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    2.4 ghz. 512mb ram. GeForce Fx 256mb vid ram.
  1. I purchased the web version 15.0j and recently noticed there is a version 16. Can I update my software to version 16 without having to pay another web "fee"? Is it a free update? thanks. Just getting confused by this web fee and CD version updating...
  2. But that's not "loading a model." When you do File>Open and navigate to where the model is supposed to be... the model is not there? It's going to be there. You don't need the Library to use A:M and you don't need models to be in the library to use them. Load and save them like any other file you load in any other program. in the PWS, you can also on the Objects folder>Import>Model to navigate to anywhere to load a model. You can on the other folders in the PWS to load their relevant files also. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks
  3. When you say you don't see it when you boot up, you really mean you don't see it when you go load a model and navigate to where you think it should be, right? Do a search and see if it's really where you thought you put it. Exactly. It's not there when I boot up. The email said I could download the "complete" Data folder and to replace the current data folder with the downloaded one. In that data folder there is another folder entitled "models". I have a model of a "toon shark" that is in it's own folder. I copied that folder into the data folder, where it says models - aqua
  4. Hey everyone... I remember something like this happening awhile ago. I've searched, but the "solutions" I've found didn't work. I recently purchased the 1year subscription (vers 15.0 J ). I downloaded the complete "data" folder also, and per the email instructions, placed it in the program files / hash inc / ver 15 folder. I have other models I've used in other version of A:M. I copied the one model folder (toon shark) to the same destination directory, but placed the "Toon Shark" folder inside the Data - Models - Aquatic folder. When I boot up A:M, I don't see that model
  5. I doubt that. I think it is an amazing piece of animation. This gives me inspiration to jump into this again! I look forward to seeing that number reach 120,000 and hopefully it gives YOU inspiration to do more.
  6. Thank you. I'll have to try that. Do you think screen resolution has something to do with it as well?
  7. ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/ There really are no "update" files. Every installer is a full working version that doesn't need a previous version installed. If you install a web version, save the master0.lic file to simplify reinstalling it later. Thanks for the reply and sorry to bother, but which file is the 14.0 ? I click on AM2007, then I see "v14stuff-Full.exe" but when I run that, it doesn't update to 14...
  8. Ok...just bought a new CPU. High end processor, ATI Vid card 5870 with 1gb dedicated mem. However, I'm still experiencing the "trail" effect when I move a model. For example, there is a "Chewbacca" model with hair all over his body. When I move him in the choreography mode, it leaves a bunch of "lines" or trails of his hair. What I did notice, is if I shrink the image, the trails disappear, at least until I move the model again. Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it? I thought it was my CPU, but now I'm thinking it's some setting...? Hopefully the upload of the image will
  9. Hey everyone. Just got a new CPU, so I'm putting A:M back on my machine. Right now, I have vers 13.0. 1: Where would I find the vers 14 update? I found a "vers 14 full - exe" but that's not it. 2: If I decided to just pay for the "web" version update (I think it's 15?), so I need to update to 14 first, or can I just grab the latest exe update? Thanks!
  10. Count me in for any exercises!
  11. Thank you for all the replies. I saw the Asus before and was curious about it. Probably go check that out tomorrow. I'm sure that will do gaming and animation based on what you said. And definitely want a laptop due to it's "mobility". I travel a lot so it would be ideal. Once again, thanks for all the replies.
  12. Alienware is pricing those specs at $2300. I've been looking around and I'm sure I can find one almost $500 less. Just want to make sure what I get will work. Plus, my laptop now is almost 4 yrs old. It's not supported anymore by HP and I've updated the drivers, etc and still does it.
  13. Hey everyone. I've been out of the "computer specs" loop for years. I used to build computers when I was younger, but phased out. I have a laptop now, but I don't think it's powerful enough for this program (graphically it leaves "trails" of the textures when a model moves). So I'm in the market for a new laptop. One that is for gaming and animation (figured if it can do gaming it should be good for animation.) Now, I called Alienware and received a quote with specs, but I heard they were overpriced. This is what they said: Intel Core i7 740QM Quad Core Processor, 1.73GHz (2.93
  14. Hey everyone. Been a LONG time since I was on here. My account must of been cleared because it's been awhile. Anyway, I currently have 14.0. Would it be worth the $300 to purchase the new version? I'm eventually getting a laptop (probably alienware ) that will be customed for this program. Are there significant changes since the 14.0 version? Sorry, just haven't been here in a long time, so I'm a little behind the "hash" times!
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