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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Shot 1(5)


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I just finished rendering a shot that I used a video reference of myself as a rotoscope. Pretty cool to get the timing and spacing for free--made it a lot easier to animate. Although the hand-off of constraints between the head and hand and the way he rolls the hat against his belly to take hold of it was really tricky!!! I was really pleased with the result (except the eyeline is too high...). I made a blog post about it here

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Very smooth animation Will.



Added: There is one thing that you could add that would really heighten the shot and that would be a fixing of the eyes toward (I assume) the hyenas which are (again I assume) at or near the camera.

Tar's eyes roll upward and back but just before delivering his roar it'd be nice to see his eyes point toward his intended target. It'd signal a little projection that Tar is considering what he is doing before he actually does it. Not unlike the rolling of his eyes previously which seems to signal he is masking his intention. This shot happens quickly enough that you can get away without that anticipatory element but if you ever rerender the shot perhaps that might be something to consider.



P.S. I enjoyed your write ups on your blog. More please!

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He is actually looking up on purpose.


Yes, I figured that.

It's hard to gauge some things without seeing them in context and it's easy to assume the camera is the vantage point of another characters in a scene.

Something that may have thrown me off as well is that while it's obvious he's looking up, his eyes are concealed when he roars so it isn't clear where his attention is at that moment, especially as his roar/snout appears to be toward camera. I know this will be more obvious when placed in context with the adjoining scenes but wanted to share what I am sensing/seeing.


If the rest of the short is of the same quality... and knowing your standards it clearly will be... we are in for a real treat!

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So here is a re-rendered version of my poster image. I've added a gradient material that changes the diffuse falloff at the edges and toon lines--this looks really good straight out of the renderer, but I ran the oil paint filter on this in Photoshop to give some subtle brush strokes. I think it is a pretty good emulation of a Boris Vallejo "look":


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I made some changes to the eyeline, and some major changes to the look. There is something homogenous in the look of current CG animation that is unsatisfying to me, and I want to get a more stylized look (see blog post)


Hi Will,


Not sure how much of a critique you are after but here are a few things I noticed:


1. The head turn looks a tiny bit mechanical (the turn appears to be on a flat plain - could be just the camera angle). Inserting a couple of 'sniffing the air' motions might help.


2. When the left arm goes up to take off the hat the right arm is just drifting across the body which distracts and looks mushy.


3. There needs to be some arcing and ease for the left arm movement to the hat and removal of the hat. It looks unnatural as the hat seems to simply flip off with no pause of any kind or no change in pace of the movement.


4. The animation associated with the shifting of the hand from the rim to the inside of the hat looks a little mechanical/flat. It needs to be more punchy toward the end of that action.


5. For the roar at the end you need some anticipation. After the movement of the hand to the inside of the hat to the start of the roar the head doesn't seem to move at all.


6. Most of the actions seem to be sequential - not a lot of overlap.


This is really just about timing more than anything else.



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