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  1. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Rob: Sorry to not respond sooner, but my monitors have speakers that render your voice at a whisper. I got a set of headphones today and jacked in and listened to your presentation again. Very nice stuff. Particularly the notion of building maps up or down from a 50% gray. And I was really surprised at what you did with displacement. I was sure there was not enough geometry in your sample models for a displacement map to work on. My impression has always been that there must lots of CP's. I'll start again on the Winkie and try to apply your pointers.
  2. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Since I am still numbered among the SVN-challanged, I'll e-mail it to you. Here it comes.
  3. Kelley

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    Here's two pics. One with the painted highlights removed, just the bump map [couldn't find anything in Properties to do an 'alternate' version] and then a second with a Specular Map added [at 2222%]
  4. Kelley

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    The highlights are painted on [since there's no 'real' geometry under there. Shall I delete them?
  5. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Winkie w/ bump. There's a new b/w bump map for the chest braid and sleeve stripes. But the trouser stripe I just pulled another copy down from Images since it was a light gold color over a dark green, and changed its type to 'bump'. Everything is set to 444%. The chest braid seems to benefit most. It's hard to see how much the trouser really bumps up.
  6. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    No problem. Will have it done by morning.
  7. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    I have the Winkie re-made with a Pose Slider. I applied the decals in the 100% position. When the slider is shifted back to 0%, the uniform reverts to normal, but the decals remain. Should they go away too?
  8. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    OK. Got it! Returning to Square One.
  9. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Yeah, it was in the model. 'Hope all is well.
  10. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Without adding any CP's, I pulled up the collar and expanded the end of each arm to form a cuff. I selected two spline rings around the waist and moved them up so the jacket overhung the pants. And flared the jacket a bit. What's next? {Assuming this is allright]
  11. Kelley

    Generic Band Member

    Here's a first rough cut at a uniform....
  12. Saw your posting on why one 360 degree turn requires two entries. [check my posting today on WIP-Page 1] when computers need to set to 0, 90, and 180 degrees, they often flip over to the reciprocal, i.e., 0 becomes 180. The object is in place, but upside down, or left for right. On the 360, since the start and end points are the same, the object does nothing.