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  1. Gee Robert, once again you are hijacking someone else's project and shouting down anyone's but your own voice. Too bad in your haste to offer a snarky response, you didn't bother to actually read my post. I didn't say it was too complex for the animators. I suggested that Ilidrake could make it easier on himself by having the animators post their own work and that voting by email could relieve Jason or anyone else having to manage the video files and voting sequence. I don't consider the last contest as a failure. Three or four entries is about par for animation contests dating back to t
  2. Why make it so complex for so little animation? Why not give the animators the full week. Like the last contest, those that have the time and the inspiration can do their best in the allotted time. Those with constraints, can do what they can. Even assuming a half hour to shaded render and post, how many seconds of animation can get accomplished in four hours? Everything will look like we are doing raw dailies. Why not give the animators the chance to do their best. Let the animators post their own work in an entry thread up to the announced end time and date. Voting can start as s
  3. Nice model. I don't know of way to make a spline a light source. I've made neon signs by 1. Use the font wizard to make the signage. 2. make it the neon color you want using Surface, 3. boost the ambient intensity to near 100% 4. turn glow on, adjust as appropriate You can animate all the surface attributes to get flicker and turn the sign on and off. Glow does not transmit light so you will have to add a colored light if you want it to illuminate other models.
  4. Looks like a fun bunch of hiking companions. Beautiful composites! Nice series.
  5. I was one of those that got caught unable to enter because of being in the middle of another project. I thought the contest was well run and got some good results. Bravo to the winners! I always enjoyed the Mini-Movie contests, if these become semi-regular, I'll save a slot to enter.
  6. Both your first and second movies are really fun! kepp up the good work. Bruce
  7. Great first animation. A 3+ minute video is very ambitious for a first project, I'm impressed by your perserverance. Keep at it and you will learn something new every day. Well done!
  8. Life imitates art! Facebook and Google used for spying, who could have guessed.
  9. Congrats to the David and his team, well done. I enjoyed all of the pieces, ARG!
  10. Your big break, could it get any better? Big Time! And we knew you back when. I couldn't be happier for you, congratulations Gene! Bruce PS Get an agent
  11. Congrats! It is a great video. Are they raking in the CD sales?
  12. Well done! All the demos look great.
  13. The buzz from last night's season premiere seems to be excellent. Edna Mode said something like "luck favors the prepared". With your new funding in place, you have put yourself in the perfect position for a huge success. Bravo! Now if only you could get Bill Gaines to come back from the dead to do your story boards. Good luck
  14. Boo Hoo! Robert, you have nothing but your own poor leadership to blame for the 2011 project derailing. I suspect even Alfred Hitchcock would have been replaced had he allowed a 90 day schedule (Your rule 13) to slip to fourteen months, with no end in sight. In May, when you moved the end date to September, you were still soliciting new recruits rather that looking to wrap things up. Even at the end of November 2012, nearly eight months past the 90 day schedule, you were soliciting new participants. In May it became clear to me that there was no plan to finish and so I stepped to
  15. Disney pays very well. When the motivation for those that "agree to disagree" becomes just reaching the end, you create an unstable organizational problem. Resentment becomes accumulative. You've made my point. I have a lot of admiration those that persevered and finished the two Oz movies. I think the results are remarkable. I am disappointed though at the number of people that moved to the sideline or left altogether. Cenrtainly Hash as a company and the forum as a community paid a heavy price of disillusionment. Returning to my original point, I am proposing that more of the c
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