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  1. sorry...just posted an initial quick exercise ... will follow up with round 2 and the project file
  2. Haven't animated in a while (timings off) but a quick first attempt... jump.avi
  3. I also get redirected (in a new window)...but I think the movie/scene loads fine/completely anyways and consisits of just the supermarket entry. If there is more, I have the same problem.
  4. Hilarious! Picturing a fun video game/app... Would love to hear more on how you got that great look - "toon render in combination with the newly implemented SSAO feature"
  5. I was away on vacation but got to see and vote while away. All great entries but they are no longer viewable individually (I can't find them anyways)and I don't recall which one was Sebastian's. Would be nice to still have them in the topic to view.
  6. A prize would be nice but I don't think it is really necessary. Going on vacation for a few weeks so I'll miss this one. Planning to try to animate a climb anyway when I get back.
  7. I think I remember that one. It seems like just yesterday we were doing that, doesn't it? Yes it does...but since you had the dates listed on your entries, I was able to find my entries on an old back-up CD. Thanks for the memories
  8. I remember those from long ago and I did do a few animations and models. my old "shiver" entry shiver.avi The problem I had was... 1. I work slow. 2. my schedule rarely had 4 hours straight/free to do them.
  9. I chose "Sports Event" because everything on the list could fall under that category
  10. You're an inspiration! Happy Birthday.
  11. A tutorial please...maybe a chance to finance/make money on the project? For me, AM is so intuitive except when it comes to modeling. Box modeling or Subdivision modeling just seems quicker and easier to me. You seem to have it down along with Agep and a few others. Just wish I had your skills. Great work.
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