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    Online flight Sim. Sailing and riding my motorcyle, SCUBA diving, being with my family at the cottage. I have three dogs two being golden retrievers and one cat (crazy I know). I am a Tool & Die maker as my day job and a student of Animation by night.
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  1. I need to rotate a decal 90 degrees but I can not see how to rotate a decal?
  2. Very nice work!! I liked that thanks for posting it!
  3. Hi Mark. Long time no see. Been real busy getting life back in perspective. Just thought I'd wish you and your family the best for this new year.

  4. Looks more like a lighting issue to me?
  5. frame 223 and on you have teh chickens head swaying back and force with no or too little counter action of his tail. I feel you could add some overlaping motion to his back end as the head sways IMHO. I I really like the rest!
  6. Is it Art Carney? the actor who played Ed Norton in the Honey Mooners? Still waiting to see if my guess is right
  7. Is it Art Carney? the actor who played Ed Norton in the Honey Mooners?
  8. I recognize the face I just do not know the name. I started assemble my chor last night I will post my blocked poses when I get them done
  9. that's getting warmer Another part of this concept will depend on a recognizable caricature (3d modeled of course) of a famous person. This is a study to try to distill out what it is that person IS. Trouble is, I'm not much of a caricaturist. Does this look like anyone to anyone??? (it is not Ted Kennedy ) Dean Martin?
  10. A character that has buttons for eyes? I am hoping to start my entery after my final Exam Dec. 18th so I have a little less than 2 weeks for my entry
  11. So people are able to vote die multiple times? so how can this be a real contest if competiters can do this it should be that they vote once or maybe not at all. Hash uses email addresses for image contests maybe they should do hte same?
  12. Ok I voted Funny but how do I tell if it registered it?
  13. Ok that was great thanks alot for making this Tutorial and to show I did it here is my Eye with pupil dilation! Marks_eye_1.mov
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