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  1. alright modeling is done, and i see ware there needs to be some beveling but extruding and scaling down dose seem to work, is there another method for beveling?
  2. hello, its me again. not sure how many people remember a thread i started a while ago about a movie i wanted to make called metal invasion. well the movie is still canceled, but i didn't want to completely give it up, so i continued making models for it in hopes of one day i finally get to make the movie. anyway, i mention that i was having trouble coming up for a design for the combat droid. now i finally have a design and I'm nearly complete with it. I'm going off of a design my friend made i have the upper body, lower body and hands completed. comments/crit are welcome.
  3. sounds like you might be getting alittle in over your head.
  4. he kind of like a more high tech version of Hector Con Carne
  5. i was going through ideas of different types of animated textures, and this one i though look cool, so i thought i would show it. http://www.vimeo.com/760537 i made the textures in After Effects, a color, bump, and displacement map, i also used the displacement map as a specularity map. heres the project, the maps should be in it, if not, i can upload them here. Slim_pro.zip
  6. i suppose the thing thats bothering me is the lighting. I'm still experimenting with IBL. all three of the pictures use IBL, but they just don't come out right. I've played around with them, and i still can't quite get them right. i want them to look as if they were photographs.
  7. I've made some images, but when i render, they just don't turn out quite how i want. here are the images i rendered. and here are the projects. Image_projects.zip so, what should i do to make the images more, realistic?
  8. oh yes, i would heavily recommend it to some one who is serious about animation and film making. it can take any resolution, and you can post files up to 555 megs. plus the people there aren't a bunch of ignorant jerks who think you suck because your animation skill aren't Hollywood level. i didn't use camera tracking, i shot it on a tripod, so tracking was unnecessary.
  9. http://www.vimeo.com/634392 the gun was made in A:M 13. i rendered the gun and then brought it into After Effects and added the muzzle flash and the blood. i rendered the gun in three passes, the color, the shadow, and the light.
  10. huh, i just finished reading the book and then i saw this thread, spooky.
  11. i know this thread is old, but I'm anxious to see how the textures turned out.
  12. there are no words in my vocabulary that could describe how awesome that thing is.
  13. BUBBLES!!!!!! thats the game i was playing when my computer crashed. he needs textures. try here http://www.cgtextures.com/
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