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  1. sorry i had to leave

    but the reasons arent needed to be stated

  2. tido

    Mix with a real video

    Shit, by the time I check back my topic, I had 8 replies! thanks for the help, I'll check out these links tido
  3. I don't know how to search for this but is it possible to create an animation in which there is an animated person filmed with a camera? Or maybe the oposite: an animated character in an animated real world. I saw a tutorial on having a model walking on a real road but the road wasn't animated. The background would have to be animated. If it is possible, could some1 point me a tutorial? thanks
  4. I specified time based bacause I want the music to fade off at it's half so that an actor can speak over it...
  5. Is there a simple way to change the sound volume while it is played (time based) thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. If I use an action, can I modify it in a choreography to suit the situation. But, if I move the model's arm, it will affect following actions. Is there a way to reset the skeletal modifications at a different frame without moving all bones individually? thanks
  7. Hi, I'm new to animating and I wanted to know what was the best to do: create a bunch of actions we load in a choreography or create some actions and modify them in skeletal mode directly in the choreography to suit a particular movment. The problem I found with the second option is that, when we animate in the choreography, it also modify every following actions that we give to the model. I have another question about actions: How do we smooth the movment fron 1 action to the second one. I mean, my guy is walking and then stops to idle. How do we make the transition between walk and idle without creating a new animation between these two? thanks tido
  8. thanks for the help!
  9. Hi, it may be sound stupid but I've been searching the help doc, the tutorial resources and the forum and haven't found it. I have 2 cameras in a choreography and I want to render it with the first camera for (example) 10 seconds and the second camera for 15 seconds. How do I switch? also, is it possible to ask to play choreography2 right after choreography1? thanks tido
  10. Hi, I've been developping games but I used to make my models with milkshape 3d(a lot cheaper). My question is the following: How can the models made with AM be used in a game because, in games, the models used are made with triangles and not squares like AM does... Is AM converting squares to triangles? thanks tido
  11. tido

    How do I do that?

    thank's for the help
  12. tido

    How do I do that?

    Hi, I've been doing a control points faces but, I realised that, if two faces that needs 5 control points are side to side, it won't work and, in another model (I didnt do), I saw something that might solve my problem but I don't know how to do it. Look at the picture: how we do that? BWT, the thing circeled in yellow has no control point, it is just a spline without red dot thanks tido
  13. tido

    smart skin question

    Thanks but I don't see exactly where to make it visible... By PWS, I guess you mean project workspace. So in the workspace, I right click on the pig model (in objects) and click on properties. It opens another tab and, in which, I dont see anything to unhide taht bone...
  14. tido

    smart skin question

    excuse me for asking so many questions but it isn't hidden, look at the image, the eye doens't have a "x" on it
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