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  1. LOL ya think? I didn't try the download DVD option but I'm an old fashioned type of dude.
  2. Ummmm I went to order the non expiring version and shipment comes out to $130!!!!!!!!! Huh?
  3. ^^^I don't get that option, how are you getting there? Maybe my adblock. Is the regular subscription usable on multiple PCs?
  4. Hey there, been using AM since the early 90s and recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my main PC and the security features on my old CDs no longer work. I will be keeping this PC for at least another few years and wanted the never expires option tied to a single PC. But I don't see it on the store and when I finally do upgrade to a new PC what is the process to transfer the license to the new PC? Thanks!
  5. Oh man thanks for this topic. I will never stop using my last disk version. I have so many old unfinished stuff I still goof around with. On a related note, my digital version just stopped working today with the following error "Wrong host for license" What is wrong? I haven't changed PCs and my subscription is only 6 months old. thanks
  6. Its not really a complaint, its not going to change. I'll just have to accept it. I just hate when people get all frothy when as a customer I have every right to complain about something I don't like. I never said I want Hash to fail. thats nuts and insulting. thanks anyway
  7. My request is a simple one. I'd like a CD. If they don't offer that, its within my right to show what ever emotion I want as a paying customer. I've purchased all my software from Hash online. Not at a convention. When did I say that I wanted Hash to go away? How you came to this conclusion is beyond me. Stop being so touchy and super defensive. If you can't see why I would want a CD then I don't know what too tell you. So stop explaining why I am an evil person for wanting a CD. I paid for the software, have been a backer of hash for years. If you don't want to believe that then too bad for you. My first copy of Hash had Captain America on it. 1998. Then I've had five or six full versions since then. I never said I wanted Hash to go away. Or that they should give the software away fro free. Where you got this I have no idea. Calm down man. I'll consider a license but I like full versions, that is what I like. Not subscriptions. Oh well.
  8. As said before: It is not because Hash did want to... the software licencing-company they worked with before had gone bankrupt and like that Hash had to go another route. If this would not have happend, we very likely would still have the CD... I'd recommend to buy A:M (by the way as long as I can think back it was not $399 but $299) for $79 on both machines... this would give you a saving of about 140 Dollars compared to the never expiering version. See you *Fuchur* typo sorry, $299. But if you've seen I've been buying hash at $299 for years. I like the full version. That $79 edition expires after a year. I've never bought software of subscription and never will. What happens if Hash shuts down? Well guess what, your software is no good since you can't get a license. I'm not saying Hash is going out of business, but you get the idea. Listen, I'm a huge Hash fan and have defended them from the fanboy boutique guys for years. We all know what the software can do. I'm just really disappointed I can't have my CD. I want physical media. Its why I don't buy downloadable games, or support downloaded movies. I like my media.
  9. Well I for one don't see the point of launching one, removing, launching another, removing, launching another. I can only work on one PC at a time. Unless I'm a studio that doesn't even make sense. I just want the option to go to, lets say visit my parents home with my laptop and wireless graphics tablet, and be able to use Hash without spending for another license which I already paid for. I can understand why Hash did it, but lets be honest, the studios who use Hash are in the minority. The people who keep Hash in business is people like me and you, single users, who use Hash for fun. Like I said, I've purchased 5 licenses of Hash over the years at $399, not to mention all the DVDs and training materials and the Anzovin rigging software when it cost money. Now I can't use my Hash on another machine when away from my home or my desk? Sorry but the majority of people will not exploit the CD. It worked for years. This to me unfortunately seems like a diminishing customer base because people don't think Hash is powerful enough and are brain washed by people using Maya, 3DS, or one of the other boutique software. Hence Hash has to make up the profits somewhere. Hell, I haven't seen Hash at any of the computer shows or conventions in a while. I'm saddened by this as I learned on Hash and still use it to this day. I just wish as a loyal customer I could get my CD back. Its restricting and lame. I'm not a studio or an octopus. I don't use multiple sessions of Hash at the same time. LOL
  10. LOL I would never send an angry ignorant email. I'm just saying that I have several stations I work on and in the past I could move the CD from station to station as needed. I paid full price for the software and should be able to use it on any computer I want. You were locked to the CD so you could run it in several places at the same time. Now I'm locked to my desktop and thats it! I can't take my laptop with me on business, I can't use it in another office. Unless of course I buy another license which to me is pretty ridiculous and hard to defend. I really like Hash and always defend them when ever they come up on the various forums, its a wonderful tool. But this model kinda sucks, just being honest. Not a reflection on the software which I love. Just my .02
  11. Hi Elm, As far as I understand it (please correct my if I am wrong Jason) there are two version available: - A:M Subscription for 1 year ($79.99) - Never expiring version ($299.00) Both are download-products today. (only manual + ExtraDVD can be selected to be shipped with the never expiring version). Both are software-dongled to one computer per license. > Infos on hash.com: A:M Versions See you *Fuchur* Hey guys, I'm a long time Hasher going back to 1998. I want to pick up the full version that never expires but how do I do this if its download only now? How do I get a CD burned so that as I upgrade my hardware I can continue to use it? What if that computer dies? Once I download it, is it an ISO I can burn into a permanent CD? I think this is very short sighted especially for us who have supported Hash for years and spent lots of money on multiple full versions. thanks
  12. Never found it, are you still around? Can anybody post this link? How hard is it to copy and paste?
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