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Tree Frog Character

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Hello - I thought I would try to knock it up a notch in my modeling to see what I was capable of doing at this point. With a little struggling I think I am finally starting to "get it" a bit. I modeled the frog and was trying to think of the most detailed, challenging outfit I could put him in, and I went with a scuba diving setup. So anyway - here we are - I still need to rig him up and think of a short animation to put him in, but this is what I have so far. Any suggestions that you can see to help impove my modeling or anything else, would be much appreciate. Thanks - Eric











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Thanks for the compliments.


"But hey, what does a frog need scuba diving gear for?"


That was what my 3 year said "Daddy take it off, frogs don't need that, they just jump in the water. I tried to explain - daddy need modeling practice and the scuba suit has a lot of detail - he gave me an odd look and walked away. ;)

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Thanks again for the nice words- I know... I got lazy w/ the knife holder - I'll have to fix that ;) The item on his side that looks like a bag on is actually his face mask, which I modeled from his head - it just looks big, because he has a big head and eyes. The model is just for modeling practice - I plan and putting together a short animation w/ him on a search and rescue raft on the ocean - I am playing around with a water tutorial now. After that I'll stick it as another sample on my site. -Eric


3D Character Animation Website

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