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  1. hey, didn't some one model gir? i forgot who.bice so far thats show was weird i only watch it cause of gir every thing alse is just...weird.
  2. also work on a steping system, i noticed the legs moved like...um...unsystematic?
  3. case you need a rotoscope to model from.
  4. um is it just me or do the rocks look wierd.... the look all jittery and stuff.
  5. wow thx, are you gonna finish it? can't wait for the exploding object portion. for some reson when i use the "explode rebuild model" plugin and then use dynamic exploding object all the pices fall through the ground even if i have it a static object.
  6. dose anyone have a project file that works on v12?
  7. dose any know were i can get some prj files for v12 for examples on useing it?
  8. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! And yes, you did.
  9. yeah i know i saw it befor, i just never dowloaded it can any one post there on here? And copying it from v13 won't work
  10. ok i'm sorry i'm off subject but were can i get newton physics the link dosn't work, it says the site dosn't exsitst.
  11. were do you get newton physics i have v12
  12. Ah, i've had this. it hasn't happened in a while. try reintalling A:M or click one slpine and push the " / " key to "group connected" .that might work.
  13. were do you get newton physics at?
  14. i can't veiw the movie i think the link is broken.
  15. Case remember to give credit to your modeler... (no it was not me)
  16. ok to use it as a roto scope right click the modeling window and click rotoscope and then new open that pictue file. Then just model form that. you are trying to make a model out of it right? and to make a model right click the objects folder and click new model, or just dubble click it. don't you have the "the art of animation mater" book?
  17. I have finished Aaron decaling!!! And dose anyone know were i can find a tutoral on doing teeth
  18. Much better...Who me? i'm already doing the ailien one at a time plz.
  19. aw man thats a some sweet software but you gotta pay for it
  20. ok add me to freinds my e-mail is the_black_mage333@yahoo.com
  21. YAY I PASSED THE TEST!!!!(whew)Any way i think i can help. but i'm kinda working on a personal project.i'll e-mail you.
  22. wrap it in wires or something make it look complicated it figure out. look around the internet for mechanical spider legs.
  23. when i look closly it looks like he's useing a sprite emitter...am i right?
  24. hey cuboos you coulda asked me to do it, but i don't think it would have been as good as the monster master there.well at least let me rigg it.
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