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  1. You can see it here: http://www.dawghousestudio.info/DID.html http://www.vimeo.com/5330628
  2. It's a Daniel Pinkwater book-The Devil in the Drain. Aboy and the devil have words about the boys goldfish and the devil's love for pretzels. Thanks for the tips!
  3. From Devil In The Drain my thesis project that goes on and on..... Sc8.mov Sc25a.mov
  4. Here is a screen shot from my movie WIP
  5. I have three actions on a character in a chor but the last action inside the chor does not match the actual animation inside the action. It is one of a kid putting a flashlite on a chair and the flashlite is constrained to the left hand until it gets placed on the chair. In the chor the hand is in a different position after he lets go of the flashlite than it is in the action. How can I fix this?
  6. Around the mouth and eyes. I am having a tough time getting it to be smooth. Do I need to rebuild or is there a trick to fix it?
  7. Can anyone help me get the head on this model to look smoother---like arounf the mouth. I am working on a seven minute animation and want it to look as good as possible ---thanks
  8. All very cool. My film is only 7 min and been working on it foreer. Can't wait to see your rigs
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