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  1. AM is not the only software that is not (shall we say current ) I have more apps then most and only recently they are catching up ( mostly on the plug end side ) one such plugin took about 14 moths to go 64 bit so I duel booted to use it and to be sure some are not ready for Maverick at all. Now I'm using 10.6.8 on one drive and I did the Maverick upgrade from Lion just cause on the other this keeps everything on an even plain and bouncing back and forth does have its advantages 1 it works, easy to set up and fast 2 your never out of touch or out of date ( you can take advantage of the new Mac apps ) 3 allows Mac and developers to catch up and your not hit by it 4 you can try new stuff without F'n up your stuff ( thats a biggie ) 5 you also have a nice backup if anything goes bad ( which it will) bty my second drive only has a few apps compared to the first drive look at it as a Beta drive the more it becomes stable you can migrate to it j
  2. coulpe of things are you rendering from the camera ? command P will set you up with that see attachment if using Quicktime you can set your movie compression from animation to non ect.. do that using the set tab just once 1 frame sometimes you have to do a quick switch from one of those settings to kick it in the pants also make sure you set the location where it says file name and that should the setup box match when you hit the render button
  3. 16 works but .jpg won't render they show up in render window but can't find them any place I tried saving to another disk but no luck here is a screen shot showing render in progress 17 won't work tried the permission thing and reinstall no luck there here is the log report report.rtf
  4. 16.0 works on Maverick i did a few tests everything works so far no issues with save or save as or filling in dialogue boxes i will try something a bit more complicated version 17 will not I duel boot my mac so I can switch back and forth between upgrades makes life easy j
  5. try this close all other apps go to GO in the finder choose Utilities select Disk Utilities select Disk permissions and repair then do a restart also here is a blank to try to open let us know j BLANK.prj
  6. yes i had a similar problem in my case it was a bad patch and normals were not facing out and i was unaware of any of this until i did a camera move like you are doing and then the decal started to pop bty love this look
  7. jimd

    using forces tut

    That must be it i did not see a change so I thought it was not working Thank you
  8. jimd

    using forces tut

    I removed the old video for you. If something similar occurs in the future you should be able to remove an attachment via the dropdown dialogue that shows which attachments have been uploaded into the post. Thanks for the quick turnaround on the new video. P.S. Excellent audio. You have a great tutorial voice. thank you bty I did go to the drop down and selected the file then I hit delete but nothing happened what am I missing ? thanks again
  9. jimd

    using forces tut

    Thanks John ( I'll have to try your trick ), Thanks Rodney Hey Rodney I put a new one in with better audio how do I get rid of the old or if you could please do it for me
  10. new audio for using forces force tut using_forces.mov force_tut_better_audio.zip
  11. Oh it was a huge hit First question was how I did it cause they thought I just took footage from someplace and did a comp When I told them it was done one spline at a time (I had to use hands to explain that ) They just shook there heads Of course I said all done in hash Again ya had to see it This is very impressive software
  12. That looks mighty impressive. Did you get any feedback from the company or audience. regards simon
  13. just wanted to share some shots from the "Secret Garden" ( sorry it's just a cell phone cam ) the train movie was a scene change going from India to Great Britain and arriving at the station anyway it did look great, Hash is amazing! I seriously doubt you can knock out something that good and fast with any other program with just one guy ( me ) so again a BIG thanks to the Hash master for making an excellent program and sorry for the low rez shots ya had to be there (:
  14. Thank you ! great site you have, loaded with good info (it's been booked mark ) and I promise from now on I will try not to guess an stretch j
  15. Well when the rotoscope seems out of scale This train started out like that so I just left it that way Then it got me thinking I kinda just model then stretch to fit
  16. Yep I tried the alpha on and off for movies And it did not work that's how I ended up placing an image I might try doing a different project to test the smoke Note it dose show up in the quick render J
  17. Hi guys working on a train project and I have 2 questions that maybe you can help with first question smoke when i export out as a jpg or tga I get smoke in the finale render ( test mov jpg has smoke) when I export out as a movie I get no smoke however when I place an image such as the stars in the background I get my smoke ( test mov has smoke because of star png background ) is that normal for movie export or do i have to turn something on 2nd question models do you guys mdl to scale say something is 20 feet do you mdl 20 feet I've been doing what feels comfortable is there a rule ? thanks j TRAIN_MOV.mov
  18. jimd

    The Jetsons

    Mark you really got it going on ! over in the IDW world My little pony, Teenage Mutant Turtles and I see Popeye is featured as a classic and of course Star Trek oh yeah and Transformers ( that one would keep you busy (: ) anyway your right on track just keep building those assets
  19. thanks ill give it another go
  20. tried your tree on my mac but it locks up on load used both version 16 and 17 any ideas j
  21. Thank you did not have these
  22. coolness when ready grab this scorch tga and throw it into your mdl here and there use the percentage to change its value more or less to dirty up the look ScorchMark03.tga
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