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  1. I have not tried the dope sheet using lion and if you are using a tower you can duel boot it with snow leopard ( not that you need a tower) but its nice to have it on separate drives and bounce back and forth if needed
  2. jimd


    very cool congratulations
  3. thats a very Grand fx good job
  4. more fx just incase you want these computer_throb.mp3 internal_spaceship_fx.mp3 Barry_energy_belt_02.mp3
  5. Mark great job i felt the ship lack this so i did it (apologies if i over step my bounds) here's some sound fx for you i did it in 2 parts just incase it would not line up so just drag and drop to the vo you'll see it and if you would like i'll upload the ship sound and barry's energy belt cheers j PART_1mix.mp3 PART_2.mp3 iShowU_Capture2.mov
  6. for kindle book publication i used Jutoh for a comic book iapp you can use http://www.codestore.co.uk/ there is a small fee but the templates are all ready made and the product is very good easy to do and (you can add a music track if you want) bcest app for comic book apps pages should be 1069 × 1536 pixels you will also need a apple developer license you can also use pages (mac ) for an ebook
  7. Hey jake here's a screen shot from the kindle on my desktop your page should fit to fill the screen but it does not so thats how it looks on the ipad all that white and smaller you have to expand it to read it ( i would guess it is even smaller on a kindle ) image size for iapd should be 1536 × 2048 pixels jpg and yes TOO and SO would make excellent ebooks / mobile device things
  8. I thought maybe it was the way you made the ebook (the page size is small for the ipad) and I can zoom in but the text is still unreadable (mostly the villain dialogue unreadable )
  9. Well I got your book on the iPad using the kindle for iPad app However tHe the text was difficult to read The transfir process was not very crisp But I did injoy it
  10. Great style ! it wil be interesting to see how you translate this for 3d as far as ebooks and the like I have books on Amazon and a kindle and your right to expensive I think I've sold 3 However I made the book into an iapp and it sold immediately so I would say digital publishing is the way to go. On that note. I do have mixed feelings about digital comics books given a choice I would prefer the actual book for collecting (it's so nice to have the actual comic in ones hands it's all about the art) But things being the way the are the digital world is the way to go So I'll see if I can play your book on my ipad I'll let you know
  11. you got it going with this Mark very good design
  12. yes a very Happy Birthday and healthy Birthday to you
  13. HI Larswik I do not get AM lockups so i'm wondering if there is something else could you give the specs for your mac OS, ram, ect... also have you repaired your permissions lately and checked the drive for issues? j yes I'm on a Mac
  14. another great simple Robert thank u
  15. jimd


    ditto ! love em
  16. just caught this wow! that's so good, wonderful work j
  17. jimd


    Love the imagery , the colors and over all look But I agree with Rodny it needs so much more I hope this is not a project where time will get in your way Would love to see you push this to the next level You can never have enough shots J
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