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  1. WOW so just for grins I created a new Material hair emitter and the option came back for that one, but not the other hair emitter. That is really really weird! I'll leave this up incase someone has the same problem and does a search, but looks like you have to just create another MATERIAL-> HAIR SYSTEM -> Hair emmiter
  2. I use to have under properties a way of adjusting hair density, but My computer ran into issues and had to do a fresh install of XP SP2. However when I reloaded Hash V11 with Upgrade to AM V13.0 suddenly that Density option went missing. I tried reloading it, and will try again after I get done posting this. But its a real problem, I can't find any software update links other than for VS 17 web version, which I refuse web subscription, I only want hard copies of software. Anyway if you guys know what possibly happened so that I can undo it that would be great. Thank you.
  3. Wow never mind, restarted hash and time line appeared in a seperate window, where as it didnt before. so I got lucky. Everything is good
  4. So I was moving another window and some how dragged my timeline off screen. there is still the time controls and slider at the bottom and despite clicking on views and checking time line it still doesnt reappear! Awesome.
  5. I placed a light into choreography and noticed that the lens flare "ON" was greyed out and disabled. Have you guys noticed this??
  6. I've always made walking cycles and added them to the model then move the model bone around and tried to get the walking pace to match, which usually sucks. I would like to however have the model bone move with the hips so when I move the hips forward, though the walk cycle (while in choreography not through action) the model bone follows along without scooting the whole model along. Otherwise the model bone just lags away as I walk the model further and further away. Im sure walk cycles are nice but they look artificial and when a character walks , say up a hill or across rocky surfaces it doesn't look good. See below, I walked the character forward but when I click on choreography mode as oppse to Skeletal mode you can see the model bone is no longer center. This might be a stupid question, but doing a walk this way looks smooth and fantastic and would rather deal with it than have to use walk cycles.
  7. I have a character that holds a staff and from it is a hook from which a lantern will swing back and forth. But what I want it to do is to swing naturally rather than animated myself if at all possible. So Basically the character will move the stick itself, then depending on the direction, speed, and etc the program will figure out how it will react.
  8. Issue resolved but cant delete topic for some reason
  9. Most definitely love the ah ha's after hours and horus of torment and frustration. Then go back to creating again
  10. WOW its working great, Yeah I created an Image and keyed out the Black around the feather shape and use the attribute stuff for the actual coloring!
  11. That would be an interesting way to do it, though I wanted to use the decale attached to the skin itself to give the hair color (attributes) already able to do that just fine. Will try some stuff and see what happens. The book showed a picture of the bird and said it was done with thickness yet the tips of the feathers where curved. WEIll have to experiment. Wish they had a specific setting to control it like taper or what have you.
  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I get It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Got it to work and understand how it works. LOL Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to problem number two! LOL Doing pretty well with Hair system but now Im trying to use it to create Feathers like MR. Dodo. His Picture in the book looks great however despite changing thickness I can't seem to get the ends of the feathers to be rounded off like his in the photo. I tried Cap ends on and off but no luck. Any suggestions?
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