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    cosmology, eschatology, and everything in-between.
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    Intel Mac 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) Dual Core... 4 Gigs of Ram, blah, blah...
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    Learn Animation Master and make it my main app.
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    Use AM to build models; technological and organic, to populate my graphic novel and comic book worlds.
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    Use AM on a consistent basis, become super efficient at splines, and be able to perform what I wrote for Mid Term Goals in my sleep.
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  1. Check out Xtaz's tutorials. The guy is a beast.

  2. ... render update. Okay, so a couple of months ago, I started this thread in hopes of duplicating the style as brought forth by the creator of the awesome images found on the link in the first post. As usual, the AM family stepped in, and put me on the right track. I feel I'm pretty close ... which is going to be perfect for my comic. I have one final issue that have yet to figure out. It's a question of shadows. Light shadow. At least I think it's an issue of shadows. The turning gif (click on the second pic); is of a bug monster that was modeled in Animation: Master, then imported into Lightwave. I then rendered the bug using super cel shader with edges turned on to 1.5 percent. If you notice, there is a slight shadow on the bottom of the face; where the red meets the green, and on the edge of where the red and green meets on the abdomen (butt looking part). The still image is pure Animation: Master (first pic - side shot). The toon shader is on, and the toon lines are set to .75 ... I think, I'm on my lap top - no AM on my lap top. Here's the deal, I had to manually add the "light" shadow in the same areas on the still image in pixelmator (bootleg photoshop). I added a layer, and just drew the shadow of the areas in question ... plus on top of the legs. In order to get the near vector toon-look used by the artist from the original link, I had to use flat shading. Question, how do I get the light shadow on an image where I use the flat shade option? Is that possible? I mean for now, I can go with what I have because comic images don't move. But as I get deeper into AM, and want to do animations, I'll need the shadow effect ... plus it was pure hell flipping normals in LW after I imported the AM model into LW. AND, I'd rather do everything in AM.
  3. ... yup, that fixed it for me. Thanks, people.
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind words. I just picked up Barry Zundels vids last week myself. Check out will suttons videos on youtube. (screename zandoria here) With all that u cant go wrong. If u see a character I made and want to tinker let me know. U can ak me anything anytime

  5. Just wanted to drop byand say you have a great style. Looking to learn AM and build my characters for my comic from the ground up; using AM. Looking forward to viewing more of your work. And ... if you can point me to some tuts that will help me along the way, please feel free to do so.

    I currently own Barry Zundel's tutorials and I plan to start them tonight.

    Take care.

  6. This is so cool. I grew up in Richmond California ... way way back in the dream time. This guy looks like the old men who sat on the porch and in front of the corner-stores in North Richmond and on the south side. Very cool.
  7. You still working in AM or Blender?

    I'm still plugging away, using AM to rebuild my characters from my comic NETERS.


  8. Thanks, Rodney. Having fun learning AM. I have to attach the legs; after I do some tweaking, then I'm gonna bone him and walk him. AND get that vector look down ... heh...
  9. Still playing around with the settings. The lines are too thick, and there is too much shadow. Oh ... I haven't attached the legs. I simply stuck them in the over bloated thorax just to get a feel of how it's gonna look when done. Anyway, After I finish the bug this weekend, I'm back to getting those setting just right...
  10. Nailed it! This program does every frickin thing! Can't wait to get home!!! Thanks folks!!!
  11. If you need more "detailed edge lines", you can also decrease the bias for the toon line. I left the line bias in this render to the default (20), but you could make it lower. I decreased the line width to 1 (from 1.5), made the Lion's diffuse falloff surface property = 0 % (from 100%) for sharper shadows, and made the shading method = standard (not toon). This is only 3 pass, with default lighting setup in 17a. You could play with lighting, shadow darkness as well. Ah ... time to play around. Thanks, NancyGormezano.
  12. Hmmnnn... if I'm reading what you are saying, it's the edges that are whats making the images pop ... giving them that added detail.
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