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  1. nice... the sound is better than the original one... i didn´t spend much time on finding the right audio, i just took the first grind i could find on youtube... use it if you like... again the over all look is cool
  2. if i may be so bold, love the look could not resist for the fun of fit sound fx track skateboard_mix_2.mov
  3. This maybe related or maybe not I have had strange things happen when using both 16 and 17 at the same time or when using projects saved in 17 and opened in 16 and visa versa the example shows a number attached to the saved project the project should read (2nd floor elevator) however it gets saved as (2nd floor elevator sc#1E24C.prj) to complicate things even further the number does not show up in the saved folder it is only visible after opening in the project window and sometimes it won't open at all because of the number so basically what i'm saying strange stuff happens every now and then did you try a new project just in 17 as a quick test ? or your other version and did it do the same thing save multi folders ? bty my version is a new v17 install on a mac 10.6.8 apologies if i pushed this off topic or target
  4. Hi jimd, at the risk of repeating myself, that's strange too! Like in Simons original post, this is also odd behaviour I'm just not seeing on my Mac. Have you tried a reset of A:M? All my Saves and Opens behave exactly as expected, no matter how many asset folders things are kept in. True, if I move/change something when A:M isn't looking it will need to be pointed in the right direction to find it again but if I then Save any time after that A:M always knows where to look the next time. For the record, I only have one issue in A:M at the moment (which I have reported to Steffen), and that is with Materials not displaying quite right in an on screen render with MultiPass = Off. well I stand corrected I made a test folder with 3 sub folders one mdl, one pic, and and matt. made a mdl saved the project and reopened just fine bur I swear this was not always the case at least not on my end (: anyway I guess you can do it you learn something new everyday thanks j
  5. Hi on a Mac I put everything into one folder no sub folders such as pics mdls ect.. I find that am will not find your jpgs or materials ect if they are in separate folders and will ask you to find everything every time even if you save and re save at least on a MAC if you move or copy a model make sure you put all the assets ( jpg. mat. ect... ) with that mdl. in the same folder hope that ans. your question
  6. slow but steady really good
  7. one way is to use gravity in show more than drivers - smoke goes up + smoke goes down and of course you can automate that over time
  8. jimd


    yes the tunnel was fun good job!
  9. Hi when i apply a decal in version 17g or any version of 17 I can not see the decal unless i do a quick render In version 16 I can see it without doing a render I'm on a mac not sure if this something to report or if its something else thank u j
  10. Oh and one more thing if you abort a render of a movie Say at 80% your movie is good up to that point
  11. Well I'm not sure if this is new ( on a Mac ) but I can now drag and drop a quicktime movie as is ( no tga stuff here ) into AM as a layer or roto and even a decal renders and player great !! at least so far so good I'm using the latest version love it ! j
  12. Awesome !! on my mac thank you
  13. you have a good start now vary the timing you have both mdls moving at the same time and speed vary that also vary the arms and head movements ( body parts ) of both mdls vary the timing a big beginner mistake is to have all the body parts moving at the same time sit in your chair and mimic the move and you will see and feel you don't move like that ( no one does ) if you can film your move then you can see it basically act it out now just do one mdl at a time and slowly modify it don't be afraid to break up the action even if its very slight the head does not have to follow the hand you know what i mean ect... j
  14. get this its free works great mac or windows http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html
  15. the newest version of Audacity has a vocal remove plugin ( there is also a Karaoke plugin to be had online for Audacity too ) which does a good job of removing the center vocal however ( which is basically inverting one side ) it will not remove the left and right fx vocals echos, reverb, ect.. j
  16. Hi Michael Lets start here make sure you have the plugins go to your hard drive / applications/ Animation Master 16.0 folder look for the HXT folder it should look like the pic (hxt folder with plugins ) if you do not see an hxt folder or you do not see the plugins in the folder do a search for the hxt folder ( command f ) and a search for a plugin such as Align.hxt just to see if you have them anywhere if you do not have an HXT folder or the plugins are missing from the folder and cannot be found you should reinstall AM If however you do find everything as is just try this close AM go to GO / utilities /disk utilities/ select your hard drive / select repair permissions / restart your computer and try AM sometimes this helps j
  17. thank you but there is no need for such a small contribution it was just my pleasure to add to the fun
  18. comment about your poster It's one thing to take someones concept and use it as a template but I would strongly urge you to remove the eyes in the background and come up with something on your own ( it's way to close to the original ) little by little you are crafting something that has your mark on it don't stop now
  19. no problems v16 mac i had to turn on multi pass and change it to full render also tested in v17 no problems in either tga or quictime renders Shot9_MidgeLandsAtEntrance_000.tga
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