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    animation, sports, music (classic rock : The Beatles, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and stuff like that).
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    Amd 1090t phenom II x 6 3.2ghz 4gb corsair 1600mhz ddr3 Radeon 5870 1gb gddr5 Am v15j / 16

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    Ben Horvat
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    cleveland area
  1. Just tested 4 at once. Only a marginal loss in performance AMD 1090t phenom II x 6 3.2ghz stock 4gb ddr3 1600 mhz corsair gaming ram ASUS M4A89GTD mobo radeon 5870 1gb ddr5
  2. V 16 rc01 64 3:57 seconds AMD 1090t phenom x 6 black ed. 3.2ghz (stock) 4gb ddr3 corsair 1600 mhz ram windows 7 64 VS v15J 8:32 same specs Amazingly faster on v16!
  3. bentothemax

    lightbulb model

    Looks good! I agree about the shadow. It does look too dark. Did you use two layers of patches for the glass? I don't think that is necessary in this case. I also think that you should explore with caustics for this model, those always look cool refracting through glass.
  4. Hi, this is a reintroduction My name is Ben. I am 15 years old and have been using Animation Master for almost 5 years now. I started making simple "flying saucers" and have come as far as to model very intricate models, and render with a great understanding of radiosity. I have even been given the chance to model and animate for NASA on several occasions. I would like to say that buying animation master was one of the most important, and best choices of my life. It has influenced my school courses, and have landed me a co-op job at NASA when i am old enough. To all new users, if it seems hard at first, don't give up, the rewards once you learn AM will be well worth any struggle. To all current users, keep working as i enjoy seeing all of your work. Ben
  5. There is a radiosity section ont he forums, it is really helpful if u read the sticky topics by yves, and if u have questions after you have read it, feel free to post there Ben
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo not the poly vs splin converstsaoint thigny!!!!! IT can be done, you just need to learn how. Ben
  7. post a a ss, maybe . . . I dont have AM on this pc, and its a hassle to get it upstairs
  8. Jeff lew's rig is very simple, i have learned alot about rigging since i started this thread. Both Rigs ( the 2001 and Jeff Lew's ) are effective in there own ways. For a simple low res model, jeff lew's rig with a few extra bones would be ideal, but for complex models i think that the 2001, properly . . . Installed you might call it, would work better It is all a matter of opinion, and need. A rig that i just discovered was made by jamagica, it is similar to Jeff lew's, but has severl more complex features, which i think is a good midpoint. My 2 cents that proly dont make any sense
  9. thanks alot guys AM would bug out on me when i tried to do that I got my hard disk wiped and now everything works fine my character still has some rigging probs, but I'll fix em
  10. For an elbow . . . smartskin or an extra bone. I like the method of adding an extra bone that controls the elbow cps, then just set that to orient like the forearm 50%. Usually looks great and is easy, after you make that action, make it an on/off pose and hide the bone that controls the elbow cps, so you dont accidentally mess up the rigging in the chor.
  11. Nulls are pretty much just things to be used as targets for constraints. For instance, if you have an Anti Aircraft gun, you would have the turret aim at a null constrained to the plane it was shooting at. Another example is eyes, you could aim the eyes of a character at a null. There really just things to constrain to, without actually having to put another model or bone in there. (I think if anyone knows any other uses, please tell!)
  12. One thing i noticed about the neck of your dinosaur, I think that on the bottom of your neck is to strait, if you look at any in shape animal, you can pretty much see the vocal chords and such sticking out in the middle of then neck. Noone knows for sure (I think) but i would assume that the vocal chords would have to pretty big and noticable, if the dinosaur was going to be able to roar loud. It's really looking great though. I cant even rig a biped effectivly yet and you . . . are amazing at rigging. I've experimented with the neck of a cow . . . it was a dynamic tutorial for 3ds max, but it works the same for animation master. I didnt make the head, just a section of the neck . . . i could post the project if you want
  13. I LOVE the Jeff Lew rig, it's really simple and easy for someone like me . . . but im having a problem. The contraints are setup through an action, and when i try to make a new action, the contraints get all messed up . . . can someone help me?
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