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Image Contest: "Anything Goes"

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The votes are in and this image contest will be called "Anything Goes" after this ends and Comic Con and Comic Con aftermath is over I will have another. All contest entries must be submitted to support@hash.com by 11:59 pm pst on Sunday July/1/12 to be counted. Voting will run for the week after the contest deadline.



  • All entries must be modeled and rendered in A:M. Third party paint programs like Photoshop can be used for painting texture decals
  • By submitting your work, you are granting Hash, Inc license to reprint the work, including but not limited to promotional material, cd/dvd covers, splash screens, web sites, and articles
  • Submissions must be substantially original work done by the submitter, and the submitter must not use any copyrighted work without permission
  • Voting entry must be at least 1440w or larger
  • No Offensive or Porno graphic images




  • First Place Will get 100.00 Hash, Inc. Gift Certificate
  • Second Place Will get a 75.00 Hash, Inc. Gift Certificate
  • Third Place Will get a 50.00 Hash, Inc. Gift Certificate

Best of luck to all that enter!

Thank You;

Jason Simonds

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Bump, for all the wonderful A:M modelers and image makers out there. It's "anything goes" so there's no reason not to put one of your creations in.

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I got one entry ready to go today and i think I can promise it's something you've never seen done with A:M before.


A monkey riding a unicycle while juggling lobsters? No, can't be that...too obvious.

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So it looks like me getting the voting posted was delayed by BBQ's, Girls, Sun and fun. In the next hour I will pull support@hash.com for images one last time and post the voting.


Stay tuned to see the great work!


If you have any changes or have a last minute entry i will take them till 3:30pm pst

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