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  1. Ok I have an Adobe Premiere I can borrow from my uncle. Is there anything else I can use besides #Dpainter. Or is my only option thru Photoshop ? Thanks for the help DHAR
  2. What other software do you guys use with A;M software. I know some use Photoshop but whatelse? What video editing software do you guys use ?
  3. I was about the send out the search party for our missing updates. Sorry to hear you feel under the weather. I hope you have a speedy recovery. By the way the legs look fabulous.
  4. The first one you did wasn't bad at all. But I have to say number 2 is blowing it out of the water. Very nicely done.
  5. Looking good so far Jedi, Do you think It be alright to get wireframes every few updates to follow along with what you were pondering as you were modeling.
  6. Don't be to bummed out. I have ideas for things id like to model but can't find images that will help me out to much. As for the model its looking good. Needs your typical smoothing in certain parts. But you seem to be well aware of it. So I will just chill out and wait to see what progress you make for tomorrow.
  7. 1. I don't really plan on doing any decals on it. I think the decals was a reference to using it on another model or something. As for doing a marble test on it. I have tried various things and so far nothing really stood out in my eyes as a "WoW" factor. I tried some other material I found here and there, but I am not sure if i need to play with setting more, or if it would be a better effect with light placement. 2. I did try to play with the lights for a little while. An I did get some very nice looking images. But basically I just moved them around, moved them forward and backward to see the different effects. I am still confused allot about all those settings. I remember seeing some info on what the settings do on the site with some pictures. But I can't find the link anymore since I need to use it. I definately know I could drop the patch count by almost half. I figured out how to do hooks again ( i was letting go of the mouse button to early) An then just stretching the extrude points more I could as well.
  8. I'm too young to get a tattoo,So maybe in a few more years. As for using it on a character. I think it would add to much to the patch count which is around 1688. Id probably just use the rotoscope as a decal. Anyone have any links to playing with contrast and such to get different looks and feel ?
  9. LoL its a little messy, But hey I'm still new. I think the total patch count was 2288. It didn't take me too long to do either projects if i wasn't watching t.v during it. I saved both the image and the rotoscope. So I thik in a few months I will try it again. and see if i can lower the patch count and improve the overall look of it model wise. For know I need to translate what Mage told me to do. Which is confusing me ...
  10. Thanks for some info on how to make it pop Mage. I will goof around with it later to see how the different settings and camera angles play a roll in the look and feel of the design. Though I am overwhelmed by it all. LoL it is a Phoenix tribal design. I wanted to start off with something that had 1 basic shape and flowed throughout the design. Its funny when I look at it its obvious which part was first and which part was last. I think I might have gotten the hang of it near the end., I am just sad I could do the parts of the design with hooks. Which I got to work on the giraffe a few days back. But which seemed to not work now. ( course I probably was doing the clicking wrong) I put it on a shield for the fun of it.
  11. Hey everyone I am new to this whole experience so I decided to get everyones feed back on my simple image. 1. I would have loved to try to join some of the parts with hook, Some odd reason I wasn't able to hook the images to make it look like it had more flow. So I went with intruding the different parts of the model. 2. I have no clue how to play with the lighting or contrast to make it look better. An tis would be cool. Welp hope everyone likes my simple design remake.
  12. Thanks for the quick replies and links everyone. An thanks to whomever fixed my terrible topic. LoL
  13. I'm a comic book nut. An you did one heck of a job on it. I am very very impressed. An more pumped about modeling.
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