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  1. I also am using the raise the flag model and I want to replace the US flag with a custom logo which I going to make with AM text creator the flag is going to have text on it saying " The Yard "
  2. What does he need to wear? Probably better to add the clothes firs.t Black boxing shorts with probably a UFC or TapOut logo I thinking if I take a picture of a pair of short can I attch a decal? ont the model?
  3. The next thing I going to look for is a flag pole and flag.
  4. Ok I going to start soon and I want to check that if I pose tarzan can I add different cloths onto the model after wards or should I make my changes to the model first?
  5. Ok it has been way to long since I have touched AM but from what I can tell so far is Taran Rig does not include finger posing? or animation.
  6. Thanks I think I have something to start with now
  7. Yes from the 2007 CDDROM I was wondering if he was on the extra CD. I was also thinking of that character from TWO Tinman before he was changed to tinman. Atleast I know the rig for the TWO characters. Ok loading 2007 CDROM now I need to find the manual for the serial number
  8. Hi Have a freind / Martial arts instructor trying to start his own Dojo and I saw him working on logos and I thought I try to do something in AM I thinking of a male character model that would fit into a MMA, Kick boxing, UFC type of setting.
  9. I been hanging around the Wiarton area for a long time and Yes way before 1986
  10. Ok I have started training/Orientation at the Wiarton Hospital which is about 3 kilometers from my home! This is a Primo! my 1st choice and I landed it! It helped that I did my 7 week Praxis at this Hospital and they know me and I know them! Mark Allan RPN
  11. Could something like giving everyone a specific "user" name they log in with and having "permissions" set so they can only write to the data drive. You, the "administrator", would have to install programs for them if they want them on the SSD drive. I'm sure something like this is what you do but I'm a one-person household so I've never tried it. That's another question when we install additional programs exe.photo shop and games does not some things get written to the OS I get my system full of programs over time and I wondering if I could manage to make a small boot/system drive work for me?
  12. Ok I am thinking of getting a SSD 128MB for a boot drive and having an mechincal HD for data. I think this is a silly question but how can I force files to only be loaded on mechanical HD? I have tried in the past to store data on other drives but I seem to be not disaplined in remembering to do this. Once other family members start using it I am sure the SSD would get over filled very soon. Can Windows be setup to keep OS only and keep OS from growing in the future.
  13. I am hoping to keep some kind of animating activity started again but it's hard to know for sure.
  14. I got my result this morning and I passed I need to mail in some stuff and in 2 to 3 weeks I will be a RPN Registered Practical Nurse
  15. Ok I am writing my registration Exam this Wednesday Sept 14th. Six hours of testing then I have to wait six weeks to see if I passed. If successful I will be Registered Practical Nurse.
  16. Ok Academic side of the program is done I now have to complet Pracis which is one on one with a working nurse for 450 hours (unpaid ) I should be writing my registration test Sept 14th if all goes well. I just came back from a school trip to Occoa Dominicain Rebuplic where we gave free clinics to thousands of people. We went to some very poor areas and I saw first hand the conditions of a 3rd world country. The DR people amazed me with there sense of pride ability to make what they have at hand work! I life changing experience
  17. Congradulations how is it availiable which data base will it be hosted on? CINHAL? Pubmed?
  18. PF_Mark


    Happy Birthday Robert!
  19. How much should I ask to license those clips to her? Keep in mind that with youtube downloader they could have just downloaded it and used it and you be none the wiser. So I think the wish list idea would be a good option. Hay they are atleast asking you first instead of just stealing it.
  20. Yes it is my un-birthday but thanks for the thoughts guys it really is on Nov 13th
  21. Yes I did but after logging on (Once) after being away for a long time it has not happened.
  22. PF_Mark


    Follow up ! what type of stroke Ischemic or hemorrhagic? get checked out monitor your blood presure frequently (go to a pharmacy they usually have one self test unit) Do you smoke? if yes this is a major wakeup call!!! how much caffine do you intake? what is your blood presure? ask the doctor if you should be on a blood thinner. cholesteral level? and lots more to find out Sorry just the nursing student in me
  23. I wonder about the high percentage of smokers as well. It's a stressful profession with allot of demands some of my co-students have not faired well not because of the high academics requirements but the stress and pressure of the academics and working environment gets to you. My wife bought me a Gibson SG for X-mas and I trying to keep working with that as well as my studies to relieve stress. Hopefylly I can post something some time to show you guys. So no time for splining or animation It was the first time these people meet me the surgen really likes to teach and they watched me. If you do not show signs of passing out they ramp it up after 4 hours I felt as if I was working there. I was very lucky to have that surgen and that team. I surprised myself I have trouble watching this stuff on TV but I meet the patient and got to know him and maybe that was what helped me I did not want to leave him.
  24. Making a space epic adventure with her comedy/sci-fi think stripperilla in space! But honestly right my hands are full, my mom has cancer and the doc says she has 3 more month. That's why I haven't been around much. My thoughts are with you spend as much time with her as you can.
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