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  1. No, deleted everything AM some time ago when cleaning up disk space on PC's and backup drives - need to start from scratch. Have been using ZBrush to sculpt my own busts and 'fix' models that I have been generating out of DAZ3D. Some samples - 28mm miniature diorama (all paint - no lighting effects), one of my own sculpts as rendered in ZBrush and the actual 54mm printed bust, a Daz3D model printed at 90mm (after being fixed and made printable with a judicious amount of effort in ZBrush) and a Soldier Bust by a very talented sculptor named Duncan Louca and 3DPrinted at 54mm. Each of these prints done on my Phrozen Shuffle.
  2. Well damn, cannot believe AM is still going strong after all these years - well done guys. Been busy doing other things, the most recent of which is Miniature painting and 3DPrinting (Resin stuff - lots of DLP Resin printers to keep me busy). Hell I am going to have to start subscribing again. Question - Is the Mac version as 'reliable' as it ever was - ie should I stick with the Windows version?
  3. No, I don't spend enough time in AM these days to do any level of testing. It fails more than 3 times in a row doing the same thing I just move on. The Mac version of AM has never had a good rep for stability. I was a little more successful with 18k but I think I need to go back further.
  4. Can someone tell me what the last stable Mac version of AM is please. Latest version (18L) Standard and SSE4 just crash continuously - I can't even create a project, load an object then save the project without a crash (everytime) or the Mac version really hates Tars assets! I literally can't get more than 5-10 clicks before it crashes - can't render, can't save though it does seem to let me just pose a model as long as I like....
  5. OK - looks like the Key Skeletal Translations button was not turned on by default. Pressed it on and off a few times now it copies and paste mirrors just fine.....
  6. Looks like the Translate X, Y and Z's on the Nulls are not getting copied.
  7. OK, trying my hand at TaoAM since it has been some time since I last played with AM and in exercise 5, using rabbit, I am trying to mirror keyframes BUT it appears the paste Mirror does not work on Nulls (hip and feet for example). Is this expected or a bug or have I missed some step? (18i OSX) Cheers David
  8. Surface Pro 3 : i7-4650 8gb RAM 512gb SSD AM: 18.0h 64bit 2:03 Cheers David
  9. OK - having posted the image as a thumbnail I see the first problem - everything is happening on the same same horizontal line and the explosion is in the centre of the image (not a good start)
  10. Hi all, A few points. First I am treating this exercise as an AM showcase so I am not interested in prizes. This also means I would like as much input into my image as possible to make it as good as it can possibly be (even if others wish to enlist to provide resources). I wish to 'showcase' as many features in AM as possible and produce a kick ass image - but - I am not the greatest/most creative artist out there (I'm a bit of ahack really). Any amount of critique/help will be most welcome. My image thus far comprises a background generated in another APP (a 3D Landscape APP) and I then moved the camera to look down on the landscape to generate the terrain texture and decaled the terrain with it (I assume this is within the rules given one is allowed to use Photoshop et al to create mattes/maps etc). Everything else will be in AM. OK - first up - composition. I don't think it works (there will be an explosion in middle foreground). Thoughts? (The explosion is just a composited image - not the final product) just for compositional consideration. Cheers
  11. I'm hoping it isn't too hard given I only need a snapshot of it.
  12. Both shoulders (I am assuming those bones are supposed to act as FAN bones - I could be wrong of course)
  13. OK so for the SciFi contest I want to have an accurate looking explosion in the image. The image will involve multiple layers: Background/Sky (Matte) Terrain model for the middle ground (in AM) My Warhammer Base (in AM) Explosion (??) Foreground Terrain (in AM) Lead Character (in AM) Now given I am going for a 'realistic' look and knowing how long it can take to render stuff, I am thinking that I will generate the explosion separately then apply it as a layer in AM. I want to create the explosion in AM if I can so I am thinking smoke and particles for the job. So deconstructing an explosion I have the blast and the shockwave. The shockwave seems simple - concentric rings of rising dust clouds and some concentric wave displacement on the ground (or do this in the 'dust cloud') The Blast will have multiple parts - the inner 'fire' comprising a particle system and streaks, smoke/clouds sourrounding the inner blast and particle matter (ie the stuff blown out. Most happy to get other peoples takes and ideas on hwo to construct the explosion. Would I try to do it all in one or just do the bits and then combine the renders with alphas or something else? Here are some examples I wish to emulate: http://www.yourswallpaper.com/wallpaper/mi...osion-10628.htm http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=115061 Cheers
  14. Looks like some Fan bones aren't working - but hey, can't have everything. Rather than digging further I might just practise rigging with the new rig system in AM. I may as well try to do one sooner or later Cheers
  15. Wow - as simple as a leading space in a relationship name....... Looks like it is workign so far - will keep you posted. Many thanks for this Robert. Cheers
  16. Well I can fix it by deleting the constraint then editing the relationship and adding the hip constraints in again - BUT - as soon as I save the model/project it breaks again. Must be a bug! Cheers
  17. The reference to KHips and ..|KHips seems to change depending on what window you have open so that may be a red herring. The problem does seem to be that the hip just won't translate and orient to the KHips null. Cheers
  18. Nope - looks like a bug. I changed all reference to KHips but AM interprets it as IKHips in the Relationship (and displays it as such) even though it displays the Null's name as KHips.
  19. OK, OSX version UI has other problems which are irritating (trying to select a bone from a list in relationships locks up the AM UI - anyone know a workaround?), I may have found the problem. AM 18 seems to have renamed the bone references in the relationships with a leading 'i'. Even when I select the null in the UI using the picker it is appending a leading 'i'. In the working version of the model there is no leading 'i' in the name or the relationship reference. So next I will try some manual text tweaking.... Cheers
  20. Robert - message sent Appreciate anything you can do. Cheers
  21. LOL - it's when I get motivated to actually build something (ie for these contests when they come about) that I give AM a bit of a hammering Thanks Rodney Cheers
  22. How do I attach it to a PM? I see no options there for attaching files!
  23. Unfortunately it was saved as a PRJ file with everything embedded...... the new version of AM wants to save the model out when I try to save the project and thats where it falls appart. It appears to be a problem in the relationships somewhere because the pose slider to 'activate' the relationships only appears to affect one of the other 2 relationships when it should be affecting both and manually 'enabling' the relationship not being activated appears to do nothing. It's contained in a small zip so I can email it to you to look at. Cheers
  24. I forgot to look under help. As it turns out I had dragged it to a 0 size - it popped out again when I tried to edit a relationship property so now all is good. Cheers
  25. Have an old model that works in AM 18f (rig) but falls apart once it is saved in 18f 'new format'. So what has changed? Not being a rigging person I have no idea what has failed. (its an old Eggprops character model). Being an Eggprops commercial model I don't think I can share it (Reixcherub model for anyone who still remembers it) Cheers
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