hip bones I put in rig to get working like shoulder bones. Hook up to thigh like Shoulder to Bicep they work fine. I can only get them in with Torso Bone 2001 rig
  9. working on his walk Cycle https://youtu.be/RVhXIWCbF2k
  10. Here is My first Pose He is A bit Bull legged Some thing I did When I Put the the rig in Model. I need to fix that Still Playing Around with rig.
  11. I was just playing Around If I go Into Bone Property in action window I get what I want just Rotate in Axis in property Needed to use shoulder bones for Rotation of shoulder Sockets Added A Bone For Hip Socket Rotation. Do not no if this is Proper But seems to work I have to play around A bit Longer. And Thank you I will Give that A try after I am done messing around With what I got going
  12. Here he is with Rig in him Dose not work right for some stuff the torso head neck works fine. But when it comes to leg and arm movement things do not work as I want .I Try a few different things with a fail. I did not use shoulder bones figured it would not help
  13. Having Problems Rigging Robot. Things do not work as a robot should. Do I need to learn how to build a Mechanical rig. Is there a lesson On building Mechanical rig. I Have lowered patch count modeling part is done. This is my weak point trying to wrap my head around RIGGING Models. Most of my Models Are Stuck .I do Mechanical Modeling. I Really need to learn how to rig properly
  14. I Really started to make this Robot for grand daughter. Got Side Tracked This is what came of it. Need to get back at other stuff.
  15. Thank you that is good Time Span no rushing.
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