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  1. Shot in the dark after some houres of puzling. No idea what I am doing, as I am more famliar with Fred Flintstone. The model should be more rounder, I shaped its head as far I could and put it up to Thom. No intention for what ever, just the atraction.., like Pink Panther.
  2. I have baked the particles before I started rendering. I never tried netrendering. I deleted half of the sprite emitters and made it a target sequence. So I can start and stop rendering whenever I want. It doesn't seem to change much as the render time quickly grows. A new computer? Sure , would like that! Only my fiances are not that broadly.
  3. Thanks for your answer. It was more my surprise, as earlier avi's took only a smaller amount of time. If It takes this size I might better make smaller parts of it. Two days rendering is a bit long. Here are my specks, I've got 3Gig memory.
  4. I remember doing the AM render benchmark test, and I came upon 5 minutes to do the VGA example. I was thinking of it now I have a short animation with rather a lot of particles. When I first did the render, a rising thinderbird into the sky, my minimum render time for a frame on VGA became at highest 3 minutes. So for a 8 second animation I could get away with 6 houres rendering. After some sessions I decided to give it some more sprite emitters for smoke and explosion. Then I realized this quotum would be rather high: three flame throwers - three smoke paths - three explosion sprites an
  5. I tried a transparent sphere as static object , but the debris passes through.
  6. Is there a manner to keep the exploding parts within a certain range? I know there is a "create a start and end hull" statement. What I search for is that the debris stays within a smaller range.
  7. That's a fine way to learn the organ playing, Michael . I'm practising a bit, but this goes still a bit faster I can manage. Decided to use the Newton Fysics explode on the organ, so the ogre can smash it with its axe. .
  8. Here is a small view of the character in game. 😊
  9. Thanks for your reactions! Fun work to do, but very time consuming. It took two evenings to gather the pix. Good to have a one frame button. Only the registering is rather kinky to keep the object in center when moving. Here is an earlier state.😉
  10. I recently started a small project with a puppit I made of some garden strings and velvet. They were a bit moveable, but I had no idea to set it up with the right stability to make a movie of it. Then I reminded the one_frame_button of my Cad camera. So I made some surounding and tried some pictures. My first attempts were a bit fraggy, as I had no idea to make the puppit straight for a longer period. Then I found some small magnets, and used coins to move the feet as parts for the walk trace. It all looks a bit chunky, as I had hardly an idea how much frames needed a walk pose, or a stil
  11. It's not bad, but for getting the arms come through right it akes some precaution. When I attached a cloth it always keeps a distance of 5cm. I have seen some examples of the cloth, like "Diana goes to the poole"" and it were not the easiest way for understanding. I"ve got my model ready now, it's a bit chunky!
  12. My first impression was that the Cape would be well imployed around the model. So l used un connected bones and dragged them around the model. Then I attached a dynamical attachment to the lowest bone. To make it reach the whole bone I attached the bones. But then the Cape fell over him so I had to make his back smaller. If I reorient some bones the model starts looking good. If I use sim_cloth on a model with the cloth.mat and deflector.mat in materials, the cloth.mat always keeps a distance to the deflector.mat. Not as the flag example, but I think the small pole stick is ea
  13. I could do so, but then the model export to the game engine would be destroyed. I could also do this after the squads are convered to triangles. Earlier attempts with squads returned a deluded result. I found a workaround for it by moving the Cape forewards, but it needs lot of adjustments. http://home.kpn.nl/lo2kf8/quake/models/chainblues.gif
  14. I made a model, and attached a Cape to it. When I made it I wanted it to drag around the model. As I'm not so familiar with the Flag and Pole, I used just a part of double vertices to use as Cape. I divided all the sides with a lead_bone to use a necklace and the lower (divide bones) part called leadbone, and a first bone to change the secondary part, to be able to lengthend the falling parts. My first model attempts were based on this setting. Later I thought it would be good to use the Dynamic Attachment to the lower part of the Cape. I used only the lowest bone for dynamic Attach
  15. Yes sure Robcat! That will make things much clear for me. I admire your knowhow.
  16. I was trying to do the same thing in the fractal sum question with a thunderbird launch. (lunch08.avi). I tried to copy the effect, but I have no SmokeBallF.
  17. A year later and I'm looking for the same kind of effect. The Rocketplume has a smaller size than the later example. Could it be possible to share the parms?
  18. It could be very usefull for the Octopuss I found on the ExtraData CD! I'm using them (as so many) for my Quake1 besturaium.
  19. I had also this problem with foot targets after adding a model to skeleton2001. Robotcat explained that it is easy to rebound them again. It needs to uncover the hidden hinge bone of one of the legs. Then it needs some addictions. First use the calf bone as a IK-handler to the foot target. Then use the footbone orient like the foot target. Finally you need to use the hinge bone as a point to foot target. If all went well the foot target responds to the whole leg.
  20. thun1013.avi Hey thanks Robocat! I don't know how I came to the idea to split the streak emitters from the model. Probably I thought I could change the position of the streak emitters. Then I saw that the scale of my model versus particel measure was wrong. After some altered position I managed to get what I wanted. Not expected it was so easy. The start position of the streak emitter is on the y axe 100%. THis works for the upward position. So all changes in the position of the model will change the streak emitter also. Does this also work when positioning it in horizontal positi
  21. Maybe this makes it more clear. The first part of the animation goes untill the stars with a static cheography on the thunderbird, and a background/terrain that lowers out of sight. From the moment I try to change the airplane the streak_emitter starts shifting, although the streak emitters are adjusted in the right direction. (ie. from upwards to camera side lunch08.avi .)
  22. My biggest problem was to change the direction of the flame, like in emmit08.avi. As the image in the topvieuw shows it takes some parms in the timeline to make the streak_emitter change its direction. Probably the 100% x-y-z axe took me some time to understand, as it are no 360 degrees. I made this whole launch scene with a ground and background that turn down, while the cheography remains static. I did this because everytime I made a cheo that changed the direction of the airplane the streak emitters didn't change. So it is a bit of a movearound. Now I understand how to channel the emit
  23. Yes, that are some good examples for a fire rocket. Thing is when I make a launch effeckt "the change of direction in three axes" was my greatest problem. Indeed the fade effect goes on in the distance it was facing. The hardest part was how to overcome the time it took after some 20 seconds. From then my computer just froze, as the amount was too large. Then I saw Icould turn off the streak emitters, and from then it was much easier. Still have trouble while making changes in the streak emitter, as sometimes the screen refreshment lacks. Sofar the results are amazing, but time
  24. After tracing out the forearm error skeleton2001 is good enough for me on 32bit. TM2 is always welcome to explore other ways to do it even in amv16. Great it is a free plug-in now.
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