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  1. Hello, perhaps to look also on the influences of the weights of its CPs?
  2. Good evening everyone, 🙂 It is possible to create UVs, in a program external to AM, to re-import them into AM. I haven't used AM for a long time. But from memory I used several steps: I save my model in mdl file. I import it into Blender via the Nemyax plugin (Blender 2.79) https://forums.hash.com/topic/47778-am-importer-for-blender/?tab=comments#comment-409549 I create my UVs in Blender. At the same time I convert the MDL file into a "special" Obj file via my little program without subdivisions. https://forums.hash.com/topic/48836-some-tools-for-am/?tab=comments#comment-418077 I import the Obj file into AM while keeping the order of the vertices. I transfer the Uvs of the other model to him. I export my Obj file keeping the order of the vertices. I am using my little program for this time converting and transferring UVs to Mdl files. Note : when we use polygonal UV tools, we loose the richness of the splines. For example for a circle with 4CPs, the UV will be a polygon with 4 sides. We lose too the possible to use the same patch on several UVs. Aside from its peculiarity at AM, it works well. To paint UVs, this is another method. In AM I export the mdl with its UV in OBj with subdivision (to have the shapes) in Blender. I paint the model. The uv painte picture can be used after in AM.
  3. On the picture what is in yellow are the CPs not included in the selection, the green ones that have been selected. Here is the modified file with the selected Cps. A patch to be selected needs at least one CP from each spline that makes it up.
  4. The problem comes from your selection "Rear Glass" ... You have selected the CPs of the spline which circumvents the outside, and those of the center. But you did not select CPs common to both parties.
  5. thanks Robert for your proposition. I will study that.
  6. Thanks for your return. Paths are saved ... but strange thing they are only visible when the "Relationship1" window is open. If I close the "Relationship1" window then the path links disappear. It is not possible for me to use the pipette to select a bones or a path (v.19). My problem can come from there?
  7. Thank you Serg for your reply. Unfortunately that does not change. So I rethink the rigging without path.
  8. Hello, I found that the export of a model containing constraints of path, once animated and exported like a model, loses its constraints and the bones are not in their positions. Here is an image illustrating the problem, and the model to test the problem. Are there some things I did wrong?
  9. Thanks for the answers! David, that would be great, if that's possible. Thank you in advance.
  10. Good evening, I'm looking for tutorials on expressions ... do you know links? I am also trying to understand the logic of the number of ".. |" before an expression. Thanks in advance!
  11. I did a test, here is the model. Create an action. Put in pose mode. Move the nulls to make it proportionate. (it's far from perfect, the size of bones can't be changed for example) (then adapt the CPs in mirror mode) Export the model. Reopen the model. Erase the yellow bones, the nulls and the expression "Pose1". Use the third part of TSM2. The model is ready.
  12. Hi John, Yes, I think it's possible. Currently I study and work on several similar projects, which involves modeling in the window "action" ... hence my interogation of this topic. I made a table here is the file . (activate the pose, go into action mode, move and scale the null, export the model). Next I was thinking about working on a humanoid, so why not see how to adapt Rob's model.
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