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  1. Ok I know Mark and Paul so happy birthday guys and also to the other guys
  2. I camera has a single bone asigned to it. This bone can be animated just like any other bone is AM chor. simply place the camera were you want it at frame zero. you can then copy it's translate and rotate cp's say one minute down the time lime to make is stay there for one minute. then go farther down the time line and move it and if you want rotate it. you will have the camera stay in place for the 1st minute you can select this and zero slope the cp to lock it down then after the 1 minute it will move to it's next position. So you can do any camera moves you want.
  3. Can you give me a link to a tut about that I like to try that.
  4. What I am doing is working on a correspondence course in Biology. One of my assignments is to make 3d models of compounds. what they suggest is to use different colored candies and tooth picks then to sketch out the model using shading to show a 3d object. So I started dropiing sphers into a chr and cylinders as the tooth picks I changed the properties of the surfaces to make them different colors. But then I realized that alot of things are repeats and assembling these took time. So I wanted to speed things up and export my chr into a model then bring that model into another chr. So if I instead of changing the properties I creat groups and change the colors in the groups this works. Here are some more items I created. So my next is Maltose which is 2 glucose molecules joined so I start by converting my glucose chr into a mdl.
  5. I changed the properties of the model to get he color I wanted but if I use groups it works thanks. This is mt finished model
  6. this is what I created in chr then I export this to a mdl and the mdl is just white
  7. I have created a 3d model of a fatty acid in a chr using diffferent colored sphers and cylinders and I want to make 2 more of these but they take alot of time. I thought I just export one into a mdl file then import that file and save time. When I Export the multy objects fromt he chr into a model it loses he colors how can I keep hte colors? I should have created this is an action but I aleady but alot of hours into just on fatty acid model and I need more for my assignment.
  8. I looked and I could not find then ? here are some sites I have booked marked http://ammodels.tripod.com/
  9. PF_Mark


    Well done want to help us make a movie? we need all the help we can get and well train you as well!
  10. PF_Mark

    two questions

    Both should play sound but you have come accross one thing that the chor plays sound when rendered at MPEG4 but not soreno?? Can you save the .chr file and upload it here you might have to zip it first then we can try it too help find out what is going wrong??
  11. PF_Mark

    two questions

    Question #1 see video attached to this post Question #2 already answered by the freshest ever gene0001.zip
  12. After Installing firefox I was able to get this but I was unable with Internent Explorer 7
  13. PF_Mark


    Welcome Blue there is a section here you can post teh tutorials in and you get a certificate to hang on the wall. It's funnier and you get more help this way
  14. PF_Mark


    like eyes ears nose or if im doing spiderman the spider on his chest and last but not least how do i add color? The book has a tutorial about modeing a face do that and there are countless other tut here. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=50
  15. PF_Mark


    TSM2 is going to be made available for freeware soon! check out this post http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=272627
  16. The link she mentoins is not up yet. If you see it be sure to post back here
  17. PF_Mark

    Getting Started

    The Demo was not intended as a instructional video so you are going to be missing some hot key strokes. As people get to know the software there are hot keys which are faster then using the pull down windows. So you do not see all the things he is keying in as he is working. So it will be hard for you to find out what he is doing so I really suggest you stick with the manual for your class. As you go through it and pick up some of these time saving hot keys you will find it alot easier to re produce the demo. The demo is real it is really that easy and fast to work in AM but he knows all the tricks and has done this for years!
  18. Two ways one save before you try this and drag and keyframes over the time you need if you have things constrianed you will have to drag that over as well. It can be done but you have to do it right way. The 2nd way would be to break your animations into smaller scenes and join them together later with a video editing software or AM NLE (non linear editor) if you have Ver. 15
  19. If you use .tga Targa files you will be able to see it I think. If you have photo editing software open files and save as and save as targa then delete teh jpegs and import the targas but if it renders fine why do you feel you need to see the actual picture in PWS it's so small I have trouble figuring which picture is which so you file names to keep track of them. About the models under file info it should say how made them you and hopefully an E-mail address or forum name so you can contact and ask they are generally intended for non profit use only but it's an individual thing you need to describe what you intend to do with them and say if this is for porofit or not.
  20. This is probably an early WIP .mdl but do like Robert Suggests I just did and found this for you http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=211444
  21. PF_Mark

    animation finish

    If you want it done and you do not mind shaded renders that's sthe fastest way to go. To do this when you render click advance then 2nd tab is options then top line is quality click to right of that and selected shaded render. After that is done you can do a final later on when you have 2 days to render it
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