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  1. I just wanna say why I wouldn't volunteer for this: You don't show any work you have done yet on this project. You have to start something because so many great movie idea simply die after a while and I dont like wasting my time. Why should I think that your movie will be, one day, completed? At least, we need to see some previous work (or first, experiment a bit more and show us that) I guess what I say is about the same as heyvern about motivation.
  2. Hey guys, I was looking at the forums (bored at work) and saw that you were restarting to work on this... I dont have the time to help much (work, school soon: Almost done with these studies..., training for track (ran 1:54 on 800m, I'm back baby!), kayaking and, over this, I'm building an electric bike with a 4,5 HP motor and planning on starting a business in a few months) but the bowser model(which should be on my external hard drive at home) was almost done... I could send him if you need it. pm me a email to send it. In my free time, I prefer not to promess anything caus I know I wont feel like spending it on my computer modelling.
  3. this should be my last version fusee_finale.wmv
  4. The goal was to make it simple and spend the less time possible on it so I though, for the flames, I could simply create two mesh rotating in opposite directions and it turned out nice
  5. It is the first time I get this far in a 3d project. Actually, it is done but these is a problem with the camera, you will see that it does a 360. Is there any way to prevent this? the project was proposed to me by a friend promothing sciences to high school students. He needed visual support. thanks for comments! btw, I didn't waste time animating the character to open door... tido fus_e.wmv
  6. When you release this, if I can take a look at a A to Z tutorial on how to use this (so we can see how easy it really is), I would probably buy it
  7. You need more datails on the hill but the rest looks great. I'm very busy right now. I got to catch up at school caus I had some sort of down lately... caus my girlfriend left me after a 4 years relationship. But I'm better now. So right after my exams (in about 2 weeks) I should get back to it and finish bowser. Ps, do you have a copy of the models that are already completed? Or else, we should ask nun to send it.
  8. I would require more ppl to come back to help caus I dont want to waste my time on this...
  9. Actually, I was just waiting to see if some1 was going to make a move caus I didn't want to finish the bowser model for nothing (if the project is dropped) I just though to a stupid sketch too: you see mario running around, jumping, jumping (for nothing). Another character asks his what he is doing. Mario replies, I don't know, I can't control myself. Camera zooms out to see a pipeline. Behind this, you see luigi playing with a nintendo controller and just screwing around with it... anyway, I guess I'll try to get back to bowser. Haven't been much in the mood for 3d lately, girlfriend dumped me (after 4 years of relationship), work for school and work on a personal project...
  10. I was going to work on bowser but since no1 said anything here, I wanted to know something first: Is there any1 still willing to work on this project? All interested, please post a message and say what you are going to do in the following month. thanks
  11. You will be in college without a computer? How will you work? anyway. I just moved to my new appartment and dont have internet yet. I shall try to work a bit on bowser this weekend... didn't have time with painting the appartment (yes my girlfriend wanted it painted. well she HAD to help) and everything...
  12. I went to Windsor this summer, did you take a look at the Canadian track and field championships you guys were hosting? I was there on the 800m.
  13. They are the same model. the one to the left is the old I modified to create the one to the right. the snout needs to be fixed
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