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  1. when you make a new decal. goto images click the image and change type to bump.
  2. WOW!!!!!i've been looking for a site like this!!! could everyone goto my site and click the link to box on there?it would help me get an upgrade,i'll do it for you.All i need is 5 people. my site
  3. hello every one i just finished the inside of the moogles house.it took a cuple of renders, but i got the look i wanted. (note i did want the fireplace rounded)and yes the image on the left is a pic a got off the internet.also yes, i do know that the fire place needs to be on some kind of block i'm working on it.and dose any one know of a tutoral on how to make fire
  4. here the female moogle i mentioned erlayer.i named her moggie cause well, most moogles names have mog or something in them.also i did connect the neck to the body for both.
  5. same here,thank god no one was under that table.EXCELENT!!!!!
  6. Make it less boxy. and it would look more painfull if it had more needles and claws.and see if you can add some kind of tube were the blood come through.it just looks so...normal,but thats my opinion.
  7. this is my first final test of about 9 renders,most of them just plain scary!but it still needs some serious work dose any one know were i can get some hair tutorals?i don't normaly use hair for anything but leaves and grass. also i will post non jpeg versions of all the pictures on my site,i do already have two on there.
  8. oh in that case cheak the hash ftp site ftp://ftp.hash.com/ but then again arn't the files in the cd? thats what i ment by E:\data\libraries\
  9. thx for the complements.right now i'm gonna see how the moogle looks with some short fur on its body and thick fur on its pompom.also once i'm done with the whole thing i'm gonna post it on turbo squid for download and on the forum if i can.that way every one can have fun with the moogle.
  10. here a picture i made with the moogle and his couldrin.i'm still working on it and i'll remake this but better and with a background.oh and i did finish the moogles girlfreind so i'll post that later.i'll also make a picture after i make the moogles tree home and the synthesis shop.
  11. try going to tools->folders then click the arrow under "show folders in" and click libraries. see if the directory is there leading to the lbr file.if it isn't click "new" and goto E:\data\libraries\ did that help.
  12. Ok,i'm a big final fantasy and kingdom hearts fan,kupo. so when i was talking to a freind of mine we were talking about one of the games, we started talking about moogles and i said"hey i should model a moogle" and he said "yeah that would be cool" so about a week after that finaly got to it and i finished 90% of the modle in 3 hours,kupo.and heres all i have to do now,kupo. 1)connect arms->body->head->line->pompom 2)rig the moogle 3)then i'm gonna add fur and fuzz for the non tooned version 4)make the moogles house 5)make the moogles couldin 6)make the moggles girlfreind the moggle from final fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts [attachmentid=17074] my rendered moogle [attachmentid=17073]
  13. NICE!!!!!(claps hands)and yes i would like to see an animated video.
  14. hmmm, i dunno come on every one...help him out.
  15. hi i'm not new and i'm still terrible! ' dosn't matter if you suck just keep trying and you'll get it eventualy.i just didn't lot of time to work on my modeling skills. thank god its finaly summer!!!
  16. it looks awsem but, what site did you go to to learn how to do the head? why am i asking? it seems like you used a tutoral for the head and did the body all by your self. and the fingers look kinda square.other than that excelent!!! props on the hair too.
  17. wonderful glass and water effects!!!
  18. the fact that its a beta version could explain it.but, dose it work now...in v12
  19. hmmmm,well i'm not new but Isiac Dagraca from georgia living in florida 14 i've had a:m for about 2 years but i've only used it for a 1yr and a half due to moving. ummm, i've mostly used animation master for school projects and its been working excelent for me. And i hope to one day open my own company thats highly realated to this sort of thing(video game design, advertising and ads, movies).oh, and i am inspired by the wonderfull cg in games and movies like final fantasy,toystory,world of war craft,other disney& pixar movies(and some of the stuff the show in between cartoons on cartoon network,its good stuff).
  20. v12 and v12 and not that i know of.what version are you using?
  21. hmmm,they work fine for me. what are you useing them for? do all of them not work? are you importing them to another program?if so witch.
  22. Go to the hash main file and put it in the hxt file
  23. Nice,excelently renderd.the look in her eyes some what hypnotised me...or something.And i'm not gonna comment on the outfit(not that i'm gonna say something bad).And whoo hoo for best graphic novel!!!I'll be shure to cheak it out once i'm old enuf.
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