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Here is a page with several great links to various tutorials that should get you started: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...2&hl=sutton


Scroll down to Materials and Texturing.


What kind of experience do you have as far as decals and bump mapping are concerned? Do you know where and how to apply them in the PWS? If this is for a client or a project that has a deadline, it may be a better choice to get someone here to texture it for you this time.

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its pretty important to get it done fast.. but its even more important that i do it myself.. lee was the guy who could have helped me since he did texture my trooper guy.. but hes gone now soo i gota look arround.. and i know very little about bump mapping and decals

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A couple of pointers from someone who is NOT an expert. To get you started, you can get away with desaturating your color decal and make that your bump map. This will already give your texture a bit of a 3-D look. You can use multiple maps for your color, bump and or displacement, and grime maps. The maps do not need to be in order - this is per Martin.


Do you have photoshop or some app that will let you make pics with an alpha channel? Do you know how to make an alpha channel and what it's used for? An alpha channel will hide everything in that channel and show everything else. This is perfect for grunge and scratch maps as well as a ton of other things. Here is a link on a quick way to do it: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...l=alpha+channel


Since Grievous is composed of so many different parts, you'll have to decal each piece by itself in a on/off pose. Are you familiar with creating a pose to decal a part of your model? Do you have good reference material for the model's decals? Matt's pics of the plastic model are a good start, but a full shot would be even better.


There is lots to learn, but just about anything you need to know about basic decaling and texturing will have already been discussed on this forum, just do a search for specifics.


I will be out of town tomorrow and Sunday with no internet connection, but I can get back to you on Monday if you get stuck on something.


Good luck



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Thanks a million eric xD and im pretty framiliar with photoshop.. and its alpha channel.. however im not to smart on a on?off pose? and lee had said to unwrap your model then re-wrap the decel on.. i forgot how to do that??


I must add, howver im a little hurt... i was hoping for some other feedback on grievous from people.. what im doing wrong.. what needs to be overly changed.. if anythings right on the button...


Matt, grievous' talons are a bit thicker in the movie.. thats a statue so not as acurate.. and what did you mean on chest cavity?

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Nothing wrong that I can see. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.


It can be disappointing when people don't offer up much feedback, but what I keep telling myself when I post something and it doesn't get a comment is "they must've not found anything wrong with it." :-) No post is a good post.


I may be fooling myself, but it works for me. :-)


I would highly recommend getting Will Sutton's decaling CD. It'll show you how to do it from first step to last.

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What's the definition of "necro"?



it's forum slang, means resurrected, but in a negative way, basically means an old topic that was dead was posted in again and usually the content wasn't worth resurrecting. It's a forum etiquette thing, but each forum has its own policy of necroes. and necro itself isn't a word i do believe, but necrophiliac has to do with death and thus i think that's partly where the term necro is derived. but yeah, most sites have a several week rule with posts, such that any post that hasn't been posted in for a few weeks is dead and therefore shouldn't be posted in again, and the more time passes, the more offensive it is to post in the topic. Now on my forum I run it such that I don't cre as long as the content of the necro post was worth bringing the post "back from the dead"

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I don't know of any rule against replying to old topics.

Although there is a form of it that would easily be spotted as trolling.


If an A:M user's work from the past gets a little of the recognition it deserves, we could probably use a little necro-recessitation.


For review though (Its also way up there on the top left of the forum)...


The Forum Guidelines:


This forum is for technical support and the sharing of tips and ideas between users/prospective users of Hash software. It is moderated constantly by a Hash technical support representative.



-Do discuss the projects you're working on.

-Do share tutorial resources you have created or discovered.

-Do ask questions about the software.

-Do let people know what version/platform you're using when you ask for help.

-Do offer assistance to other users... everyone was new at this once.

-Do let us know about where your art is being used professionally (games, toons', etc.).

-Do share models, textures, tips and techniques. (via websites).

-Do organize and inform about user groups, IRC chats, contests, job opportunities, etc.

-Do post links to your work.

-Do let everyone know about magazine reviews and articles and where to find them.

-Do read the FAQ often so as not to ask questions that have already been answered.




-Do Not be rude or disrespectful or mean to other forum members in any way.

-Do Not post bug/crash reports to the list (bug/crash reports are to be sent to http://www.hash.com/reports.

-Do Not complain about forum content. If you have complaints or suggestions, send them directly to hash@hash.com

-Do Not reprimand other forum members for violating furum rules, that's the moderators job, which you are not.

-No complaining or whining on the forum.

-No distribution of misinformation.

-No flames of any kind.

-No Off Topic posts. (posts should be related to A:M or in some way benefit the A:M community as a whole).

-No soliciting of any kind without prior approval.

-No threads or comparisons related to other 3D Applications.

-No "Wish list" or feature requests, they should be sent to www.hash.com/reports for categorizing and prioritization (user requests define the future development of the software).

-No "me too!" posts

-No discussion of Hash Internal Affairs (finances, advertising, PR.)

-No posting of private email to the forum unless permission of the author is granted.

-No very general questions like: "how do I make a good 3D model" make your questions as complete and concise as possible.


If you have questions as to whether it's appropriate, send it to: support@hash.com, We'll be happy to let you know whether it is, or is not. Feel free to say whatever you want via private e-mail.


There is one rule we should probably add that I've seen work well in other forums:


- If your topic or post is deleted don't post topics asking about why it was removed. Understand there was a legitimate reason for the removal, consider how to best reapproach the subject without violating forum guidelines, and on press on.


Besides advertising for competing programs, here is the one that historically gets everyone's dander up:

-Do Not reprimand other forum members for violating furum rules, that's the moderators job, which you are not.



*No, I have no idea what a dander is... and I'm not sure I want to find out. :D

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Just to put an endnote on this thread, I found Dark_Jedi's Deviant Art page and though he's moved on to using other applications now, he did finish the General:




He's got a nice turntable animation with some images surrounding it. A very talented fellow!

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