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  1. I wonder if he'd look "better" if he had his normal colourful clothes on the inside of the dome?
  2. Looks great! Love the details.
  3. You have to make a tile decal with straight lines on it. Then apply those to the sphere with spherical mapping. A search of the forum should explain that if you don't know.
  4. Cool character! I'd like to see the fins on his back a little transparent. It'd also be nice to get some displacement waves from his movements, but that's probably a step too far. Edit: I like the glow off him too. It's like he came from way down. And his eyes could be wetter looking.
  5. Nice. Is that done by eye? Or do you have dimensions?
  6. Happy Birthday! I guess you'll celebrate this year jungle style.
  7. It comes in at the same resolution for me.....which isn't very high to start with. That's not to say it wouldn't get lower res at a later date.
  8. KenH


    Thanks Holmes! The voice acting helped too.
  9. KenH


    This one plays fine on my machine. But I did have that problem with other ones too. I'll see what I can do on that laugh. It might be tricky because I have to get her set up for Scarecrow to throw in the berry. Thanks.
  10. KenH


    Oh. The colours were off because of my player. They look ok in the browser. How cool is it that an upload to AM films automatically posts it on the forum!
  11. Where did you hear it was 64 bit?
  12. No. It's a downloadable application rather than being on cd. No limitations. However, it's only available to you for a year before needing to renew it.
  13. Looks great! Simple yet extremely effective. Can see improvements generally.
  14. KenH

    Project "KM Bismarck"

    Great job. I notice some circular "light banding" in the background. Or is it just my screen?
  15. KenH

    Nidaros Cathedral

    Wow. You even have statues? Too cool.
  16. Very slow to load here.
  17. If only the bride was blushing, it could have been so perfect! And a fan! Didn't Amidala have a fan to hide behind? Maybe I'm imagining it.
  18. Nice forest. I think it could use a few more trees. Will they be too far away to look flat in animation? If they do, I wonder if a decaled semi cylinder would give them that extra dimension.
  19. Great scene! I assume the soldiers are posed with a pose. The hands look a little stiff.
  20. Looking good! But ooooohhh I just want to see SC trying to blow out that flame in the background.
  21. In the image below the highlighted Bones folder, you have a reference to the model bone (deleted in this image). Just delete that and it should work.
  22. All 3D software acts this way. In fact, AM is the one that does this best...... Don't touch the bone properties in the model window. In an action/chor, rotate the bone but bring it back to it's start position. (Here we're sort of waking up the driver ) Now with the bone selected go to the properties panel. Right click on Rotate>Convert driver to>Eular Now it should rotate to where you animated it.
  23. Surprised me. Cool design.
  24. It's been put on hold. For several reasons....I'll let Satyajit say why if he's reading.
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