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  1. Many thanks! I work with v13 and there it works pretty good.
  2. Thanks Fuchur, it works and the libraries are here again.
  3. Hi David, thanks for share, nice model.
  4. I could, but what is with the other files? reboot - no effect. I think the easiest way is to copy all datas from the CD in an extra folder and forget the the libraries as long as AM works.
  5. V13 worked pretty good since last week. Suddenly I could not open the libraries, only posteffect works. All pathes under -Options- Folders- are ok. So I tried to reinstall the version new, but deinstallation is not possible, I always get the the message could not open INSTALL.LOG file. The same occurs when I try to deinstall V12 on my computer. Any idea what`s to do?
  6. Thanks John, it remembers me that I have got amplitude a long time ago. And it works still in V 17 ?
  7. 4 days to late, aber trotzdem, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
  8. Wow, it is a great new feature. Thanks to Steffen for the developement and to you for the tutorial.
  9. Nachträglich auch von mir die besten Glückwunsche und danke für deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz. Grüße Robbi
  10. Robert

    3ds file

    If it is a technical object, it would be better to split it in movable and unmovable part, import these as Props and constrain it in the choreography to different bones. 5 years ago I made a video tutorial . http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16267
  11. What is the funny yellow thing on the floor?
  12. I like your style, Jake. May be it looks better to move the spaceship from right to left before shooting.
  13. Thanks Nancy! I`ve forgotten the objekts
  14. For this particular issue, make sure the camera's Output Options > Buffers > Alpha is OFF. You set this property in the camera i the container, not in an instance of (shortcut to) that camera. I don't believe the Blur Post effect blurs the Alpha Channel, so turning off the Alpha buffer may fix this issue too. Alpha is OFF everywhere - I get only a black image.
  15. I`ve been experimenting with Post Effects but can`t get any effect if I try to render it ( apply camera`s Post Effect to rendering is on). Render Mode (Q) or Render to file gives me only this effect. If I set ground and lights to off, every thing is black (Background of camera is blue). I tried v13 and v14c without sucess. What I´m doing wrong??
  16. Great!! I like it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. Robbi
  17. Robert

    dark tree

    yes! some materials autoinstalls with v13. To get more or if you want to create new materials you have to purchase the programm.
  18. The link to cap wizard from Brian Levine seem to be dead. Is there a new link??
  19. Wish you all a Happy New Year ! This clip is a part of a planned greater project which includes 2 and 3 dimensional actors. happy_new_year.mov
  20. Not the complexity of the models is the problem, some materials causes crash, mostly reflection materials with environment maps. If you delete the image of the environmentmaps it works. If you import the whole polygon model as a prop you can not see which of the parts has the bad material. The best way is to import every part separately as prop object, drag it in the choreography, render, if the rendering needs more than 2 minutes look after the material of the part and change it. The prop object of the racing car needs 26 sec to render, the 3ds object causes crash. Hash has a bug report of this material problem and I think if they fix it, it is really great to work with props. Another problem are rotoscopes and props ìn the choreography and that you can not render props with an alpha buffer.
  21. Sorry Sevenar, you misunderstood me. With "looks bad " I did not mean your model, that`s great. What I mean is, it is bad to import a high poly 3ds model with the wizard. It is nearly impossible to get good results in this case. But if you import your 3ds model as a prob object you can handle it and the model renders lightning quick. Here a comparison of the import with the wizard and as prop object. Please give props a change , you will like it. But keep an eye on the materials!
  22. looks bad Sevenar Thats works good only for simply lowpoly 3ds model. Compare both methods with a high poly 3ds model and you will never import 3ds in your way.
  23. Hey Jin, great job, I like your car. For the front wheel you need 2 bones for each (steering and rotation), for the back wheels only one rotation bone. I`m working on the animation of polygon models in AM and create just now a tutorial with a car model. May be it helps you for boning your car, look here
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