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  1. Super. How did you do the wheel motion blur?
  2. Wow. Fifty!? I never would have guessed from seeing you in videos. I thought you were younger. Have a good day.
  3. It's gone crap now, but in it's hey day it was the best. I have to ask.....is Poco rigged? I think every time I've seen him, his arms have been outstretched in front.
  4. Imagining Dr. Cox and JD relationship. So, the space cadet is called Jemima today.
  5. You're building quite an inventory of characters! The lighting in the first one seems funny. The teeth are black? Toon?
  6. Looks good! They seem to change shape though in the renderer though. Hey, if you animate the strength of the displacement, do the spikes grow? I never though of trying that before.
  7. I don't think so. Seems like it just affects the printers for the company they took over. Apparently when they were taken over, Amazon wanted to all orders to go to their own printers. No notice about it yet, but who knows down the line.
  8. Excellent! Is there not more characters in Greyhawks team?
  9. I was going for a "woe is me" gesture rather than a thinking one. If it was thinking, you'd have a point. It still probably could be longer or the whole move made simpler. But we're under timing pressures both within the shot and in the production generally. Duly noted.
  10. I'm assuming this is done in the compositor post rendering. Do I have access to this? That leaves the guards brows/blinks which I'll do now. Please everyone remember they can do this in future shots! You can temporarily hide the helmet to see the blinks. PS Also, I'll probably animate the first time we see Trot in the above clip. I must have forgotten to move her. lol I'll let you know all the frames to render.
  11. Oh...I missed that second last update. He turned out nice.
  12. A second look over reveals some points: 1) When the group approach the guards at the castle, the first frame doesn't have the group in it. I picked it up at normal speed. 2) The guards at the gate don't have any brow movement or blinks. 3) The Ooos from the crowd happen a little too early. Right now they're Oooing smoke. I'm happy to make the changes (at least the animation ones) if there's still time for edits.
  13. You should drag the red bar to the end of the walk cycle action. If you want it to transition, set it to add in the properties. If you supply the embedded project, it would be easier to explain.
  14. Well done all! It's looking closer to Up every day.
  15. Aha. So the Starbucklers are going to be similar design to the Wannabes. He looks cool! I could see these guys inside something like a chocolate egg that you have to assemble. lol Those are large tusks though! You'll have to watch the camera angles to get his expressions across.
  16. That is good looking gold! The wood could use....something?
  17. Saw it today. Oddly there were two instances I thought didn't sound right in this one. Have at it. Is this a pirate saying? I would have expected something like "Take that." There's always one guy who takes it too far until someone gets hurt. I don't think it needs the "until someone gets hurt". But I would replace "until" with "and". Just a personal preference. The ideas are great!
  18. Why are you extending the path? That's like extending the time of a shot when you have all the timing poses done. Do the path first, then the ease keyframes. There's no way to link the keys on the spline to the timeline. Well, maybe with expressions. But do you really want to go there?
  19. Don't forget to use linear spline interpolation for the pauses (if not all the ease keyframes).
  20. I've had a crash with a large image....for the mascot contest. Sent a report. I've 8mb.
  21. Yeah, you need to render, for example, frames 0-1000 on the first instance and then 1001 to 2000 on the other instance. Of course it doesn't need to be in thousand frame batches.
  22. Heh. Porridgey. Interesting technique!
  23. Are these lines on the rotoscope or actual grid lines? I'm imagining the rotoscope being of lower quality in real time.....which makes the lines blurry/thicker. I had a workaround for this, but it doesn't work any more.
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