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    Conversion, software version 7.0. Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub. Eating seeds is a past time activity, the toxicity of our city, of our city. Now! What do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder? Now! Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep. Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep, disorder, disorder, disorder.
  1. I think that last one looks great too Mark!
  2. Here you go Steve. This is basically how I have done all my cloth 'skirts' so far. I still continue tweaking it here and there. The top spline ring of the cloth group does not move when you simulate so I have been smart skinning it to keep the cloth from intersecting the thigh when it raises. It may not be the best way to do it but it works ok for me for the most part. My cloaks use the same material with a bit less mesh density. The sleeves are the same material and required much more smart skinning. clothsetup.prj
  3. I have the final character rigged. He still needs a little work here and there and I will make a couple variations on him. Maybe one will have some stubble, slightly different faces etc. I am going to get rid of the rust on the shield. I made it a while back when I was thinking of going for a more realistic look. I may add some doodads to his armor like straps and hinges but I don't want him to look too detailed compared to the others.
  4. Thanks Rodney! I had thought about doing something to get the composition away from totally centered but wasn't sure what to do with it. When there is a background I think I will have more options. I didn't want to focus in on the bird and lose anything to give it a sense of scale. The illusion might be a bit harder to pull off from an angle but when I get to the final shots I will probably have to work it out. This is just a personal project. I am shooting for something around 2 minutes with one more character (and a couple minor variations on him) that is in the rigging process right now. If
  5. I don't know much about star trek but I wonder how big those windows are supposed to be. Unless they are huge bay window sort of things, the plating seems too small. It looks like 4 foot wide windows surrounded by 1 foot square panels. Maybe this is accurate but I would think the panels would be bigger than the windows.
  6. I forgot to mention it but that last one does have motion blur. It's only 4 passes so maybe more would bring it out or maybe I should up the percentage. I just left it at default.
  7. Ok, I added a pose to the valkyrie to change her to solid black and shrink her legs and head. I also changed the shape of her cloak to look like wings. I haven't added the dissolve yet. Do you think it still needs it? AO is so awesome. It makes it look like she is a little miniature or something. Oh, I also went ahead and simulated the cloth and animated her braids by hand because the movement was too fast for dynamics. transformtestAO.mov
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will add a short dissolve as you guys suggested. I think making the valkyrie start off black and shift into her normal colors sounds like a good idea too Darkwing. Paul, I will look into the transformation poses as well. Maybe I can make valkyrie's body and head start off smaller and her arms sort of flattened out like wings. I will send you an e-mail brainmuffin.
  9. Thanks. How do you mean dissolve? Like the raven fades to transparent over a couple frames while the valkyrie fades in? I went ahead and added some to it. Trying to get her arms to mimic the flapping wings some. Does it give the impression that she is changing or just like the bird disappears and she appears? raventovalk.mov
  10. David, that thing looks amazing! I can't even imagine trying to figure out how you set all that up.
  11. This is pretty rough but I wanted to see if it is conveying what I want to others before I try and refine it. So, does this look like I am on the right track? Any feedback would be appreciated. raventovalk.mov
  12. Robert, thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it. It still doesn't work for me the way it does for you in your video tho. When I paste mirrored, the ss bone goes back to default but the other bones move to the mirrored key. Moving the ss bone does not then move the other bones the way it should. Adding another mirrored key makes that the new position for the bones, apparently just over writing the previous one. I am getting frustrated now so I am just going to leave it and come back to it later.
  13. PC, it opens in chrome and ff but just shows the 'loading...' My flash player is up to date. Edit: downloaded a free stand alone player and got it working.
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