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Something I've been working on

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Thanks everyone.

The body looks good. There's something about the proportion of the fingers to the hand that looks odd.

Yes, it's been bothering me too, it's something I've been meaning to fix. I think the palms of the hands are too long.


How long did you work on the hair?

Not that long. The worst part was finding good settings for the MuhHair shader.


Can you share the settings on the skin?

The diffuse and ambiance settings may seem odd for skin, but combined with the patch image works fairly well (50%). I find it doesn't work in all cases though. The color setting are set on the models surface properties and the patch image applied to a group with SSS settings of 6,4,5 200.



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Have you guys seen how DAZ Studio is marketing their software? Basically, they give away some poseable models and then sell clothes, accessories and actions for them. If WE were to make a model like this available to the general public, complete with multiple characteristics (hairdoos, clothes, accessories, settings etc) there would be A) increased sales of A:M B) revenue-generating opportunities for established users as content providers.


Mark- great work... a true labor of love. Her hand may be a little long compared to the fingers as Rob noticed. Her hair... I'd like to volunteer to work on some hair-do's for you. Have you animated anything yet?


Link to DAZ's girl4 video:

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Thanks guys.


Matt, the model is already available, it's on the extra DVD, jungle queen project. I just rerigged and modified. I'm guessing you didn't like the hair, since you are volunteering to redo it. And no, I haven't done any animation, other than testing existing actions that I have for the 2008 rig, which is not the rig of choice by the majority of the community.

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Did you dress her in an action file? I remember somewhere you talked about decaling in action. To this day aim not sure how you do that



The clothes are separate models rigged with the same geometry bones. The clothes are setup as action objects in multiple ON/OFF poses, so I can mix and match different outfits. This could be done in an action as well, but I chose to do it in a pose.

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