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  1. I rendered the project and the sprites were arrows. Open Gl rendered faster than Open Gl3....that's about it...
  2. Thanks for posting the Saturday classes for people who are not able to attend. I downloaded the last two classes for my tutorials folder😄
  3. I would also like to encourage any AM users on the Forum to take advantage of Rob's classes on Saturdays to help with the ins and outs of AM. If they have a question Rob has really mastered the various intricacies that pop up. A great resource... 👍
  4. Agree with Rob...thanks for all your hard work Jason!! AM rocks because of you..!
  5. I met a Californian who was living far down on the West Coast of Mexico with his wife. She got pregnant and insisted on having the baby back in the States when the local doctor started using a shot glass as a stethoscope (!)
  6. Yup.... artists who post online are now non paid conceptual artists for the machines....weird... Is Skynet far behind?
  7. This is an animated short created by an artist using AI. The characters don't move much but knowing the learning curve of AI, that will change... https://www.animationmagazine.net/2023/04/dall-e-celebrates-anniversary-with-first-ever-animated-short-collab-critterz/
  8. That looks darn good. Could you make a spring (facing up) and stationary on the ground and then drop an object on it ,... and the object would be propelled upwards?
  9. I hope Santa brings everyone something special...
  10. "Media Player Classic" or "VLC media player" seem to work fine for me.
  11. Creating new HASH plugins sounds like an exciting endeavor! Way to go!
  12. Agreed... Your description may very well be the future we are facing. At one time creative work was a bulwark against silicon based competition (i.e. computing power) but to see creativity also get swallowed by AI is difficult. As long as chess champions could outplay computers I thought the human species was doing OK... but that benchmark has fallen by the wayside. In the last few years no humans can outplay the best chess computers anymore. Hmmmm.... There is SciFi book called the "Fifth Wave" which details exactly our present day scenario for anyone interested. The book is about 22 years old, but spot on dealing with how our species is effected interacting with AI everywhere.
  13. It is a tricky juncture. People will stop moving forward as you say. And artists who have developed distinctive styles simply become (unpaid) contributors as less talented people glom their styles and run with it. I saw one person wrote in the prompt: "Sponge Bob as painted by Kandinsky" and what came out was a fall down funny version of what Vassily Kandinsky might have done with Sponge Bob. Tough to compete with AI. The fact that AI is now moving into animation is also scary. What a lot of animation has is that it is not portraying actual motion but it is caricaturing actual motion. Nobody bounces like Mickey Mouse when they walk...but given the power of AI, you will soon be able to say, "give me a Tex Avery walk" and the AI will have studied the spacing of Tex Avery timings and come up with a passable version. Hmmm...
  14. Hello Hashers- I'm guessing many of you have seen the new text to AI art engines out there like Midjourney, Dall E and Disco Diffusion (to name a few). They are rather awesome and also bit scary with the excellent images these engines create just using a few word prompts. They leave the carbon based artist (at least me) a bit perplexed...Computer generated images are not copyrightable and yet they will soon overwhelm all aspects of our life. Seems like a steep road for the carbon based artist to compete... I just discovered a new Text to Animation (!) engine and wondered what the communities thoughts are regarding this new way to move models around:
  15. Yes, the second video works now..thanks!
  16. interesting! The second video did not show up online...
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