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    Online flight Sim. Sailing and riding my motorcyle, SCUBA diving, being with my family at the cottage. I have three dogs two being golden retrievers and one cat (crazy I know). I am a Tool & Die maker as my day job and a student of Animation by night.
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  1. Hi Mark. Long time no see. Been real busy getting life back in perspective. Just thought I'd wish you and your family the best for this new year.

  2. PF_Mark

    11Second Club - Jan 10

    frame 223 and on you have teh chickens head swaying back and force with no or too little counter action of his tail. I feel you could add some overlaping motion to his back end as the head sways IMHO. I I really like the rest!
  3. Exactly what I was working on, now if I can find a "director's chair" and maybe a picture of Hash, Inc. for the background, and if there's time (I'm pretty slow), it would be neat to have Woot holding a green monkey mask.... I am pretty sure there is a directors chair in the library or extra cd/dvd
  4. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    I highly suggest you look at this video from Robert before you start that next scene this will help us both alot pose to pose part 1
  5. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    Roger can you save the chor file as another file like 3_05_11_take2b.chr and uploaded to SVN you can give it a different name I want to show you some stuff and what is on svn as of 09/04/07 at 4.30pm eastern time is the take2 not take2b. Once you are done and happy you can over right the best one and delete the others. Ok I was interupted while I did this so now we have two videos part 1 and part 2 they are getting longer sorry about that how much space do you have? Maybe you can monitor this and we might have to delete these as we go just save them on your hard drive as we go if need be. Anyways there uploaded I let you post them ok
  6. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    Sorry about that Mark, first time I've set up a login to my website, and apparently it automatically inserted another folder in the path. Here it is: critique.zip ( http://www.spacecomics.com/animator/animat...ique%200001.zip ) I also put the unzipped AVI here, in case that's more convenient for anyone: critique avi ( http://www.spacecomics.com/animator/animat...ique%200001.avi ) Mark, that worked very well. I hope you had no trouble connecting to my website. I'll try to implement your suggestions tonight. If I get a new assignment tomorrow, I wonder if we could do this with the new assignmnet, and let the old one rest for now? Let me know what you think. I really appreciate what you've done already; it's terrific to get this detailed video feedback. THANKS ! ! Eric, thanks for your feedback too! Sure I will make a video for anything you would like just E-mail me a link to the post were you have it and I will try my best to help you.
  7. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    3_05_11 crtique # 1 Ok I do not know if this will work but lets try it or maybe this? www.spacecomics.com/animators/3_05_11%20crtique%200001.zip No that did not work? Roger it's uploaded can you post a link I am ???????? I must be tried
  8. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    If you have time you can do both. To my understanding because Martin has said this so many times that we can always go back and fix things up. So you can accept another assignment and also fix this up as well. I think that we might have hooked up a little latter than we could have for this assignment but you are getting some good feed back and not acting on it while it's fresh in your minds will be wastfull. I have a video on my system at home I should have brought it with me if I had thought about it . Now learning Animation takes time and I don't think we can teach you everything with one take This will only work if we are VERY carefull on how we as a group train you or anyone else. The frist and most important step is Posing then Timing then after those are good then comes Anticpations and overlaping motion in breakdown poses then progressive bending of joints (Dhar just mentioned that) then spline curve manupulations at get ease in and out. Gees no wonder I am having so much trouble learning this stuff there is a alot too it What I suggest is work on your poses first my video addresses this then after you get those I will make another video showing you the next step. While you are learning (and I hope I will not mesh you up Too much) on this scene you can still work on others if you want and hopefully you will apply what you are learning to your new assignments as you go then after a while you will find else things to fix in your scenes tell you feel more comfortable. I am going to post some video's that I feel will help you here soon
  9. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    I am away from my system that has that video so I will be able to upload it on Monday when I get back from my cottage
  10. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    Mark, There's plenty of space on my own website, if you want to ftp it, that should be fast enough if you have dsl. You should be able to do it by copying it from a windows explorer window to an ie window. I could e-mail you a user name for that, and we could leave it there indefinitely with the url posted here. -Roger Great you can E-mail me markallan(at)cogeco.ca with the info and I will upload it and post url so all can see (as if they want to )
  11. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    Ok this is tip 1 video this only took me a little while to make and it did not even hurt I have a video for you and I just ziped it up and it's 18 megs now I need to get it to you. there is two ways we can do this that I can think of off hand (anyone have any better or other ideas please let us know) 1st is Skype http://www.skype.com/intl/en/helloagain.html This is free chating and voice software this is used by some of us for commincating so we can chat or talk to each other and send files to each other. IT's slow but it works. Next I remember some free large file tranfer services they have me uploading what I want to send you but and this is what I am not so keen on I have to tell them your E-mail address so they E-mail you a link were you can down load it. Ithe E-mail Spam alerts go off im my head so I have never tried these. 3rd we could ask Martin for some web space or ftp space? Lets try skype? what do you think?
  12. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    I can not draw on screen but I think my mouse shows and I can us that to try to show what I mean. I want to make some warnings though this is going to take some time it's hard to teach this and hard to learn you need patience with this if you can learn and benifit from this that is great. But if this gets to be something you find is not helping just let me know ok. I will not hold it against you Next I am NO expert nor do I think I really know what I am talking about I am someone that is trying to learn, trying to help another person which in fact also trying to learn so mistakes are sure to happen on both sides. If we can do this and have fun with it it MIGHT work.
  13. PF_Mark

    3_05_11 WIP

    thank God for people like Ken who post constructive answers frequently) Hi Roger If you want I could try to make a video Critque of this scene? take a look at some of my posts here I have a friend here that is teaching me how to improve my Animation skill. I often thought I really should try to pay back some of this so I am offering to make my own attempt at doing what Robert has done for me. If you are willing to have go at this scene and you would like to try this just reply here. We would need to get these video's to you maybe we can send them through Skype? or if you accept maybe Martin can let me upload this to there web space? Anyways take a look at some of mine posts and see what Roberts video's are like first. Also look at what I have been doing maybe you like maybe not?
  14. PF_Mark


    Ok it's not there yet but this is my first attempt at adding hair to John's action. 2_01_53 frist attempt at adding hair to mop
  15. PF_Mark


    The hair doesn't dynamically respond to the movement? In 2_01_54 that was not the hair moving dynamically to the motion that was me combing it into different poses at different points in the time line. If we want full control of how the hair looks like I suggest the same process for this scene I believe it is faster then playing with dynamics or appling forces to control the hair and I am guessing we would need a deflector on the floor to stop the hair from penetrating it? Sorry if what I am saying or doing makes no sense I really don't know what I am doing but I like the results I have acheived not knowing