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    I have a scene in the shower. This will be composite shot. The character is hand drawn but I need to have an effect of water droplets coming down and off the body. for shower effect I will be using robcat2075 shower spray. But I need to make the water droplets on the body. I have made a model of the image for the effect. Any idea’s?? Also dose any one have a shower head with a coord?
  2. Nine tens of the law is possessions. If they did not keep a copy of the files it is there tuff luck. There may be some copy right issues if you tried to sell them to a third party. But this is not the case. And if their lawyers try to threaten you tell them your computer is having amnesia. This is the most likely case. You may what to start with a high number. Or you can do what my brother dose. Start with a number and go up when they try to lower the number. Ya my brother is a total dick but I works more time than not. good luck:)


    If you do not see the alpha forum you are probably not a alpha tester.


  5. This maybe a good area for AM to expand into since it is good at organic design and the home market for 3D printers is expanding. The lower end 3D printers may still be expensive but as in the old text printers they where expensive at one time. P.S. The model do not have to have all the part connected. It depends on how the 3D printer works. Most can print separate parts even if they are interlocked. If they use a support material they should be able to print interlocking objects. Just make sure there is some space between the parts. Objects should be closed but some stl converters can compensate for small gaps. But it is a good rule to follow. It is Nice having a 3D printer. even if it is made out of wood.

    Shadow help

    I'm not sure what you want yet... do you want the object to be invisible but still leave a shadow? Sorry about the delay Yes that is exactly what I need. I need to merge a hand drawn animation into the background. And I need to add the shadows. But the light seems to be giving me a hard time.

    Shadow help

    It still do not work. Here is the project file. shadow_problem.zip Also can someone show me how to use an image to cast shadows?

    Shadow help

    do that I did. I must have hit one of the lights before rendering. The second image dose have the 'shadow only' option on.
  9. A quick fix update . As of v16b, Shift and select "snap to grid" will only snap the pivot point to the grid. The older set up snapped both the pivot and the CP. To only snap the CP's just use the "snap to grid" with the CP's selected.

    Shadow help

    Sorry I should have said I needed the shadow casted but not the object.

    Shadow help

    Casting shadow but not seeing the object. I need to make an object cast a shadow but it need to be invisible. I did it in the past for composite scene but I am overlooking something.

    Go Kart 2

    I have added a second go-kart. With new body.
  13. At least I know now. Thanks It looks a lot better. Now I can work out the rest of the scene.
  14. It was happening in all the windows. After testing with some other formats (TGA and jpeg) in the image section it became apparent A:M has a problem with (PNG files colors) I will add it to the report section.
  15. For the last day or so I have been trying to render a simple scene with a decal. But I cannot get the decal to render correctly. origenal render
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