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    working with A.M Mechanical Modeling
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    Motherboard-EVGA SLIx3 Classified Processor-Intel i7 950@3.07GHz Low overclock@3.20 Liquid CPU Cooler-Corsair H100 Memory-Corsair Vengence DDR 3 1600MHz 24 GIG Hard drives-Kingston SSD 120MB Storage External 1.5TB Western Digital Video card-2xEVGA 480 GTX in SLI Soundcard-Creative SB X-Fi Power-Corsair 1000 watts Power Backup-CyberPower 1000VA/600 Watts with Surge Protection Monitors Triple Screens AOC 1080p OS Windows 7 64 bit
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    Be Good at realistic mechanical Modeling

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  1. got cable @ Amazon be here in 14 days was not much.They are phasing things out for this so I got it.This just might be a handy play tool This is interesting I will post my messing around with this Here is Video I found https://youtu.be/_cKb3oEM47E
  2. yes very cool stuff I looked into the kinect for Xbox 360 do 3D scanning, My son has 1 sitting in his closet he really never used.He did not like it it needs a wire bought for it to work on PC a USB convert+ power for it to work need to source were to get cable will try this 1 day
  3. There are are few Games out that brag about 3D Scanned models exact within in 1 mm Like iRacing they brag how exact the Car and tracks are right down to cracks in pavement iRacing is a True Race Simulator very high tech Simulator is this the kind of stuff they would have used. I was just woundering How many models in games are created like this now. https://www.goscan3d.com/en?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxPbHBRCdxJLF3qen3dYBEiQAMRyxS_Gt6x9Yn0nLOZ4ml1SycZFWFETW1CAwhXzCUzt_h_AaAoxQ8P8HAQ
  4. very nice work John I really like your pin up girls top notch stuff.Would Like to see more of them
  5. Maniac

    no sound in A.M

    well do not no what i did but now its working
  6. I thought I would play with sounds in A.M and I hear nothing tried i got a secret sound and hear nothing see it in time line scrub no sound what am I doing wrong
  7. I had this on my Back up hard drive.this was on one of the old A.M cds forgot I had this . Render 3 Pass 45min 3 Passes 47min.avi
  8. Real nice models thank you
  9. I seen this done with car rims.very interesting
  10. have you looked in email spam folder.
  11. Thank you Rodney This is very good thing to no.
  12. I am reordering (Subscribe to A:M for only $79!) v18 by the end of next week but if v19 comes out say in 4 months of new subscription of v18. Would i be able to upgrade to v19 I am not pushing to find out release date.just wanted to no if you can upgrade.or have to buy new version seperate to run v19 Thank you
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