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Dutch Demon wip

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This a demon in an old Dutch painting that I started modeling for "Planes Trains Automobiles"... but didn't finish!



It's not much to go on. I did these drawings to visualize the head...


After some more development I got to this concept...


And here is as far as I got before pressing pause in 2018...



to be continued...


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My workflow for faces is to model things that I know have to be in a certain place... the eyeballs, the eye openings, the nose, the mouth opening... then begin connecting those parts together with splines to fashion the in between surfaces.

I model each part with as few splines as possible. Those are easier to stitch together than something with excess splines i have to find a home for.

Clearly my front and side rotoscopes don't match up well but I'll make do.


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Before I surface the outside of the face I extrude and extend some splines from the inside edge of the mouth to make a simple oral cavity. Just in case he ever opens his mouth wide enough to see inside.

The scalp is extruded up and over from the brow spline.


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To make the elfin ear I thought I could lathe out a tall cup and push the splines down on one side...



But after quite a bit of pushing and pulling of CPs I wasn't happy with the shading the stretched patches were making...



So I deleted all but the front edge of the ear...



...and resplined between the edges with more conventional contours...


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I position the ear so i know where splines will have to go to eventually.

Most of the face is filled in by extruding and reshaping splines from the edge of the mouth and then when no more fill is needed, splines are extended to connect to adjacent edges.

Pseudo time-lapse...


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The spline over the top of the head doesn't have enough CPs to make the fin shape so i add just enough to define the contour, then stitch in splines to connect it to the rest of the head...




Eyebags added. if I turn him white he looks like Grandpa Munster...


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