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  1. oh that was good. associated to wind traveling on a desert. or an ocean.
  2. the bouncing lights are perfectly executed. they could so easily take over, now they just blow up not only the spatial experience but they actually add to the general magicalness of motion. the film has the one flaw all the best ones have: too short! seriously, is there a longer version?
  3. that was valuable information! just like the compendium on PWS/chor/model/action windows you guys made when i first came here. it's always the "little" things! after decades in PS and one in AE, saving is second nature. in a:m i save everything everywhere. models, chors and prjs. it was the embedding that was new. coming to this thread A.D. (after disaster) Fuchurs sentence on re-embedding was the only thing i had not done. i embedded only once, maybe in prj 2. i thought i'd gotten it's function backwards. but the situation was far from that simple. for those with lab-experience and a fondness for white mice, i'll recount, others: proceed ony if you already brushed your teeth and changed into jammies. tried to re-hair a modified Gala with a hair model stripped from a previous version of modified Gala. begun to hide parts to access hair only to assign it to head bone. something went wrong and the shift clicking in hierarchy did not take, but the entire model flickered in an ordered succession from head to toe. maybe the hiding should have been done in model window......... but i didn't think of it 'cause i was just orienting in the PWS. i knew what the flicker meant. revert, reboot. by an absolute, sheer coincidence the first thing that happened was i selected group "Head/no tongue" and in the window the entire body got selected. newbie goes to Panic Room: "oh no there was no undo on this!" clicked the chor open and allrighty mess it was, the visible bones were in the right pose but the entire body had gone another route, and her dress a third. Baz Luhrmann might find the hour that followed inspiring but he's not here. tried previous Galas, and here my reasoning is fuzzy due to trauma. i tried the previously faulty "Head/no tongue" in others, because i deducted that to be the obvious reason for the separation of bones/geometry in chor because (by sheer coincidence!) it was the obvious visible connection between the two! - and clicking "Head" etc, the entire body got selected. in all versions. "i've assigned her entire body to her head bone. in ALL versions?!" as it turns out there's a mistake in the original Gala. the group "Head/no tongue" is her body, or, most of it. not her right eye. and my shift click assigned her entire body to the root bone. what a mess, eh? and if you see the weirdest continuity in the underlying logic of events, today i find the project ""crashed"" in another way. even though robcat saved me with Gala. as if it was an omen. All Saints Halloween to you too! robcat, the book clears like a half of my backlog here, and last night you got me to put all the sharp utensils back into the kitchen drawer. it's lucky for me we don't live in a just world
  4. and to no one's surprise, it's robcat to the rescue. thank you! got you the Infinite Jest from your list, delivery round Nov 9. you life saver, you!
  5. this is a surprisingly important thread, thanks Vertexspline for bringing this up! i read it when it was going on and misinterpreted everything.. have just touched ground after one of those memorable newbie-moments where i've wrecked an entire project when just wanting to add final touches. it seems a good idea if there was a pdf for the progression, explaining the different varieties of saving and their consequences, starting from detail going upward to project. i re-read this now and while helpful, it goes back and forth quite a bit. i could describe what i did, but that would only be one specific situation of all the possible ones. incidentally, could someone be so kind as to mail me a Gala from the am standard models to %doublehlx%at%yahoo%dotcom (without the '%' of course), mine's, errrhmm.. all face now
  6. so one hunch, correct. thank you for speedy expedition!
  7. i'm working with a modified Gala. did something to her hair, it suddenly displayed double layers intricately woven into the geometry. decided that the fastest way to solve this was to make new hair model from the original Gala by deleting all but the hair. dragged the new hair model onto Gala v. 6 in a model window, styled it and of course it didn't work. in chor, the hair model now trails 20 cms behind Gala 5cms to the side. due to many versions, opened the original to compare with current Gala, both are positioned the same. opened current new hair model to compare its position to hair placement on original and current Gala, no problems. now open her in an action or choreography, and the hair gets willful and naughty. how do i troubleshoot this? mousse, spray, serum?
  8. terminology snubbles, yes, that's what i meant. ok, simulation doesn't take long. there's something else haywire then, taking time. more probing needed. i'll be back.
  9. was there some smart solution to rendering cloth in stills? once again i know i've read something about this on a couple of occasions and now can't find anything in searches. something about preroll, how not to render animation and use the last tga, but a different solution? i'm just dreaming?
  10. if you're experienced in decaling&such, you might find inspiration in the decals for Gala in a:m models. she has really nice helmet hair.
  11. seriously! when do you ever sleep?! i was trying to position a hand, it looked good. render from cam view showed the hand had errr.. quirks modeled in. repositioned the hand to hide the quirks, switching between modes to also move cp's. this had to be done from cam view, very close up, and the hand disappeared. also, i found working the moves in cam view very burdensome, my brain kept "doing it wrong". for whatever reason, i had no problems with the other windows and am looking forward to solving the posing/modeling there, choosing that view to render upping resolution, making a TGA i can crop for the right composition. go to bed now, i'll sing you a lullaby?
  12. it said to in cam view choose any of the other views to become cam view and render. did i get it wrong? EDIT: while too lazy to set up the other laptop with a:m just yet, i'm sure this is valid. you could toggle any view, even a light, to be your view to render. i accidentally found the light views earlier so that must be true.
  13. a-ha, thanks! guessing there's a reason for lack of visual indicators for this as well, as complicated as the math involved in general..
  14. not urgent, just curious. if doing a close-up real close up, something makes the model partly disappear. parts closest to camera just vanish. i first thought it's about the FOV tool in camera - that anything between that line and camera didn't render. but no. moving that line didn't help. then i thought maybe patches actually interfered with "camera", so i moved the camera. no change. too close was too close. i read stuff back to 2004 and found a solution, change the camera view to match another view, so you can do the pose wherever it works. (haven't tested yet.) but does anyone know what's behind all this?
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