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  1. Hadn't even thought of trying to flip the baked particles. As you said, filming it straightforward and reversing in another program might be the easiest way to go... Thanks!
  2. I had an interesting idea and that is , what would it look like in reverse. Particles coming together to form something. I took the render into After Effects and reversed the order. I don't think having particles come together to form specific models would be easily doable in AM. Reverse.mp4 Does anyone know whether it is doable as shown in the new video? Or is the best way to render normally and reverse the frames like was done here? If it was doable, there could be some interesting scenes of things exploding and coming together while skipping the step of exporting specific frames,reversing them and then re-composting them afterwards. Tom
  3. Good troubleshooting on the Spade color issue! What's nice is that multiple materials can be dropped on top of groups for interesting results.Can't wait to play with this...
  4. I clicked on the link for June 27, 2020 and I got the "404" error message page not found. Maybe something got the wires twisted.
  5. Rob- I unzipped the S_to_Streaks project and this (attached) error message popped up. I tried clicking through it but it just keeps cycling this message with different ".pai" files. And then starts at the beginning again. I don't think it will even give me the chance to un-bake the files. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  6. Many thanks again to Rob for another invigorating tutorial! Can't wait to study the S to Streaks project and go over the recorded session. Animation Master is really an astounding program (when explained by an expert!)... ....and dollar for dollar is one of the best buys out there. Tom
  7. Thinking up one idea (but probably not a great one) and that is use some sort of substitution system to swap objects mid stream. Looking forward to hearing feedback Saturday.
  8. If I stump Rob...that will be a first!😊
  9. Hello- I noticed this effect in the fantastic animated clip entitled "The Tale of the Three Brothers" from a Harry Potter's film. Her dress shatters as the character dies and if you notice, her dress shatters as small rectangles. My question is, is there a way to have a model shatter but customize the shapes of the exploding pieces? Let's say that you want the dress to explode like the different suits of a card deck (attached)...is that possible? Is there some way to pre-cut the exploding parts (with a cookie cutter map or...?) (Maybe a Live Saturday chat topic?) Thanks for any help! Tom Shatter.mp4
  10. OK... Many thanks! I did send a private message expanding on the Sweeper feature we were discussing yesterday. Would love to hear your thoughts on how difficult it would be to implement. Best, Tom
  11. Whatever you did seemed to work. Did you adjust the model in some way?
  12. I tried moving the boolean piece around slightly but it's still flicking. Hmmmmmm... I'm stumped...
  13. Sounds interesting... I will mark the calendar for next Saturday Live Answer Time and hope nothing comes up that demands my attention.. Attached is a 3D object to reveal. LetterS.mdl
  14. Thanks! If you put some time lapse scaffolding and little cars along with a moving light source it could really be fun... Another related question. Can the pose slider controlling transparency be used for a curved object? Like a 3d model of a letter being revealed (see attached)? I took a cylinder and applied the transparent material.... then I deformed the cylinder into a letter, and the pose slider worked great. But I wonder if a pose slider can be applied without the step of sculpting the curved shape from a linear shape? Tom
  15. Great comments on the rigging. Will have to go back and study it in more detail... ...but in the meantime here is what Rob taught me yesterday. I used 4 frame holds on the incremental increases in opacity to approximate the jerkiness of time lapse videos. timelapse.mp4
  16. Excellent! Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I'll try to post an example when I get it to work! Tom
  17. Just attended the meeting and my AM IQ went up quite a few notches...Many thanks to Rob and the others!
  18. I am having trouble connecting. The microphone on one laptop wasn't working and the other (very old) laptop said that the hangout link did not have the correct security certificate and wouldn't connect and my phone said that the video link timed out because of an error... g.. I am going to try and connect through my desktop computer and see if I can type my question in.. if not I\ll try another day
  19. Thank you for the tips...(BTW- I agree that the rigging question is probably too complicated for one session). I noticed Raf is now doing something called "Ephemeral Rigging" which looks interesting but again,... very complicated I presume:. https://lesterbanks.com/2018/10/raf-anzovins-ephemeral-rig/
  20. Here is another question if I can attend. I came across a SetUp Machine rig that Raf Anzovin created years ago and have been trying to deconstruct how it works...with little success. Maybe the rigging in this could be explained..? Tom Basic Guy TSMRig.mdl
  21. I've never used Google Chat and will try to attend. If I don't get in it will be because of technical issues and not because of lack of interest. I am on a satellite internet as I live in a rural area and it sometimes is a slow connection. Tom
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