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    working with A.M Mechanical Modeling
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    Motherboard-EVGA SLIx3 ClassifiedProcessor-Intel i7 950@3.07GHz Low overclock@3.20Liquid CPU Cooler-Corsair H100Memory-Corsair Vengence DDR 3 1600MHz 24 GIGHard drives-Kingston SSD 120MB Storage External 1.5TB Western DigitalVideo card-2xEVGA 480 GTX in SLISoundcard-Creative SB X-FiPower-Corsair 1000 wattsPower Backup-CyberPower 1000VA/600 Watts with Surge ProtectionMonitors Triple Screens AOC 1080pOS Windows 7 64 bit
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    Be Good at realistic mechanical Modeling

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  1. I Really started to make this Robot for grand daughter. Got Side Tracked This is what came of it. Need to get back at other stuff.
  2. Thank you that is good Time Span no rushing.
  3. Thanks All I have Been Working on him he is Almost done. When is This Contest Dead line
  4. Model will not get dust on it now .LOL
  5. Hope I get him done Thank you
  6. I have been working on this Robot. This is my first time I rendered it fully Still working on A few more Thoughts. I will update progress
  7. yes/ it happen on a primitive sphere. the hole sphere did that Then it crashed Animation master. I was working on modeling. was working on robot when it happened just 1 sphere did it then crashed in modeling. My thought at time is what did I do wrong to get that. This Happened on Saturday
  8. What is Move CP along Spline key shortcut I have not used this in a while. I forgot must be getting old thank you Whoops Found it Number 4 is key short cut
  9. Made this I was bored no reason. Messing around with lighting as well
  10. both are nice to use. when people used this when I first got started then it slowly came nobody on it Guess a lot of others feel same as you Robcat
  11. Nice to see Community Chat Working in A.M last time I try it could not get it to work. Works Now I used This when I first joined years ago I Liked it Meet A couple people back then threw the chat. Do not no If Anybody Use this Now I will be on chat when working with A.M maybe see you in chat Maniac-Terry
  12. I found my old download for am 19 thank full I saved it by luck. I am all good But I still can not get link to work just you let you no
  13. I click on link to download Animation master click on link it go no were nothing happens. has things changed here. I have done a format clean things up. went to reinstall Animation master click on link nothing happens .I just renewed subscription
  14. I have done some more work and a few paint jobs
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