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  1. MAN this is GREAT!!! I got to give you your props. You Started this back in JULY!!!! Hard work really does pay off. Good Job. Very Inspiring!!! Thx BRO
  2. Well i got the paint to look how i want it to thx to DUBlight but now if somone could tell me how to change that green to white. I looked at the link but i dont get it.
  3. Well here is my first test with the skylight. Mag wen im done the model then il send the thing and u can try ur crazy renderin skillz ight.
  4. Thx for the links guys. Mag im almost done but not there yet i have to do lights still and glass and finsh the other side with C/F/A. Thx all u guys i realy needed the links.
  5. Well i kinda got the paint to look how i want it to but, now if some one could point me were to get that skydome AKA skylight that would be great ( I checked the rigging forum NO lUCK) . So i can finsh ths model.
  6. Could somone post a skydome? I want to try another test render with it.
  7. I assume you want suggestions on how to make your composition better and praise on how you've done so far. Praise first: The design is unique (at least to me). The modeling is smooth. I'd have to see a wireframe but the mesh looks efficient. The camera placement is dynamic. Suggestion: A lot of image space is taken up by the tail of the car - which is not lit. This draws your eye right-to-left rather than left-to-right like most western art should. Put the (white) Fill light on the right pointing toward the car's back then put the (blue) Rim light to the extreme left and t
  8. Here is a nother test render. comments would be nice.
  9. Ya i will do that. I i have like 3 days off work so i should be able to find some time to work on the Nixus. and Mary Xmas to all AM users.
  10. well im back at it. I have to finsh it some day dont i. Well I fixed the wheels up and i also removed some spline that are not needed to make the model more smooth.
  11. That is a sick grievous you got there Dark jed... Keep up da good work!!
  12. hey mag ill try but why dont you give it a try. You did get better at rendering now sins my nixus is far from done.
  13. Ya that is kinda wat im trying to get but in a white background like the lightsaber render. I just need to get myself that lightdone. Do you know were i can get it i lost my.
  14. I think i used lightdome to get the effect but, I lost my could someone hook me up with it?
  15. Now this light saber that i made a long time ago is using a c2-ico-f2 (20).lit and model i think. I am trying to get the same render effect on the rim. I will give it a shot myself first then maybe some one can help me more on it.
  16. Hey, I have not had much time to model but i found some time to do a simple rim but would be nice to get someone to help me render it for me so the crome is visable. I did not have time to finsh the nixus it will be a long time befor it will be done. O ya and enyone know a good model name for this rim and eny coments would be great. GTX_cobra_rim.mdl
  17. LMAO, You all are cracking me up eny ways ya i will do some more this weekend on it.
  18. Will see but, dont think saying my is going to be bettet is nice and even if its going to be better.
  19. WOW do i still have a lot of work. This is how the Nixus should look like wen its done. I dont think im going to make my exact like the pic but will try making my own version.
  20. I did a nother test reder. I am still not yet done but, I am geting there.
  21. I did a lil on the front today. I did the front light but, not yet done.
  22. Ya that looks like Bawser all right. Nice job.
  23. Ya that character would look awsome in games like Quake 4 or even Doom 3.
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