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Hi everbody.

I'm Mike. I'm not new to 3D modeling or animation, but am very new to Animation: Master. I've been aware of it for a long time, because an co-worker of mine was always raving about it. I wasn't really into 3D animation back then, so I didn't think much about it. Recently, I've wanted to dive into learning 3D modeling and animation so I can express ideas in my head, and otherwise tell stories that hopefully other people will like. 

I just requested a trial to see how I get along with it. So, hopefully that's approved and I can dig in and ultimately buy a license.

Look forward to learning and chatting with you all!

In case you're wondering, my forum name comes from a nickname I had in school with a few other students, because I used to drink it a lot. Glamorous, right? Real name is Mike. I answer to either.



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Hey Mike,

looking forward too :).

Best regards and see you around

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