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  1. cuboos

    white render?

    i have seen allot of people in the wip and TWO sections do a white render on there work but when ever i try to do the render it doesn't look like the whit renders i have seen on the forum i'm guessing that the renders are a radiosity setting or some kind of A.O. but can one of you tell me the settings to use?
  2. i finally got to see the new doctor who and now i'm a fan of the show i'm doing some test with a dalek modal i found but i'm not sure how to make a acurate dalek voice can any one point me to some software that would help or with the software i have not (i have adobe auditions right now)
  3. ware do i go to vote for the images?
  4. is that his screen name? or is there like and email address i send it to?
  5. how do i post and image for the contest?
  6. ok heres the sweeper red weed test [attachmentid=18137] and not sure how i would do a bum/displacment map one i have thought about that but i couldn't figure out how i would do it
  7. wow thanks i'll post the results later
  8. is there any way in A:M were i can make red weed like this quickly and not be to difficult to render? http://forums.eveofthewar.com//photos/disp...m=47&pos=11
  9. so is anyone going to answer the question?
  10. i know this as been answered before i just never read the post because this has never happened to me i downloaded the 13 beta and all my librarys are missing can any one tell me how to get them back?
  11. put the modal in a zip then upload it to the forum through the attachments
  12. ok i have seen some stuff in the forum that V12 can do can any one tell how to do the newton plugin and the AO setting?
  13. is there a way i can make a wrecking ball type object and make it crash through a house several times and destroy it?
  14. i put two lights in my tripod and i set volumetric on but it wont make visible light any help with this? heres a pic [attachmentid=17370]
  15. NVM this thread it doesn't reflect the color of the modal space it just reflect other obects
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