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  1. Indeed! What Robcat2075 said. I posted a few models over the years and I will be sharing more. You can never have too many models.
  2. This is turning out to be quite fun so far. For an upcoming scene , I need to make three police officer models. If any of you happen to have one handy, it would save quite a bit of time. Oh yes, in case you didn't recognize the old Arnie Head model, there it is Dinosaur.mp4 Stipid dinosaur.mp4
  3. Really liking how this is turning out. I remember the book, Snoopy And The Red Baron from my childhood. The models you made look spot on.
  4. Nice work! The blur effect you mentioned from Photoshop adds a nice touch.
  5. Nice! Faces are time consuming but very much worth all the effort. Can't wait to see how these look when they're done.
  6. That came out beautiful. That is quite inspirational. Not to smoke but to learn dynamics better.
  7. Thanks! That's high praise coming from a guy with your talent!
  8. Thanks! Glad you enjored it
  9. Thanks Fucher. Sorry for the late reply. I need to get back to spending more time on this forum!
  10. Thanks Robcat. I've been working on several episodes at a time. Currently there are six in the making. I'm happy to finally get something done!
  11. Distribution could be handled through a variety of online sites. I sell my animations through E-Junkie. There is a very low monthly fee and no charge per download. You can either give away content or sell it. A to do list is an excellent idea. I'll work on some odds and ends.
  12. I'm wondering if there will be a new one. I'm constantly finding myself making or looking for new scenery, especially buildings. I for one, would be happy to contribute some models. Is there enough interest in the community?
  13. ChuckGram

    New Henchmen

    Even squirrels bent on world domination require help every now and then. Here are Dick and Mongo waiting for their new job interview. Produce_0.mp4
  14. It boarders on an R rating, you need to be signed in to Youtube to watch it. Comments welcome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqWZxUBa4MM
  15. Finally posted it to Youtube. Enjoy and of course, feedback is always appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM7vk96BOo4&t=2s
  16. Very nice stuff there, John. This has a definite 1950's feel to it.
  17. You can save Bill's actions in the choreography as an act, then import it under ACTS. Add a Second Bill to the choreography. Scale and position the model the same as the first Bill (don't move any bones). Now import the Bill act into the second bill. Remove the first Bill and you should be good to go.
  18. I usually create my own. I never really tried use an existing one. I should make a point of trying it soon actually.
  19. Thanks. I agree. His mouth is going to be a real challenge though, as it take so many positions around the face. Still, pose sliders are magic! I'll see if GreyDuck wouldn't mind sharing it when it's done.
  20. Hey all. I wanted you to have a look at some of the work of a really good artist. He's done quite a number of characters and comics over the years. Some of his art can be seen here: https://www.artstation.com/greyduck I'm currently rigging one character of his, known as the Fanboy. These guys usually show up in numbers and cause mayhem wherever they go. Here's his original model sheet and a rendering of the model I made. I believe he does commission work but I'm not certain if he is doing so at the moment. Feel free to drop him a line. He's usually quick to respond.
  21. Thanks all. It's encouraging hearing feedback from you!
  22. I've attached the free Arny Head model to the body of the Hulk model. Watch and be amazed as Arny does his intense work out! It's a clip for a Super Mega Fox episode I'm working on. Produce22.wmv
  23. ChuckGram

    A quick clip

    ...with a twisted sense of humor. Hope you like the classic toons. Produce_2.avi
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