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  1. sorry...just posted an initial quick exercise ... will follow up with round 2 and the project file
  2. Haven't animated in a while (timings off) but a quick first attempt... jump.avi
  3. you probably have to go through their Black Friday section. Here's the direct link to that. https://www.udemy.com/courses?pmKey=bfriday14
  4. I don't know anything about the course but it is Tony White and it is on sale for $10 (early Black Friday deal), regularly $150 on Udemy.com http://www.2dacademy.com/courses.html
  5. I lost my status ... didn't upgrade this year
  6. You're an inspiration! Happy Birthday.
  7. Anyone know why I can render out an animation to quicktime with ver14 but do not have the option with ver16 on the same machine? Thanks.
  8. Why thank you ... hopes for a great Animation Master year ahead for all.
  9. The best tutorial/explanation is by Yves Poissant! http://www.ypoart.com/tutorials/bevels/index.php
  10. 14.0c 18:46 P4 2.79 GHz 1 core 2 GB Ram Win XP SP3
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