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  1. Interesting observations about the Fleischer's animation style. I'll have to pay more attention when I look at their work. Those 3D backgrounds were on a huge lazy Susan setup that was slowly turned frame by frame. I don't understand how they were able to light the whole scene while hanging the cels in front and get no shadows... If you ever watch their Popeye and SIndbad, it has a lot of 3D ..in color!
  2. I didn't know there was a bug report site...I just sent a short note Steffen with a graphic and explanation. I'll keep that other site in mind for the future. thanks! BTW- There were 10 Grampy shorts and the animators made sure that every one of his inventions was possible ( at least in a cartoon universe). Here is another one...
  3. I sent Steffen all the info and hopefully that can be fixed... BTW- In viewing all the old cartoons from the 1930's , are you familiar with Max Fleischer's Grampy cartoons? Some of my favorites..like "Grampy's Indoor Outing"- I love the way they combine real 3D sets with the animation.
  4. Yes ......it worked in v15......interesting... Then I exported the model into v19 and it was the same as before.... Hmmm. so the only way this works is in v15? No workarounds for the higher versions? I thought maybe a clever bone hierarchy would trick the software..
  5. Hello All- Trying and experiment and not sure if it is possible. I have a cube with another smaller cube making a Boolean cut inside the large cube. I also have a blue cylinder sticking out of the cube (like a pipe sticking out of a wall). I would like the blue cylinder to be unaffected by the Boolean cut.... but as you can see by the picture, the Boolean cut effects everything (notice hollow area on blue cylinder). The question is, ....is there a way to make a Boolean cut selective to only one object in a scene, while ignoring other objects inside the "cut area"? (I tried playing around with different bone hierarchies but, no luck yet.) Thanks for any suggestions! Tom BooleanTest1.prj
  6. You're probably right about the settings...and I wonder if there s any advantage or disadvantage of using one or the other...(?)
  7. Thanks to Rob for another tutorial! BTW- I decided to compare the older "Rigid Body" and the "Bullet Rigid Body " using identical setups and there is quite a difference. I'm not sure why that is but it is something to play with. Tom Comparisons.mp4
  8. Great explanation! Thanks!
  9. Excellent, That fixed the problem! Thanks Rob! Why does that occur? Does the "target" exert some kind of force? Thanks for any info...
  10. Hello Hashers- I created a simple project of some flat pieces of paper blowing away..... however in the first few frames, the entire group of paper bounces in the air. I can't figure out where the setting is that might cause those papers to bounce.. Any ideas? Many thanks, Tom bounce.mp4 BounceTest.prj
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! The first suggestion sounds especially interesting. Can you demonstrate how to use an expression to link a slider to the Chor Glow Properties? That is beyond my ability... Tom
  12. Another question which is unrelated to our discussion yesterday......but it has me stumped so I thought I would put it out there. I'm trying to create a pose slider to turn on a street lamp. Sounds fairly simple...I want the slider to make the outer" lens" of the lamp become about 35% transparent and I want the inner bulb to start glowing...all just by sliding the pose slider. The problem is the Glow feature seems to only have parameters that become visible WHEN you are rendering in the choreography.....so how do you set up a pose slider when the parameters you want to tweak only appear when rendering? many thanks for any insights... Tom Glow-ON.prj
  13. I have uploaded a very simple project which might present an area of discussion on Saturday Live. I am familiar with setting poses for "percentages" but I am less knowledgeable about Poses that are "On/Off". I am wondering if the topic for discussion can be adding an On/Off pose to this simplistic arm with one Pose being IK and the other Pose being FK..? PoseTest.prj
  14. great insight! BTW- I dropped a note to Steffen and asked if there was a way to make Streaks cast shadows...will post his reply if there is.
  15. very good...thanks for the reply!
  16. Rob- I signed into the forums on my phone and didn't remember my user name password so it listed me as the guest... shown above... however, I would be interested in your personal opinion of when to use streaks and when to use sprites? What is your view of their strengths and weaknesses?
  17. Thanks for the reply Rob! What is interesting is I was fooling around with trying to get streaks to cast shadows and I clicked on the little red "X" to opened up the drivers connected to the Streaks in the Choreography window and all of a sudden it looked like it was giving me the option to choose, "cast shadows" in the properties window...but when I went back to look for it, it had disappeared and I was unable to find it again...so maybe I was hallucinating or something. I will remember your method for the future but it might be a nice feature to have streaks cat shadows like the other particles.
  18. Hello- I know that the particles listed as "Blobbies, Hair, Sprites,and Fluids" all have a "Cast Shadows" selection in their properties menu. I believe "Streaks" are able to cast shadows IF certain things are done. I believe it must be a Klieg light with ray traced shadows. There are also other steps one can take but the correct order escapes me at the moment. Does anyone know how to make Streaks "Cast Shadows"? Thanks! Tom
  19. no problem...take your time... there are always little things to pick up along the way.
  20. Thanks to Rob for another Live Saturday tutorial! I agree that the Oswald cartoon was artistically superior to Steamboat Willie...interesting observation. Thanks for pointing it out. BTW- Is there any chance of you posting the video of today's class?
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