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  1. this is a result of something that causes your primary network adapters MAC address to change- typically the cause is a virtual adapter used for VPNs- the changing MAC address needs to be resolved, then we can issue a new key tied to your permanent MAC address-
  2. download and install the latest version: http://www.hash.com/2007web/updates.htm
  3. I've just uploaded a new installer that fixes this- just download and reinstall (from the link given when you purchased)
  4. no, you'd need to purchase a second key-
  5. that's an old page- the current valid page is http://www.hash.com/2007web/vm.htm
  6. you CAN purchase a copy through our store: http://www.hash.com/store/index.php?main_p...;products_id=19
  7. The AMCommunity registration issues are resolved in the current version, which you can download here: http://www.hash.com/support/updates.asp Forum registration and AMCommunity registration are not related- you need to register for both-
  8. You can purchase Animation:Master at Fry's Electronics-
  9. Stuck Door is a TOUGH exercise! All I ever require of my students is an attempt- it's kind of like a "Mid-Term"... I've only had a handful of students get really "good" results on it- you might actually want to drop back and do the Path Ease (walk then wave) and "Constraints and Compensate mode" these are in the Misc section on the video manual page: (www.hash.com/vm). You are welcome to use any means you like to request help! Forum, e-mail, phone and community are all viable options, but you will likely get the fastest responses here on the forum. We are thrilled you've chosen to teach A:M and we'll help you any way we can!
  10. I've taught A:M on both the High School and College level, and I've had the best success by focusing on TAOA:M exclusively (yes, there are MANY things that are NOT covered, but it teaches the fundamentals of Animation which is the most important thing at this stage) doing the exercises over is actually a GOOD thing- repetition drives home the principals we are trying to teach- You are certainly welcome to contact me directly for more guidance if you'd like!
  11. Don't forget, the Simbiont Plug-in is now part of A:M.... (no need to install it separately, and it's also cross-platform)
  12. http://www.hash.com/vm This is a complete course based on the TAOA:M manual- there is a printable course outline, even introductory lessons on the History of Animation and the History of Computer Graphics- Not only can you teach a class using these materials, you can certainly use them to get up to speed using A:M in the shortest amount of time-
  13. a bit more vista /OpenGL info... -nVidia has a full, robust OpenGL implementation for GeForce 6/7/8 series cards in their very latest drivers -ATI has implemented OpenGL for the X series cards, however I'm not 100% sure if OpenGL performance will be as fast as it was in WINXP -there will not be Vista OpenGL support for older ATI/nVidia cards -it's highly unlikely integrated video chips will support OpenGL in Vista
  14. Caroline- if you download current drivers from ATI (now AMD) for your video card- I'm pretty sure you will get OpenGL support-
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