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  1. LOL ya think? I didn't try the download DVD option but I'm an old fashioned type of dude.
  2. Ummmm I went to order the non expiring version and shipment comes out to $130!!!!!!!!! Huh?
  3. ^^^I don't get that option, how are you getting there? Maybe my adblock. Is the regular subscription usable on multiple PCs?
  4. Hey there, been using AM since the early 90s and recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my main PC and the security features on my old CDs no longer work. I will be keeping this PC for at least another few years and wanted the never expires option tied to a single PC. But I don't see it on the store and when I finally do upgrade to a new PC what is the process to transfer the license to the new PC? Thanks!
  5. Oh man thanks for this topic. I will never stop using my last disk version. I have so many old unfinished stuff I still goof around with. On a related note, my digital version just stopped working today with the following error "Wrong host for license" What is wrong? I haven't changed PCs and my subscription is only 6 months old. thanks
  6. I'm glad my bitching and moaning contributed to this lol I still find it amazing that years and years later, some of AMs best work is still recognized for its amazing quality. Vic, Euisung, and so many others have the dream jobs we all wish we had and working with some of their original work is kind of an honor.
  7. Thanks I'll try that. I bought version 18 anyway. But always like to run my older versions.
  8. OK well, now my version 12 won't open even after a reinstall after I installed version 18. Not happy but nothing I can do I guess.
  9. I'm using version 12. I just opened a Rex I built way back in 2000 and it loads fine. The Trex file says "Edited by Steve Sappington" It just won't open, still says invalid model file. So weird, I can open every model except the one I really want lol edit: Weirdly enough, I can't open the petradon model either, same error. So it has to be something with the way these models were saved, version or maybe it made it incompatible with the older versions of AM.
  10. Just like back in 08, the model will not load. Can anyone help? Its been years and I still can't load this model. Says "invalid mdl"
  11. He was an AM user way back in the 90s. I believe now he works for ILM but looking for his Trex project. I had it on my old PC but it crashed a long time ago. There were videos, ortho files, textures. All done in AM 96 I believe but can't remember. Does anyone still have this or a link to it? thanks
  12. Tell me about it. I'm Hash user going back to the early 90s, still have all my CDs and books and packaging. Still use AM and still think its hugely underated.
  13. Its not really a complaint, its not going to change. I'll just have to accept it. I just hate when people get all frothy when as a customer I have every right to complain about something I don't like. I never said I want Hash to fail. thats nuts and insulting. thanks anyway
  14. My request is a simple one. I'd like a CD. If they don't offer that, its within my right to show what ever emotion I want as a paying customer. I've purchased all my software from Hash online. Not at a convention. When did I say that I wanted Hash to go away? How you came to this conclusion is beyond me. Stop being so touchy and super defensive. If you can't see why I would want a CD then I don't know what too tell you. So stop explaining why I am an evil person for wanting a CD. I paid for the software, have been a backer of hash for years. If you don't want to believe that then too bad for you. My first copy of Hash had Captain America on it. 1998. Then I've had five or six full versions since then. I never said I wanted Hash to go away. Or that they should give the software away fro free. Where you got this I have no idea. Calm down man. I'll consider a license but I like full versions, that is what I like. Not subscriptions. Oh well.
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