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  1. Thanks Nancy! Aw thanks Holmes. A fraction of her sales would do me! A small update. I think I'll be finished in a couple of days! This is where I'm up to. I'm going to have a watermarked preview pdf of all but four of the pages......need to keep something in the bag. But it'll give a good idea of the story. It's a simple but principled story....of course there's scope for expansion if demand got big. Can't wait to hold the book in my hands! I never thought I'd publish a book.
  2. Aragh! Thanks Paul....sometimes spell check just doesn't cut it.
  3. Thanks Holmes. I've just finished the cover. It's going to be 31 pages long.
  4. Thanks Gene! I'm motoring along now. Here's image 5. 25 left to go.
  5. Coming along nicely. One thing stood out on the blinks at 26 seconds. When she closes her eyes only to open them wide again it looks like she's doing it deliberately. To make her look drowsy, her eyes would progressively get lower with each open. And are you going to use that music? Isn't it licensed?
  6. Can't say I'd know him myself. But it's great he took an interest! Did you get a chance to look around? Are (m)any other comics using 3D?
  7. Oh no. Now I have to put pins in it to be clever!? It's a good idea, but I'm making this as simple as possible. Good point Paul. I put a comma after snow which might make it clearer. It's a fir tree forest (mentioned later on) Robert so they'll all have to be firs. True, I could make them taller etc, but as I mention above, I'm going simple. I don't think it takes away from the story as their more symbolic really. I'm also trying to imitate something that a child could cut out and assemble. Thanks all.
  8. OK, here's the final tweaked version. I love to tweak! I changed some of the "normal" words too.
  9. Thanks everyone! Nancy, I don't know what you mean. Like drawing pins holding up the image? Or maybe you mean the snowflakes? Edit: Perhaps I had the image selected in word. That creates a pin like border.
  10. I like the ring to the line as it is. Also the word normal has significance in the story later on. Good spot on the trees. I've updated the image. Thanks. Edit: Here's how it looks in 3D.
  11. Good work! I hope it pays off. That's really satisfying all right.
  12. Whohoo! I just completed the first spread. Another milestone reached.
  13. I'm starting to get into the groove. There's only an outline plan. Much of the story is being dictated by the poetry. Quite a fun way to write. It's working out longer than I thought so I may have to do some editing. We'll see. Here's some more verses:
  14. That's Animazing! Well done. Fingers crossed for the Foyle festival.
  15. I like the awakening sequence! You might think about setting up that moment. It's not everyday that a ginger bread man jumps off the plate. Maybe a shot before this showing the top one waking up would do it. But I appreciate you're not making a movie here so I guess it works still.
  16. I'm currently working my way through writing the story. I've decided to change it from a first person perspective to third person. And the two names are in fact my niece and nephews names! Here's a new verse I wrote last night:
  17. Ah yes. Such is the torment yet satisfaction of 3D animation. That's shaping up nicely Gerry.
  18. Thanks all. Yeah Nancy, I'm having trouble finding decent images to vary them. If I can't, I don't think it'll matter on the flyby. These will literally only be in frame for 3 seconds.
  19. Thanks Mike! Quite surprising what can be done with a couple of images.
  20. Thanks Stian. It's a flyby for a client which will eventually zoom into a "centre of excellence" building and show some of the activities inside. Quite ambitious! Good suggestions Paradymx. See attached. I think I'll go with images Robert but I'll play with the demo of the pack. I don't know the show Jason, but I'll assume it's a complement. Thanks all! Here's a little more progress. The camera is on the path ready to start the flyby. I've still to add some more variety to the buildings.
  21. Thanks for doing a test. The windows look more similar than I thought they would.
  22. Robert.....do you know if that window material renders quickly? If it does, I may consider getting that pack. It's good value.
  23. KenH

    broken link

    Apparently it's something to do with Avast. http://www.liutilities.com/products/wintas...brary/ashwebsv/
  24. Oh yeah. I remember those now. But I'm happy enough with the map approach. That looks great Mark.....particularly the one on the right. I understand you (and William) now. I never turned on the glow in the chor to see it. I'll experiment tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys!
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