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  1. luckbat

    circled points

    See: Control Point Weights
  2. If the Squetch installation process were going to be overhauled, I'd prefer to see it adopt the TSM method, in which a "base skeleton" is positioned by the user, after which the installer integrates the rig skeleton overtop of the base one. In TSM's case, all the model's CPs are assigned to the base skeleton, which makes it fairly easy to update your rig without having to start the entire rigging process over again. However, since the Squetch rig provides so many fan bones, this method wouldn't be quite as applicable. Still, the ability to change the base skeleton, run the rigger again, and generate an updated rig configuration would be most convenient.
  3. Raf's post over here suggests that the answer is no.
  4. It think it's that the upgraded forums don't allow as many file extensions as the old forums did. Any old attachments with .zip or .mov in their names are still good, but all the .avi, .mp4, .mat, .prj ones, etc., are inaccessible.
  5. 1. The Mac and PC versions of the software are identical. Their renders are identical and their saved files are identical. 2. Use a shared hard drive? That's more of a networking question, really. 3. The A:M CD contains both the Mac version and the PC version. 4. As long as you have the CD, you can download, install and run A:M as often as you like. P.S. "Mac" is short for "Macintosh." There's no reason to use all caps.
  6. luckbat

    What is HA:MR

  7. Er, you can't actually make an entire game in Animation:Master. You can make the models and animations, and then bring them into a game-creation application, like Torque or Unity.
  8. luckbat

    hair movement?

    Try this tutorial, starting at step 51: http://www.colins-loft.net/new_coop_tutorial/CoopHair.html
  9. You don't. You tell it to scale, instead. You can force it to scale along its Z-axis only, instead of in three dimensions. If you constrain the "chamber" bone to a child of the scaling bone, it will slide along the Z-axis of the scaling bone, but because it's not a child, it won't scale itself.
  10. Wait, this is for a tentacle constrained to a null? Are you sure you shouldn't be using dynamic constraints instead?
  11. The zoom key is 'Z'. If you click and drag the mouse pointer left and right, it zooms in and out. Also, shift-'Z' is zoom-to-fit.
  12. You could use a two-bone chain, with the parent set to scale along the Z-axis. Then, constrain your "chamber" bone to translate to the child bone in the chain. It will slide back and forth along a straight line, but without changing dimensions.
  13. When you choose a resolution from the list, they're already ranked from smallest to largest. It sounds like you don't really understand what "resolution" means...
  14. Hey, I could be wrong. Morgan explained to me back in April that the Anzovins want to update it, but at this point, any time spent working on their non-Maya plugins is like throwing money away. So it's hard for them to justify. (That said, the original TSM2 for Mac was almost a year late, then cancelled, and then it was released anyway. So you never know.) I sent her an e-mail a few weeks ago to ask if there was any official word on TSM2 Mac, but she hasn't responded.
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