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  1. Leslie Nielsen.... who carried fart machine around the set to lighten things up... his tombstone reads "Let Er Rip"
  2. Hieronymus Bosch would be proud ...
  3. Hello Hashers- Was interested in playing around with the Treez plugin using V15 but can't locate the plugin. Does anyone have a link? Thank you, Tom
  4. Yikes...no wonder I couldn't create any key frames! Thanks Rob....!!
  5. Hello Hashers- I have a choreography with multiple windows open and they have thin red borders inside (see pic). When I click inside the window, the red borders disappear and then come back. Simple question....What are the red borders signifying? Thank you in advance. (I'm sure it is simple but could find no info in manuals or online) Tom
  6. cool new feature! AM...the most bang for the buck of any software out there!
  7. Martin- You remind me of all the other computer pioneers: https://www.amazon.com/What-Dormouse-Said-Counterculture-Personal/dp/0143036769 Tom Christ
  8. nice.... fluid particles are so difficult (and slow to render) that your trick like that work cool.
  9. Rob- Thank you for another great explanation!
  10. Question for Rob: While improving the lighting today [at Live Answer Time] for Johns picture, we adjusted a bunch of global ambiance parameters. It seems that the Global Ambiance parameters can be adjusted from various places-, Camera or Choreography or Rendering all have inputs. What is the correct sequence of adjusting the Global Ambiance settings? Which Setting is the most important ....and then do you work your way "down the tree" to make further adjustments? Any clarifications are welcome. Thanks, Tom
  11. Thanks for the tute! I was having trouble creating exr files in either v15 or v19 so it's good to know I'm not crazy ...
  12. Interesting.....glad you reported the bug!
  13. Rob...I finally figured everything out. It was user error on my part and I futzed around until everything clicked. Thanks for deciphering the plugin ...it has real potential! T
  14. Having trouble trying to reproduce the effects we saw with the Sumi plugin during the tutorial. I can't even get the window to open up where the user gets to play with the Sumi properties sliders!!! Yikes...I try double clicking on every line in the Project Workspace area but no window comes up...How do you get the Sumi editing window to appear? I did find the "save as animation" line ... but when I render out the images they are just blank that show no sumi effects at all. User error obviously... Attached is the project if anyone can pinpoint any errors, it would be much appreciated
  15. Great tutorial in unraveling that Sumi still works. Thanks Rob! Quick question....What line in the project workspace do you right click on ... for the composite to be exported? Thanks!
  16. Hello- SumiV15Test.prjHere is a suggestion for the question of the day. Trying to use the Sumi PlugIn for V15 and am not sure whether I am doing the procedure incorrectly or whether the plugin Simply doesn't work anymore with this version.
  17. Did a follow up test with three meshes, Blue is 4 patches, Red is 25 patches and Yellow is 100 patches. All three responded to a Force...so not sure why the other "Magician Trick" handkerchiefs didn't work with a low mesh model. Another mystery of AM.... Thanks for sharing your stuff Andy! MeshTest.mp4
  18. Maybe this project can serve as a starter question. Attached is a project that I can't get to work. Pretty simple really ...three handkerchiefs are supposed to fly out of magic hat. No matter how big the force, they simply fall down...hmmmm MagicTrick.prj
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