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  1. ok every one i did a test of aaron fly and wing move ment and it turned out great! also its no download this time. Aaron pheonix test
  2. Well first do some smart skining on her, and the hands look really weird.
  3. he's useing it to give him self some animation training.
  4. lol thats hilarious you should post one of these on stills site.
  5. dose anyone know if theres a site were i can upload video's have have them "on" my site. useing html. and yes i did try you tube but for some reson i can ever get my e-mail confermation e-mail.
  6. personaly i think you should make some improvements on the face. the face is as importiant as anything else.
  7. i though of an ant turned in to a human when i first saw this, gonna add hair?
  8. i've had this befor....i think the way i dealed with it was by instead of clicking options i just put my mouse over it. And is it possible your dubble click speed is to fast or to slow?
  9. wow, the best part was the monsters part, that spider like one creeps me out(spiders scare me anyway). great job!
  10. "in your experience", wow i've never run in to anyone gay....that i know of.
  11. cool i never knw what that meant '.
  12. i'd like to make a video of his running animation but i need a video showing how a wolf runs, and/or walks.
  13. cool, i'm really good at fantasy stories and things like that...ever need an origonal story come to me. all these stories i think of and can never do at the moment, i just have to stick with one.
  14. ok i change his hair color to match his wings How dose it look?
  15. thx, also i'm planing on making aarons hair the color of his wings
  16. ok the wing are finshed! [attachmentid=17589] now all i need is cuboos to do the particle effects.
  17. alright i'm still working on the teeth but started on a nother vertion of aaron, in his peonix look. my question is dose aarons wing look too...detailed? [attachmentid=17587] personaly i think this one looks better [attachmentid=17588]
  18. dude is that your dad!!!! nice you did do that..right?
  19. no not the people. just what they said.... "the gay side of the vidration" something i dont want anything to do with....ewwwww bad image.
  20. ok.. sor far.... um... the gay side of the vibration?...ew.... omg...what in the world! oh...crap...litteraly wow that was feaking weird!!!! i gotta show my freind this!!! but much better 4/5 not kid freindly... i dunno i just found it weird,...and scary.
  21. decent for me but still good,i found traces of toy story & (definitely) star wars. it was nice remeinase on that. but ihave watched 2 yet... and to show i'm not putting it down 3/5. good animation though, just telling the truth...
  22. lol yeah one of the chracters of soul caliber uses an umbrella
  23. heck yeah! dudes got talent!!!! he's better than me though fro m the pic ture i knw exactkly how he modeled it, don't worry. i own expose you secrets. but thats way good. btw have yall seen this!!!! http://www.freewebs.com/gcproductions/portfolio.htm
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