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  1. rune scape!?...man that game sucks conquer is better. And yeah you could use it as a roto scope. www.conqueronline.com this is like 20x better ^_O
  2. yeah i know i still havn't done all of the mouth yet...
  3. I know.... 1) Dark tree ( www.darksim.com ) 2) Nothing special man, just lights in 3 places. Wern't you then one that posted a rendering question in the artistic rendering section?
  4. Well ii've been playing around with the hair dynamics and i think i've found the hair loose ness i want. Aaron hair test Also i do have some work to do on the mouth. And np darter i mean case .
  5. Well i finished the whole body!!! every thing looks excelent(at least i think so)!!! And now...to the decaling(sigh). Aaron Full an yes i do know a 5 point patch is not...patched.
  6. thx for the info heres the pic wow,i never new you could do that.i though you had to buy or download some kind of software.
  7. here he is,also it more like 99% done due to to much hair going trough the ears.Any body know a good way to fix that since you can't move hair individualy...or can you. Aaron with hair
  8. Good news the head is finished!i've done his hair using the hair system too.i'll post the video as soon as it rendered and uploaded. and what do you mean by print screen?
  9. sorry for some reson A:M wont let me make a picture like that.
  10. Well every one i've finaly started on my real project. The story is now being "reimagined" due to certain instances. Son i've began imediately working on the models. also with the help of Jeetman cuboos dude and darter makng some of the models for me(full credit will be given) its coming along nicely.right nw at the moment i'm working on the main character. [attachmentid=17260] name:Aaron Age:14 Race:(wip) i've almost finished modeling the head,and i'll be using the hair system for hair.and heres a video of what i have so far. And yes the do know the decal on the nose is messed up. Aarons head video
  11. you know dark tree won't work for every thing you know,use a diffrent kind of rust.also darktree works better for me when i useit on a whole area or the whole model,on that thw bottom of the boat looks kinda choppy,or something
  12. man i haven't eather...I WANNA SEE IT!!!!an yes he dose have a bike a sick one is what i've heard.hi stranger 2 years huh? btw it might be a while befor i get to modeling cloud,i have a roject of my own i'm working on. oh, any one can help if they want to just look for me on the forums or e-mail me.
  13. same here teen club!!!!!! and bm i'll take you up on that but i won't do garnet,maybe cloud.
  14. glad i could give you the idea!!! but around the mouth makes her look older.her face in the game was completely smooth witch made her look like she was in her 20's.but the is so far looks like she's 30.smooth that up and it'll be perfect!!!
  15. www.darktree.com download simboint and the shaders
  16. due nice pic that scean could be a bit more....better in detail but still cool, nice fire and did galeo wet him self? you should make the light coming from the tripod another color too.i see you have the model down too but.shouldn't it look more metalic?have you tried the dark tree plugin?
  17. i'm 14 and i normaly use a:m fo school projects you know like titles, pictures, ect. thats the best why to learn for me.now that its summer mabe you could try modling a character from another show or anime or some thing.i did.i alos like to goof off with it and mess with diffrent things in a:m to see what i would get.thats what idid when i first got it and i was 12!but i'm still trying get my hand fully arund it,AND I LOVE IT!!!! try here
  18. hey.....didn't you render this with ao?it looks just like that picture you posted a while ago. btw,NICE ROCK SLIDE!!!
  19. i think people use thom cause hes the easist to model.but in my video i'm testing he's all powerful!!!!
  20. um no could you make an account after that?
  21. np,its an easy mistake to make.
  22. dude way awsem!!!!!!(claps again)O_^
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