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"Insect" Image Contest - August 9 deadline

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We are going to have a Summer image contest! The exact details will be firmed up in the near future but here are three things to get you going...

1) Topic: Insect!

Your all-A:M-modeled and all-A:M-rendered image should be an insect. It can be realistic or stylized, scary or funny, authentic or fantasy but... it has to be an insect! No spiders, no crustaceans, no myriapods! We want to compare insects to insects.

Your image may contain other models. For example, your insect might be sitting on a leaf. However, the insect should be the primary object of attention in your image. Insects are the most numerous and varied life form on earth so you should not be lacking for possibilities.

2) Due date: July 31 August 9

You have most of the summer to work on your summer image contest image! We will have a vote to choose a winner.

3) Prizes: Prizes are TBD but there will be something awarded to the top ten entries. Don't sit this one out!



Get splining and knock us out with your most neat-o, insect-o work!

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Great I'm in but Rob not everyone is lucky enough to be heading into summer so if my insect is in the snow is that OK ? it's almost ski season here at the bottom of the planet :)

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Contest detail... After the due date of July 31, we will have a non-voting exhibition for several days before the voting starts.


All entrants should examine this exhibition to make sure their entry is indeed displayed so that we may avoid the situation we've had a few times before where we had to restart the voting because an entry was overlooked.

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Official contest announcement:




For this contest it is permissible to start a WIP thread and post your progress on your entry or solicit feedback. It is not required but you may if you wish.



55 days left until the contest deadline.

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Official Contest Announcement:


Among the fabulous contest prizes will be three caricatures donated by Mark Largent!


Extra cool... you don't need to be one of the usual suspects in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to win. The three caricature prizes will be awarded by a random drawing from the top ten entries in the contest. You could be in 10th place and still win!


All the more reason to enter your insect creation!


Don't miss out on your chance to win a caricature of yourself in Mark's classic style:




49 days until the July 31 deadline!

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decide to post my initial attempt ...haven't played with AM since the end of May while on vacation (London Brussels Amsterdam Heidelberg Lucerne Paris.) and just started to tinker today. This is a quick rough idea









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Official Contest Announcement:


Additional Prize... Texas Lottery Ticket?




At the conclusion of the contest I will purchase a $1 Texas State Lottery scratch-off ticket for each of the top ten entries.


On a (possibly) live webcast I will randomly assign the tickets among the entries, then scratch off the ticket to reveal the winnings, if any.


If the ticket assigned to your entry should win some money I will cash it in and PayPal you the money.* The chances of winning at least a small prize in these scratch-off games is typically about 1 in 4 so among 10 tickets it is likely that someone will win something.


Your chances of winning are just as good in 10th place as they are in 1st place so you don't want to miss out on getting your entry into this contest!



*fine print: If a card happens to win a very large prize, I will need to subtract ~10% from the winnings to pay the income tax on it since I am the actual purchaser and player of the ticket.



42 days remain before the contest deadline.

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Contest Announcement: Image size



Question: Is there a specific image size that should be rendered for entries?


Good question! I'm going to declare that it needs to be a 1080p image. 1080 pixels high and you can make it any format width you wish.


A 16:9 image would be 1080 high by 1920 wide.


A 4:3 image would be 1080 high by 1440 wide.

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Contest Announcement:


The deadline is moved to the evening of Sunday August 9.


That gives you two more extra weekends to work on your image and get it submitted!

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Contest Prize Announcement


In addition to the previous prizes announced, medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries!


The exact nature and design of the medal is still being worked out but it will be specific and unique to this contest; something you will be proud to display near your workstation.


Fourth through tenth place entrants will receive a certificate of runner-upness also suitable for framing and display.




Ken Citron (AKA Pixelplucker) is providing his professional custom medal-making expertise to this endeavor and we shall strive to make it classy looking (and i don't mean Trump classy).


This medal will be so classy it will even have Latin on it!


If you've been sitting on the sidelines get your side off that line and get working on your entry, you still have three weeks to get it polished up!

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Texas Lottery tickets, Caricatures by Largent, and distinguished award medals... Don't miss out on your chance to win!


You still have three weekends to get your entry in tip, top, super-duper insect image shape!

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Official Prize Announcement:


Jason Simmons Simonds has graciously donated a Hash Inc. Siggraph jacket to be awarded to our first place finisher. I'll get a picture of it later but I recall it is quite ostentatious.


You still have two weekends to get your entry pulled together and polished up.


Remember, there are prizes for the top ten finishers so you don't want to sit on the sidelines and miss out!

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