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    Conversion, software version 7.0. Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub. Eating seeds is a past time activity, the toxicity of our city, of our city. Now! What do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder? Now! Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep. Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep, disorder, disorder, disorder.
  1. David, that thing looks amazing! I can't even imagine trying to figure out how you set all that up.
  2. Robert, thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it. It still doesn't work for me the way it does for you in your video tho. When I paste mirrored, the ss bone goes back to default but the other bones move to the mirrored key. Moving the ss bone does not then move the other bones the way it should. Adding another mirrored key makes that the new position for the bones, apparently just over writing the previous one. I am getting frustrated now so I am just going to leave it and come back to it later.
  3. PC, it opens in chrome and ff but just shows the 'loading...' My flash player is up to date. Edit: downloaded a free stand alone player and got it working.
  4. I guess I spoke too soon. That is a real pita and I have too many keys. So, I started looking at the text editor again. Here is a small sample of what the text editor has for a bone (I added indentation to make the structure easier to see): <OBJECTSHORTCUT> MatchName=Left Shoulder Armor <EMPTYDRIVER> MatchName=Transform <RELATIONSTORAGEDRIVER> MatchName=Rotate ValueDim=4 Key=0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 Key=0 -0.707107 0 0.707107 0 -0.596213 0 0.802826 Key=0 -0.382683 0 0.92388 0 -0.139173 0 0.990268 Key=0 0.382683 0 0.92388 0 -0.0282362 0 0.999601 </RELATIONSTORAGEDRIVER> </EMPTYDRIVER> </OBJECTSHORTCUT> I believe each bone has a set of keys like 'Key=0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1' with the first 4 digits being the quaternion rotation of the bone being smart skinned, followed by four digits for the quaternion rotation of the affected bone. Can anyone verify or correct this? So, If it weren't quaternion I would make X rotation values the same and Y and Z rotations opposite. Since it is quaternion (or at least seems to be), I don't have a clue. I have tried reading about quaternion rotations but it is too technical for me. Can anyone break down what I need to do to mirror the rotations?
  5. Well, I figured a way to do it. I am going in and copying the rotations from the properties of each affected bone at each key frame and pasting them into the other one. It is tedious but it works.
  6. Thanks Robcat. That is sort of what I had tried with a few variations. However, even following your directions I am not getting it to work. The first key frame on right side is 90 in Y. So, I select the bones like you say (ctrl clicking the ones that move but not bicep) and copy the key frame with key bone on. Then go to the left ss and set it to -90 in Y so each ss now has the arm straight up. I switch to key model and paste key frame but now the left bicep also moves. Since it moves 90 in Y it ends up at 0,0,0 and so the other bones just become the default position.
  7. I have tried pasting mirrored from one ss to another and can't seem to get anything to work. I looked at the file in notepad++ to try and figure a way to transfer the rotations over. I can find where the one ss has a bones container and see the rotation and translation values there. I also see where those containers are absent from the other side. However, I do not understand the values well enough to know where to start transferring them over. Is the text editor a dead end? I guess I may just have to eyeball the other side
  8. I have come across a new ss question. Does mirror all ss not include bone rotations? My valkyrie's shoulder armor has bones which I moved in the bicep and shoulder ss but these did not mirror properly. All the muscle keys mirrored.
  9. I have never seen these tutorials but if what MJL's picture shows is what is intended, it seems like there are more steps than necessary. I would just select any cp on the half circle, press the comma key to select the spline and delete it. Then attach the cp's.
  10. Here is an Ibanez bass guitar I made a while back. Also a drum kit that isn't finished. It needs a stand for the snare, legs for the floor tom and mounting hardware for the other toms. And cymbals lol. Ibanez_Bass_Guitar.mdl drumkit.mdl
  11. Most, if not all of the links in the Feature Focus section are broken. Not sure if it is due to the server or change or what.
  12. You may want to add a spline near the wrists to help keep the forearm shape when the wrist bends. Overall it looks good to me.
  13. On my valkyrie I had to add a really dense mesh in front of her chest to keep her braids from going thru. I hid it after simulating because transparent stuff still occludes with AO but if you wont be using AO you can just make it transparent.
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