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Thanks everyone!

Between this forum and another I posted on I got about 20 more votes. :D

Still need more.

Entries end on the 30th.

I am making a very strong showing right now.

Blair Witch Wedding is the only one that seems to be running neck and neck with me.

this link shows the people in front.


some ahead of me are only there cause they have few votes and once people vote on em they will drop.

there are like 4 strong showings there with alot of votes.

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Please vote again today!

one of the other competitors finds me a threat and hits me with 10 die votes every morning.

Help me counter this please.

Thank you.



So people are able to vote die multiple times? so how can this be a real contest if competiters can do this it should be that they vote once or maybe not at all. Hash uses email addresses for image contests maybe they should do hte same?

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  • 3 weeks later...


In 3rd place at the moment.

highest vote rating counts a third of the contest.

Please keep voting, I need all I can get.

Thank you all for all the votes so far!

I have a chance to win this thing.


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