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  1. I did not know double click brings up the windows sound mixer, learned some thing new thanks Robcat. The other thing you could try is to record a sound with AudioCity and import that and see if your own sound file will play, just an idea. My stereo sound problem was a faulty sound out cable, twisted the cable and stereo is working again
  2. Just tried importing a wav file into AM v19.0i , the wav file imports right click brings up the play button and it will play sound in the right channel only, no left channel. I'm sure it worked in both channels in v17 I'm on windows 7, something is not right the wav file has two channels? but will not play left and right Channels? this is strange. In windows media player it plays in stereo.
  3. Not sure but the diffuse layers in my decal stamps are now set to be reflective? V19 can someone else check this, if i turn that layer to 0% the reflections stop but there is now no diffuse option?
  4. Thanks Rodney for the heads up on this editing software, it has the basics one would need. Alpha channel and green screen tools work pretty well. Still messing with it, have not tried an image sequence yet but will be next on the to do list. No Mel ware or adds were loaded so that's a good thing, no catch yet.Free but with a limited set of plug in's enough to do most thing's the catch I guess is if you want more plug in's you will have to donate $5 to join the forum's which will give access to more stuff I'm guessing Like Rodney said right clicking is your friend
  5. Great stuff Rodney Keep em coming, the last one is wicked
  6. The last render just needs people awesome model
  7. This might explain some of the simple chrash's, thanks I will go and try it now Save save save
  8. As Fuchur said close the windows, unless you have plenty of Ram. Normally when I'm working I only have one window open at a time and every bodies work space will be set up differently. If I'm modeling I may have a Cho set up as well just for quick renders but it's always closed when I'm modeling other wise your PC is trying to up date two windows when you make a new spline. If I'm tweaking a material it's the only window open at the time, I made these mistake's at beginning as well
  9. Prehistoric insects frozen in a block of ice mmmmmmm that's an idea
  10. Great I'm in but Rob not everyone is lucky enough to be heading into summer so if my insect is in the snow is that OK ? it's almost ski season here at the bottom of the planet
  11. Insects, flower's I can see a garden theme Xtaz has already won it. But it will still be fun and there's still room for Thor's flower box big nasty scary bug's I bet
  12. I like that, it's got its own rendered style soft yet sharp Can't wait to see those wheels go round
  13. Contest I'm in... even if it's flower's
  14. Sounds right up your alley Mark, Yoda is already a puppet could be something for a community project? If I ever get the felcon finished your welcome to use it. Love to see what you would come up with, there is 6 films worth of material to take the Mickey out of. Just spotted the new X-wing
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