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    I have a scene in the shower. This will be composite shot. The character is hand drawn but I need to have an effect of water droplets coming down and off the body. for shower effect I will be using robcat2075 shower spray. But I need to make the water droplets on the body. I have made a model of the image for the effect. Any idea’s?? Also dose any one have a shower head with a coord?
  2. Great How about some Tutorials or Demonstrations.


    If you do not see the alpha forum you are probably not a alpha tester.

    Fixing stuff

    Here one to check out. http://www.wired.com/cs/promo/mercedes-ben...mple-3d-printer http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16990 http://printrbot.com/ I don’t know if it include everything you need but the filament but starting at 550$ you can’t beat the price. You will need to assemble it yourself. It comes in a kit. For space your on your own. But they are not to big. Mine is sitting on a milk crate in my bed room. Since I needed the computer to run it.

    Fixing stuff

    Here you go Thom A bunch junk I have work on or down loaded.

    Fixing stuff

    I believe I am still on MK6. I got my Makerbot Thing-O-Matic pretty early so I have the DC version I think that is the MK5. The MK6 has the high torque stepper motor. I have both the MK6 and a MK7. I am still using the MK6 until the 3mm filament runs out. But I plan on getting a second MK7 so I can us the support option. Did you ever put on one of the changeable plat form carriages so you can use the ABP and HBP?

    Fixing stuff

    Nice Do you have the MK7 or are you still using the mk6.


  9. I'm not sure what you want yet... do you want the object to be invisible but still leave a shadow? Sorry about the delay Yes that is exactly what I need. I need to merge a hand drawn animation into the background. And I need to add the shadows. But the light seems to be giving me a hard time.
  10. It still do not work. Here is the project file. shadow_problem.zip Also can someone show me how to use an image to cast shadows?
  11. do that I did. I must have hit one of the lights before rendering. The second image dose have the 'shadow only' option on.
  12. A quick fix update . As of v16b, Shift and select "snap to grid" will only snap the pivot point to the grid. The older set up snapped both the pivot and the CP. To only snap the CP's just use the "snap to grid" with the CP's selected.
  13. Sorry I should have said I needed the shadow casted but not the object.
  14. Casting shadow but not seeing the object. I need to make an object cast a shadow but it need to be invisible. I did it in the past for composite scene but I am overlooking something.
  15. At least I know now. Thanks It looks a lot better. Now I can work out the rest of the scene.
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