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  1. you'll have to let everyone know how you did that one of these days.
  2. Oh No....what's wrong with EDDIE!!!!! Looks like he frozen in carbonite like Han Solo!!!
  3. It might be great to have those digitized and posted somewhere but I'm guessing it might mean a LOT of work...
  4. I tried saving the file but it didn't work. Don't know if it is my internet connection or something else?? Tom
  5. Rob- I came across a puzzle that you might help with. I am trying to "grow" a molecule, segment by segment, almost like a time lapse thing, but I can't figure out how to control the slow growth of each segment using pose sliders. Maybe there is a smarter way...see you at noon. Tom Molecule.mdl
  6. Leslie Nielsen.... who carried fart machine around the set to lighten things up... his tombstone reads "Let Er Rip"
  7. Hieronymus Bosch would be proud ...
  8. Hello Hashers- Was interested in playing around with the Treez plugin using V15 but can't locate the plugin. Does anyone have a link? Thank you, Tom
  9. Yikes...no wonder I couldn't create any key frames! Thanks Rob....!!
  10. Hello Hashers- I have a choreography with multiple windows open and they have thin red borders inside (see pic). When I click inside the window, the red borders disappear and then come back. Simple question....What are the red borders signifying? Thank you in advance. (I'm sure it is simple but could find no info in manuals or online) Tom
  11. cool new feature! AM...the most bang for the buck of any software out there!
  12. Martin- You remind me of all the other computer pioneers: https://www.amazon.com/What-Dormouse-Said-Counterculture-Personal/dp/0143036769 Tom Christ
  13. nice.... fluid particles are so difficult (and slow to render) that your trick like that work cool.
  14. Rob- Thank you for another great explanation!
  15. Question for Rob: While improving the lighting today [at Live Answer Time] for Johns picture, we adjusted a bunch of global ambiance parameters. It seems that the Global Ambiance parameters can be adjusted from various places-, Camera or Choreography or Rendering all have inputs. What is the correct sequence of adjusting the Global Ambiance settings? Which Setting is the most important ....and then do you work your way "down the tree" to make further adjustments? Any clarifications are welcome. Thanks, Tom
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