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Can,t see them ,it tells me my browser is no good for it ,Im on IE




Jason's site uses html5. You need at least ie9 (better ie10) to be able to see the videos. I would highly recommend firefox, chrome or safari (which can use html5 since quite a while for as deep as html5 is defined till now) or update your ie to the latest version:

- Mozilla FireFox (my favourite)

- Google Chrome (very good too)

- Apple Safari (not the one I would get, but still a good one)

- Microsoft Internet Explorer (a good browser, as long as you get IE10 which you need at least Windows 7 for, okay if you get IE9 (at least Vista) and anything below that is not close to competing with any of the others)


See u



Ps: i really enjoyed the animations! Well done everyone!

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I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me run this little contest. It was a lot of fun to see these shorts created. Hopefully I can run another one.

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Just an update for everyone. We haven't forgotten about you. Jason's been a little over worked and I'm just waiting for an email with the winners. After that it's congrats and prizes to be awarded.

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