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  1. actually tryed right clicking the download thing only got save link as but anyways the model wasnt for me it was for one of my friends projects at school and he is very gracious just wanted to let you know
  2. sweet thanks though for some reason that file wouldnt download i had to copy the code it showed into a notepad file and save it as a .mdl lol
  3. hey anybody got a soccer ball model with a nice decal on it that they could give me?
  4. heres what i ended up with still a few things to change but figure i'd share what i got out of that tutorial Skier_v6.mdl
  5. very very helpful working through it now
  6. So yeah, is this model workable with or should i start from scratch again? It's not finished yet keep in mind just curious if i'm on track -the point of this model is the main character in my animation short -He's going to be a skier going through a freestyle course basically Thanks in advance for any feedback skierv3.mdl
  7. somewhat the best in my class to =p and im new to animation
  8. how did you get AM to be yellow thats pretty cool
  9. Alex55


    thanks a ton you guys are incredibly helpful to newbies like me
  10. Alex55


    can anybody point me to a nice snow material i haven't been able to find one
  11. what would be the best way to go about making a pine tree?
  12. Alex55


    i found a really nice set but i didn't know where to post them so people could benefit from them so I'll put them here....the front view isn't exactly sized up right but it still helped me alot
  13. i used the cooper tutorial as a lose outline and the rotoscope and am curious to what you guys think of what i made theres still some stuff i need to touch up but its pretty decent i think SKier_Head_Try_5.mdl
  14. This is my first try at making a character and I'm making his head and was wondering if I'm going about this the right way. What I'm trying to do is build different sections of the face and then i was thinking of hooking it all together with just points and smoothing it out. So yeah, if someone could take a look at this and tell me if I'm going about this the right way I would greatly appreciate some pointers and input. Skier__s_Body.mdl
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