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  1. I found these very useful thought Id post these here for new users like myself Keyboard short cut stickers for new users
  2. In the end it is about having a very detailed (and in most cases very hard to animate, texture and render) model and decreasing its resolution to a more useable one. This is what retopology is used for in polygon-models. For A:M it is a very nice pipeline to get polygon-models into A:M (with manual work, but still much easier than anything else). Another possibility is, that you can create new models on base of old once, create cloth for existing models, use primitives to define a shape very fast and model your real model afterwards over it and so on... many different usages which can be very useful for A:M! Have a look at the video-tutorial I posted in this thread, it illustrates quite well what can be done with it: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40992 See you *Fuchur* I see you answered me as i was typing this left the room came back and posted then saw you had answered me
  3. From what little I know about polygon modeling you change the topology to lower the poly count like in Mudbox and Z brush,modeling in those programs you end up with a gazillion polys in a very detailed model-export it into another program like 3D coat or somethng similar,(I been checking it out ,retopology seems very easy it that program,somewhat like it appears to be in the retopology in the new A:M,altho different methods both easy in there own way as compared to other programs Ive cheched out.)Then you add your color maps and bump maps and such so you can use in games or animation as to not bog down the computer with tons of geometry to calculate. In A:M is the retopology so you can use low poly models as templates for models and clothes and the like?Im sorry Im know just enough to be dangerous and confuse myself LOL. And if and when someone explains it to me keep in mind a newbie ,half of the time i may sound like i know what im talking about but i assure you I dont. Scott
  4. I have heard alot about it,but never really knew what it was for ,surfing on youtube ive seen alot of programs exporting from one program to another and back,and I saw John Bigboote had just posted something about it for v17 ,and is it new in v17? ( Most videos were just timelapsed and did'nt explain anything)
  5. Very nice,will that work in older verions,the prj & mdl I mean.
  6. Is there a newer version than Version 11? The store dosent say.I have v11 .It just says -This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 November, 2007.The only copyright date I see is next to Mr.Dodo ,copyright 2003 Zandoria Studios ,did know if that was for the book or just the "Mr. Dodo" character.
  7. They were using the 2002 version of A:M in the Character Design tutorial...v10, I think. The video is 400x286 (Quicktime RLE compression) for the computer screen capture and 320x240 (Sorenson compression) for live camera capture. The Character Design tutorial is mostly live hand-drawn images recorded by an overhead camera, but there is a short section on preparing the rotoscopes in Photoshop and A:M. Hope that helps. Yes it does thanks
  8. DO you know what version they were working in? I E mailed them and they were not much help,they gave me a link to them ,which I knew already and said they were unsure how old they were ,I said too bad I might have bought them If i knew.
  9. I found these on Safe Harbor ,was just wondering if anyone has bought them or have heard anything about them be it good or bad.
  10. Yes Bill Young developed it and made Mastering materials cds for Anzovin studio(NodeCloner was included on CD) which id like to find,the old version I bought (v12) came with an insert (flyer) with Anzovin products (setup machine and several tutorials on CD ), A:M quickstart 2nd addition,Model a face-Bill Yooung ,A:M in live action which i wish i could find ill have to search forum for more info on that subject ,just watched Jeff Lew ,he touched on the subject of rotoscoping video ,but never got into it, Animate a face -Justin Barrett (the only place iI could find it was torrents) and Secrets of A:M 2003. I being new to this didnt know that Anzovin didnt sell these things anymore until i contacted them inquiring about them ,they told me that the set up machine was now freeware and sent me the link for it,I have been looking for all the plugins that will work with my version,till i get a sub.Which im hoping will be soon ,maybe after the holidays.I found a couple places that have plugins for A:M but have no idea what most of them do ,so ive been looking through forum to se if i can find out info of these.
  11. Will try again messed this one up
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