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  1. Thanks, guys for the come-back. That cleared things up a bit. I had always seen the matter of 'direction' as being one where Spline A had a left-right direction, while Spline B might have a right-left. And no way tto tell which is which, or what the import of that diection might be. Once rid of that basic misconception, things look much better. Nice bit of sleuthing, Robcat, on seeing that table top as one whole spline that ran all the way around.
  2. Well, timing is everything in life. You reccomended I contact Bristol Community College; do they use A:M there?
  3. I would love to find some fellow A:M users down here on the South Coast of Mass. I live at the tip of the red arrow, between Fall River and New Bedford. I know that confidentiality precludes giving out names and phone numbers, but if I could discover whether or not we have other users close by (or, reasonably so) I'd get on Craig's List, or tap into a friend's Facebook page. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Can someone explain the 'direction' of splines? I have never understood that.
  5. Kelley

    Knight walking

    Sorry the video didn't attact. Here it is. Edit: This is on a friend's computer Knight_walking.zip
  6. Thanks, robcat. 'Key Filters', you say? Another concept to be "wrassled" with. Could you point me to a text, or discussion, on Filters? Thus I will be forearmed for my next attempt.
  7. mtpeak2: Thanks. It would seem that the 2001 is finally installed. "Hi-lite and use the Delete key"? Never saw that one coming. Seems every time I have to change something in the PWS, I have to right-clik and make a choice from a Dialog Box. So I right-cliked, and chose Delete...it being the only choice offered. How foolish of me. The other nice thing is that I, at last, can do a 'paste mirrored'. Periodically I attempt it with one of my home-made rigs. Never works. Can I asume that 2001 or Squetch is mandatory in these cases? Thanks again.
  8. I did drop the folder onto the model name. Nothing happens. Can it be because there's already a Relationships folder there? [which I cannot delete] In comparing the contents of the two Relationships folders, I see that while the bones in the [newly imported model] 2001 Rig have question marks before the bone name, the Bucky Bugg bones have a 'bone and folder' icon before the bone names. Is this because the Bugg bones have CP's attached to them? I installed TSM2. It seemed to go well. But when I right-clik the model to get to Plug-Ins, TSM2 does not appear in the list like it used to. [i did do a re-start] Any ideas on how to shake it loose?
  9. First, I checked the Anzovin website. According to them, The Set-Up Machine 2 [my version] is, in fact, discontinued and worked last on [some builds of] A:M v.13. Since I'm now on v.15, that's that. Pity. Moving on...I opened the 2001 Rig as a new model in the Bucky Bugg .prj...but the Relationship folders cannot be dragged from one to the other. Neither will they delete, although 'Delete' is shown as an option when I right-clik the folder. So...I moved the Balance bones to the fore. And I went through each sub-folder in Relationships and changed the numbers. I see the ArmIK and LegIK in the Rig>Set-up folders. Each bone in these folders has a question mark icon prefacing it. Does this mean that the On/Off state is not yet set? How does it look now? BUCKY_BUGG__.zip_.zip
  10. I've got Bucky Bugg nearly done. But the Foot Controls don't move the feet in the Action Window. Someone posited that I don't have the LegIK turned on. I'm sure this is somewhere in the Pose Window, but can't find it. Can someone point it out? Second, could someone just take an over-all glance at the 2001 Rig installation, and tell me if I've missed anything else? Thanks much. BUCKY_BUGG__.zip_.zip
  11. Good point. Thanks for reminding me. I bought The Setup Machine [Anzovin Studios] a few years back. Time to dig it out again.
  12. I am, at long last, trying to install a 'real' rig. I have, in the past, limped along with a home-grown collection of Bones that allowed me to pose characters and even make some actions. These home-grown varieties are what I had always imagined Bones to be before I ever got a program that actually had the capability. They look much like a human skeleton without, of course, things like Balance Base Rigid, Foot Targets, Balance Point Rigid, etc. Would someone be kind enough to look over the 2001 installation I've done on this model? First, the Foot Targets drift away from the mesh when grabbed by the cursor. I'm told, [via a thread in WIP] that the Leg/Foot IK is not set. I suspect it's in the Pose Window, but d'mned if I can find it. I need a solution to that, and I'm sure there are other things that I'm unaware of. Another comment made in the above-mentioned thread was "Your foremost problem is that you've chosen the 2001 Rig." Is it generally accepted that the 2001 has problems, or should be avoided? Thanks. BUCKY_BUGG.prj
  13. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you much.
  14. So...I scale the big bone to the length of the thumb and put it in place, and the small bones ride along in the same space, but have CP's attached to them? This will clench the fingers/hand without making a Pose?
  15. Mayhap this is where I should have posted this query. I'm installing the finger bones in a character. I find a "Right Thumb" in the list. But it's a large single bone. Slightly below that, there's three more thumb bones. How do I bring these guys together, especially since 'Right Thumb#1 is at the same level in the heirarchy as "Right Thumb"?
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